Live Career Advice Daily: Appreciation Week with Andrew LaCivita

Live Career Advice Daily: Appreciation Week with Andrew LaCivita

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Welcome to
community Appreciation Week with this is like a daily talk show this week or
whatwhat’s seeming like a daily talk show anyway I love being with you guys I
you know a couple of weeks ago we did a three or four day in a row workshop and
I loved it I had such a great time I feel like the mile walk Academy and all
of the things that we’re offering you to build a career you love we’re really
clicking you guys are really engaging and last week early in the week I
thought I got to do something special I know I just had a workshop but I think
we need to make it about them and we need to fun and games and gifts and
discounts and everything I can think of I’m gonna throw at you this week so I
hope I hope you’re gonna be with me for whatever bit of it you can I’m gonna be
live daily at 11 a.m. Central that’s where I am in the US central time noon
Eastern for an hour each day Monday through Thursday and and I have I have
an 11 o’clock session with my job search boot camp members on Friday so Monday
through Thursday is designated to the public glad to have you with me I’m
gonna give you a quick couple of seconds on what we’re kind of throwing out there
and what you can take advantage of and then I want to dive into your questions
maybe we’ll do some hot seat and and case study stuff this week with people
but I think it’ll be a lot of fun so just if you have no idea who I am my
name is Andy la subida I’m the founder of the mile walk and
executive search firm and the mile walk Academy which is my online training and
coaching site for individuals and usually weekly on Thursday I hold live
office hours but occasionally we go through these bonanza weeks where I’m
live multiple days we’ve got some other good stuff coming where you might even
be seeing more of me but I want to welcome all yeah get in the chant you
know what if this is your first time just follow the crowd let me know who
you are let me know where you’re from let me know what you need put some
question marks in front of your your questions you can communicate with each
other that’s all you want share that’s what
the community is all about if you were in one of my programs put some hashtags
next to your name it let me and everybody else know so let’s see you
know we got a bunch of people that are strolling in just you know how the rest
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I’ve got some gifts I’m gonna be giving out today’s gift was my second book out
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ton of more detailed interviewing help so and there’s some other things my
leadership program we’ve got some specials going on with that so check all
that stuff out but let’s get to let’s get to your questions I’m sure you got
stuff you want to know about let me see let me see
alright hope you guys said hi Tom hi I’m wondering if that’s your whole last
name or an abbreviation great to have you see my screen hang on let me get the
brightness up great all right let’s see Tom I was recently let go without cause
at a 10-month job with a recommendation letter saying that I had good attendance
and positive personality but my skills weren’t a good fit how should I explain
this to the future employer I would probably be honest that you know I took
a new job I did my best I don’t think my skills were entirely a great match we
agreed so there is you know some positive feedback that I have as far as
my character and my work ethic and those kind of things that I think a lot of
employers would love and anybody and the fact that you know what I just wasn’t in
the right you know in the right spot and we we determined that relatively early
on I in general in situations like this I always would advise you
to never over explain so I would just say you know what I I was excited about
this new job that I hand I gave it everything that I had we determined that
my skills were not the right match for what I was doing I think both the
employer and I realized this and as much as we would have liked to stay together
it just wasn’t a good fit skills wise but everything else that went along with
what I did you know showing up positive attitude right never missing a minute of
work and so on is reflected in the feedback that they that they’ve given me
here in this letter as well as any reference call that you’d want to do and
I think when you let a potential employer know that your most recent
employer where did not work out and you moved on would be willing to have a
reference call on your behalf it really calms things down that’s it I would get
that over in 30 seconds and don’t don’t take too long to explain that I hope
that helps all right Adam Stark I would expect you to be here today and every
day this week all right after doing some self-discovery and following your advice
is it okay that I’m interested in doing a few different types of jobs as opposed
to finding applying to only one type of job
it sure is it sure is however I always feel like I don’t know that this is a
perfectly great analogy but you know if you’re dating three women it means you
don’t love any one of them enough to fully dedicate yourself and so I would I
would always prefer that you you know have kind of your priority and that you
invest the majority of your time with the thing that you feel what you will
love the most okay now what I would caution you about in that regard is I
might not get to that level of dedication in pursuit until I did more
research so my answer to people who come to me who want counseling on career
direction is until you can choose we some certainty you haven’t done enough
research so while I appreciate that you did the self discovery on yourself what
I think is really the next best thing now mind you mind you I’m giving you the
technically correct formula here I understand there are other factors like
you have to make money so you can eat and pay the rent I get I get all that
so I’m okay with from that perspective you do and whatever you have to do to
get a job but if you want to if you want to spend your career evaluation your job
search activities in in the Hyatt on the highest quality activities to get it
right for what is gonna make you happiest I would do the self discovery
stuff that we talked about in the last couple of weeks I know at the live
office hours we’ve talked about and checking out that video about how to
choose the right job for you looking through some of the career changers
stuff and all those other things that we talked about but I would then take it
one step further and I would spend more time investigating those avenues that
you are that you want to apply for so if there are a few different types of jobs
that you want to apply for I would try to research the heck out of them before
I ever started applying then if I got to the point where I wanted to start
applying I would make sure that I’m incredibly diligent in the interviewing
