Aye yo goodmorning Logang what’s poppin? Yet another good amazing epic day here on planet earth. Welcome to logan Paul vlogs welcome to the logang logang for life if you’re not a part of the family make sure You subscribe we have a fast growing channel on YouTube and we are about to become the first channel to hit 10 million subscribers in One year of vlogging I have only one thing to say to that and that is Dammit we’re f*cking awesome So anyways guys let me bring you over to number two on the to do list Oh hi kong how are you buddy? This is my dog kong he’s a anyways number two reunite my parents Yeah, so my parents are divorced Ruined my childhood pretty much, but I was like yo I don’t like that so today even though they both live in Ohio pause, yeti Backpack available now on Logan Paul dot com slash shop selling like a God church so get while you can I was like yo Imma try to get them back together step numero uno I obviously need my parents who I’ve made the necessary accommodations, and you may have seen this woman on the internet She got famous because she has two famous son introducing the queen bee, the woman who gave birth to me, it’s mother flipping vlog mom Hi, mom. How are you good? I love you in my heart. Oh, I love you too More than Jake? Logang you obviously know she obviously does like I’m about 10 Mil. Like pass Jake,it’s whatever, but I want to introduce you to someone Lydia!!! Hi lydia Look at her. She’s right there. Hey there’s A sign she’s my son well, you’re surrounded by short people I yeah, yeah, oh hey ivan. Why are you doing by my bottle at the dwarf world game, okay? You’ll buy like a 7 1 golden basketball you’re my meza ashley. Yeah, it is my new assistant like watches She’s pretty good at certain tasks. Okay, lydia. Can you grab me a plate? Yeah? I’ll put them on the top shelf for this job You guys thanks video. Hey, can you grab one more my mom? Thanks Lydia? So now that we have these plates my leg Anything in particular you want to do? I’ll wash mine. Yeah Wow Do this every day. Why are you doing that good obnoxious it gives you an loud and subscribers? And it’s a waste of place material oh That’s all that plate material that we knew I ever Does he missed you mama ah? Mom, you know why you’re here. I do the one here Why mom does that mean once you open up teen choice awards and win choice male webster? I didn’t tell her to say that yes, it did guys I’m doing that. I’m opening up the team to what God no no, that’s not why you’re here That’s why I told her she should come to La but now we got a little some different plan for you So mom as you know you and Dad got divorced and you pretty much ruined my childhood actually may account for some of Jake’s like you know like issues So I figured why not bring you and Dad here to la and get you guys married again you Know that I am happily remarried right? Huh? I’m not just gonna work mother isn’t gonna work. She’s remarried, bro. I can’t believe I forgot I mean, I didn’t forget. I knew it. I just big achieve. Maybe forget. I don’t know okay Well anyways, I brought a friend here today who could maybe help us in this endeavor So jerry great great, and it’s not my brother right look at Jake slow game, oh oh Whoa? Oh my God roy you guys remember jake from this vlog a while back Anyways, Jake is a gadget guy as you before what to do biggest fire sword body absorb Incredible okay, so this is this one. I mean mom. This is good. We’re gonna make this work I figured because I feel like the flames are gonna ignite your dad’s relationship again. You know cuz I guess fire up. Yeah No income eyes python is my thirteen Firestar oh This is why I’m getting evicted brothers colossal just for my apartment people who are going to watch this video. This is special effects So yeah, you can’t kick me out now lydia. Can you bring me that thing I asked you to prepare? Thank you. Oh Did you get when you come at those balls over that? Looks funny is like before. I guys are went to engineering school in college for one year. It’s kind of wanted to adventure You’re just like junior. Deep look bro Guard are you mad at me for dropping out of college? I could’ve been making stuff like that instead of being a vine star I know you ruined my life what how do I ever in your life? By stopping to college and giving up your whole entire scholarship. I wanted to pursue my dreams I’m a maverick if you live in a small town bubble dollars in your barry I’m just kidding kind of your parents have good guidance But like guys eventually you’re gonna have to grow and hatch and be the independent young maverick that you are but they go away Nice. It’s true. Yo yeah, we think all this drama and be funny like you know with Jake and stuff does user Sparky Mop don’t Logan feel rock wrong sort. Oh yeah does loser fire mom fire Hello Are you good, bro? What why? Wait, why to see you well? That’s kind of creepy like just like showing on my door like illegally and stuff are you good bro? Yo, Brenigan minute service justjust that was that cool looks like that actually might be a thing I heard when you cross this door right here There’s alarm ring her to go off and this has happened before. We’re like people to show up at my door This is weird dude. This is pickup service Let’s Survey I did Take that survey bro tonight. Get emerged before I take the survey dude just just let me know what you thought does not mean that You give up one these low ganks with a freaking clever my virgin join you Joe No, I got idea instead of paying me money you Don’t show up in my house again out of nowhere, and then I’ll let you