Lighting Lamp

Lighting Lamp

Start from North East, then South East, then South west, west and then North West. Put wicks also in this sequence and also put off lighted wicks also in this same sequence. The tamil Nadu Kuthu Vilakku already have grooves in the lamp correcting pointing to the directions given here. Just if one groove is pointed towards west, then naturally all the directions are in place. Start from North East direction to put lamp off and finally ends in North West direction These used wicks can be used in compost or collected and thrown in a a separate bag for trashing. These used wicks also can be used in Ganesha Homa also to start the fire.

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  1. can  u please show difference between Eka Mukha Deepam, Dwimukha deepam, Trimukha Deepam, Chathurmukha deepam, Panchamkukha deepam, Shanmukha deepam.

  2. Hay you used sesame oil , I've been advised to used ghee , what is the best oil or substance to burn in lamps , my lamps are small in size and I have 3 of them

  3. nice article. To know more please click on blog

  4. Nice. In Indian Culture..Why do we have a prayer room?
    Most Indian homes have a prayer room or altar. A lamp is lit and the Lord worshipped each day. Other spiritual practices like japa (repetition of the Lord’s name), meditation, paaraayana (reading of the scriptures), prayers, devotional singing etc, is also done here. To know more please click on link:

  5. Some misconceptions are also shown here
    –> First of all , if a lamp is lighted it should never be put off. Even not with a flower.Let the lamp itself get put off
    –> Why is it asking "If you eat meat , then brush …." Meat shouldn't be eaten at all ; and that too during worship time before or after that also shouldn't be eaten, people don't understand the simple fact that if they're worshipping or having faith , why they're doing such acts which are against the principles / or whatever their god / lord has told / preached.God didn't ask anyone to kill living beings and have them served on plate.Meat , drinks , shouldn't be part of our life at all if we are a theist , if we 're true believer of God and we follow Him / Her.
    –> So far as lighting lamp is considered , lighting it with matchstick isn't a problem.Matchstick is a wooden product so lighting with matchstick isn't a problem

  6. Can we wash puja vessels daily? Here in Chennai, they say that puja vessels(including lamps) must be washed only in Thursdays. Please clear my doubt Swamiji.

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