Lighting in stop motion, what to use

Lighting in stop motion, what to use

hi everybody let’s talk about light because light is even more important than a good camera there are three main sources of light that we can use in stop-motion pressin incandescent and let’s what you really want from asta motion light is continuity into intensity or rightness and into color what I really mean is that your light must be stable during all your shutter movie if not you’ll have flicker a little bit of flicker it’s okay it’s more cinematic but a lot will hurt your eyes you also want to have as much control as you can of your light to direct the beam and to change the properties of your life [Music] but let’s be practical you can use any red sauce that you have in fact slow motion for its smaller scale needs a lot of invention and a lot of times we have to use the mastic lights so as you can see we have a bunch of different kind of clumps but all of them can be post and this is something that it’s very interesting to detect light and also that you can clamp on the table so when we start that every time we saw a lamp that could be useful we just bought it and now we have a bunch of them the main difference between those and professional lights it’s the accuracy and control of the light of course the price is not the same so we started making movies with Kerr lamps small fluorescents an illusion garden lights [Music] looking at the past I remembered this project where we had on Lincoln lesson lamps and we wanted to burn the background into pure white so we started to add more and more lights till the point of about 12 lightbulbs at that crazy point the plastic thing was near to the melting point burning your fingers at 58 degrees when you made it in pain and that’s how you learn from your mistakes back to the mention thing depending on your project you will need little bulbs LEDs and a small lamp to fit a special needs so it’s good to know what you can use you will always deal with Flickr so my recommendation is to test its new light UI to see how it works [Music] lately I’ve been using these LED light bulbs and I think that they are more stable than incandescent ones they are good for a spot direct and hard light so in a very cool – Al’s own they have a lot of power so great little devices and great price [Music] with all that being said I will show you the light that we have in the studio and why we use them [Music] [Music] this light the person want it’s the only one that it’s custom-made we will this time ago and all the components are professional so I’m sure that everything it’s super accurate it looks a little bit fun math but it works fantastic and it’s cheaper than anyone if you are interested into making one of these please leave a like and I will consider making a tutorial specific on all the components on this light I hope you like this video thanks for watching and see you next time [Music]

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  1. Cool content can please help me about my stop motion movies plz open my channel and watch my Paris drift I need some help …help me

  2. Gracias por tus vídeos, actualmente estudio animación 3D juegos y entornos interactivos y en septiembre comienzo con mi proyecto integrado de fin de año y me gustaría probar con stop motion… es algo arriesgado… pero tus vídeos me ayudan muchísimo!

  3. Excellent video as always Edu. 👍🏻 Loving some of your techniques. I’m blessed with what I can use. As a musical theatre technician. I have lots of lights to choose from. But… nothing beats a desk lamp and an LED bulb 💡

  4. This is great. Been waiting for a more in depth video on lighting, thanks for sharing. Would love if you made a tutorial video on how to make light!

  5. If you have flicker on just a few frames you can always colour correct those frames, there are also some plugins for deflicker like DEFlicker from RE:Vision Effects and STX Deflicker in Reactor for Fusion and Resolve, some plugins can be expensive but can save some reshoot time.

  6. Edu, me gustaría que me pases como armar el tubo de luz que indicas al final de video. Gracias por los videos…!

  7. Your videos are the best! Thank you for sharing. Please make a video of how to build your custom fluorescent panel. Thanks!

  8. I really like your tipps & tricks! 😀 You inspire me to make my own stop-motion videos ^^ To do these I have started a little Kickstarter-Campaign and I would appreciate every type of help ^^

  9. Great video and great channel! I did a few stop motion videos some 8 years ago, I wish youtube had good educational channels like you back then. But as you said, best way of learning is learning from your mistakes 🙂

  10. Hi man, all your videos are amazing I start with the stop motion now I use Lego but i want to start with clay but I want to know what kind of clay I can use, i hope that you can help me I love your videos dude

  11. please make the video for the making of fluorescent light.

    I am your fan, a writer, cinematographer, filmmaker from rural India

  12. Dear brother hat's of you,I'm vimoor baan ,I say proudly about,all your videos are very nice and exhalent and your conveying Modulation is easy to learn the details of techniques ,I'm watching and waiting for your all future video's, please continue, thank you, by yours friend, [email protected]

  13. Hey Edu, did you ever do a tutorial for the fluorescent light panel? I would love to learn how to make one. Thanks for your videos, they're brilliant

  14. I don't have light flicker but I do have a yellowing which is because of bad light. That being said I have many lights up, and it is still yellow. You can see my vids on my channel. Tell me what you think.

  15. Thank you for these great videos!!! So detailed and informative, very helpful for people just starting out!

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