buy merch from Logan Paul calm /Aa see you later That was weird. Yeah, I don’t like encouraging people to stalk other people that just say me dude. It’s Mi5 It’s not my brand and also. It’s just our way to the grocery store with a grody store We’re gonna give fruits to chop up like fruit Ninja, but with swords that light on fire. Thanks to Jay Go, my brother’s name is Jay Huh? Okay, nothing screams real-life fruit Ninja like watermelon cantaloupe because Bubi Bubi bro. I feel We’re going to cut some Jax-ur Gotta have bananas otherwise like let me out. You just suck by the way I’m going to ask you can we do this at Jacob no Okay, so we’re going to do this in Jacob. Okay? We got the goods. We are on our way to jigsaw I say we because lydia is here. Don’t worry and got a tiny butt okay to take Yeah, yeah, Jake Paulo’s jigs on either side Okay Oh, wait, what the heck these parcels say my name I brought Jack root Barely made it through the team ten us. Those kids are animals dude looks like a freaking war zone I’m really getting herpes too standing here also got this jake. Oh My I said Jake bruce I’m logging her chickens up is that the third? person of a big Bro, is there servers Yeah, I made it not you. I just again I don’t I don’t get how you could do that is gonna make the first a second verse like how okay So you limit move into cement? I was running a real movement. I forgot my jacket. No don’t give drop – Jake Crew It’s a jackfruit You made the first move you made the second burst and I was like I’m Gonna make the third course okay It’s not going to standard anyways do I got time to show you watch this bro. This is Jake tasting What’s your name, jake? No sausage a hella straight up straight up them you don’t seem positive about that you know my real name is John was my Sears tonight your name, John That’s not some on easy channel, please not not anymore. I’m not on it. It’s broke holy My eyebrow no John stop that it’s not a very high watermelon here. We go. Go ahead rake go to my Melon, bra Now stacey well nothing makes me do want to do montages more than eating watermelon time go The Jack food the Lid what is inside this thing, but? The rumor is that they smell bad oh? wait Yes Brows like expired like grapefruit. Oh, I heard this fruit like saves Villages though because there’s like a lot of it And it tastes like ham or something It’s actually not bad. Oh dog time Oh this easily this length right out these hot dogs are sizzling right? I probably don’t fuck you toasty gross oh Slap me down you to write up a finger up We’ll hold the middle, but Lo call but but I’ll try to perfect well this justine bosses live for swearing guys I just like I get amped up over the simplest weirdest stop and this is it though. I’m hungry enough Yeah, bro friend. You eat. You eat a hotdog I get right in there you go. Yeah Good right good yeah, bro. Hey, you got hungry. Look what we got for your hot dogs You should light it up inside the hospital Is that a good idea – no that’s why we should do it biologist, not do that in your moment. We will oh That’s that I like that a lot. Let’s go. Do some more beers brah. No cheers dude. Yeah the cantaloupe Just isn’t the same it. Just doesn’t roast like a marshmallow it rose. I will say though I’m down to eat a roasted cantaloupe. No, I don’t even have to eat dinner. Sorry oh Wow Do that okay? Oh my God roasted well roast the calendar right over just cannibalism canadough Back at the crib. Oh I do He birthed me with my minds right where it’s cooler than you. I don’t know about that test killing karoku. You’re a goof Orr rit a goof call Me let me show you a part of my coke oh Hey, Dad can I uh can I join you guys over here for a second? I just thought I could have complicated So I just thought I’d get some sparks back in his relationship with the flame doing Wow, okay, pretty good right? Yeah, good claim. I don’t want to make you guys hot again. I want to look at the place Like this all day. That’s already hot in it. How does that you to remarry him? I’m remarried But a quick sidebar can giving up today straight up like I’m just going to have to love not you, okay, cool Yeah, I’m not giving up on that just yet, but I got it so far Monday’s, okay. You shot them up would you yeah? Operative oh yeah, okay? If you were not a part of the low game make sure you subscribe We are the fastest growing channel on YouTube and I think tomorrow we are going to get 10 million subscribers yeah, yeah, yeah Also, Maverick and low gamer ladies in the description if you’re savage don’t get it logo Paul calm slasher. I love y’all I will see you tomorrow. Take it easy Here dude. Oh Ghost Freddie


  1. I’m in love with logan, like really but when that logangster came to the door and asked for merch he was so rude to him 🙁

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  4. I know why Logan blogs every morning……
    Cuz he loves in OHAIO
    (ohaio means good morning in Japanese)

    Edit:thx for the 126 likes

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  7. Notice when the gadget guy lit up the sword in front of jake for the first time and he went that almost burnt off my eyebrows he jump in Logan’s arms x

  8. i have to say what if that kid had no one to buy him merch. and made some money just to come buy some and u just turned him away.. thats rude.. i understand he came to ur house but he might not have anyone and he wanted it so badly.. idk..

  9. Logan: it’s hotdog time
    Me: so would you say your wieners are roasting bc Logan likes those dirty jokes

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