process making sure that you can get all the information from the employers from
the people who work in those functions or in those industries or markets or
solution lines or whatever it might be but I always I always feel like if
you’re if you’re searching for more than one type of job then you’re not really
all in and committed and so I just I always go back to then you got a step
back and do more evaluation it is certainly okay that you’re applying for
more than one type of job but if you want to get it right and you want to be
in something for a sustained period I think you’re better off I would say the
same thing Adam and all of you I you know we I did a couple of meetups out in
California last month had a had a couple of senior people that were considering
relocating and they said while I’m open to any one of five cities and I said I
would try to narrow it down to one city and target the one city first you know
really truly you know get out there visit the cities figure out where you
want to live it’s the same kind of thing with with choosin so yes it’s okay that
you apply to different types of jobs but I would still encourage you to do more
research on that Hey Bengal baby Jen how you doing it’s I guess it’s early by you
hey County Connor happy to see you fabulous people who have joined this
session not madison not 89% you I know I you know I was telling Kara this morning
I went for a 12 mile run on my first workout on Saturday and it was in the
90s when I started and it was nearly a hundred when I finished but the humidity
my shirt was so soaked that the last good number of miles it was annoying and
I don’t usually you know have a problem like that but it was brutal I mean
absolutely brutal all right bangle baby couple cues mr. L
when I have told somebody that I would be writing a networking letter in a
couple days but the schedule has has blowout and I failed okay to follow
through should I still send the letter and mention to that effect and what if I
don’t have anything to offer save for appreciation any suggestions okay I want
to talk philosophy tactics and all that good stuff everybody
anytime you screw something up okay this is not just for Jen but for anybody
there’s I’m sorry which I want you to be genuine and when you say I’m sorry
a lot of it is pulling the focus on you when you say I’m sorry I’m late versus
thank you so much for waiting it talks about the other person’s kindness guess
which one is more powerful okay so so you get the point right
the now first thing is we always want you to follow through and do what you’re
gonna say you’re gonna do if you don’t know for absolute certainty that you can
get the letter out by the time you say then don’t promise
just be loose I will get it to you don’t give a timeframe that’s is for the
future right Jen what’s done is done now since you’ve missed the deadline I
would say you know I would I would be more about complimenting them and a
little less about you know falling all over yourself apologizing just say you
could say I meant to send the sooner my apologies but so so glad you’re getting
it you know now I appreciate you you know I appreciate you appreciate your
you know all that good stuff taking the time to look at it whatever it is that
you’re gonna say but the networking message should be about relationship
building and about next step okay you don’t want to just send somebody
something without an action some call to action you will do or they will do or
you will set some time period to get together to follow up to have a call to
have a video you know chat to have a lunch a cocktail or whatever so you
still send the letter if you get up I want you to apologize be brief
but-but-but-but add on to them thank you for you know understanding whatever it
is and then if you don’t have it you always have something to offer that
connection every one of you has something to offer everybody do you know
do you know all you that come to here and you ask me questions do you know
what I love second to helping you right I love helping you most its turn the
camera on give right I love help I mean I truly love this I jazz is the hell out
of me but you all automatically in return make
me a better teacher because you ask me the questions you let me know what’s
going on you’re giving me Intel you’re letting me know what the popular issues
are sometimes you all surprised me and surface something I haven’t seen before
as far as some new goofy thing employers are doing or whatever and you are in
turn giving me something even though you don’t know it but to that networking
person if you don’t know what you have to offer you always have you
know an ear your network you can ask the question how can I help you
hey I’d love to get together before we do that you know let me know if there’s
anything you need and you can also stimulate their interest by giving them
a multiple choice let me know if there’s anything you need in relation to
whatever you’re doing their salesmen yep any any people you want to reach out
to any prospects you’re investigating anybody I might know anything I might
know about what I do that could be helpful to you anything right and just
and sort of just say hey just let me know if there’s anything you can think
of that where I can be of help if not I look forward to getting together or
talking and we can hash it out then so that’s what I would do and I I think
everybody has something to offer someone else no matter what you think like it
doesn’t just cuz you happen to need something now doesn’t mean that you
cannot offer something to somebody else so just remember that hope that helped
Melanie Newby I’m a boot camper how’re you doing good morning all hot humid ooh
I know it’s been brutal yeah you are welcome
bangle baby is saying that she connected up with me on LinkedIn which I invite
all of you to do and I’m happy to share it my network with you all is it
anything I can do to help you did I don’t doesn’t have to just be passing an
interview it could be to get you to somebody who actually gives you an
interview so don’t don’t be bashful I accept all requests from anybody who is
polite and nice to meet Mary from Oak Brook trifecta John searcher hoping to
be one of your NASA’s best well you know we had Kelly Kennedy that she hid the
whole thing over 50 she moved and she changed careers I think I had a little
you know picture of that somewhere she’s awesome I hope you are too
Kanaka tour what do you got here my role is established standards and best
practices for the IT the a QA team that’s business analyst
Quality Assurance for anybody who’s not sure oh wait Han my partner is giving me
the whole thing so hang on let me look over this way
all right County’s entire but my role is to establish standards and best practice
for the ITB a QA team the team of 14 is very eager and anxious for this to be
put in place nearly everyone has offered to help I’m feeling overwhelmed as I
want to get my head around the current state and then plan the roadmap with
them how to explain that I need some alone time to get ready and we’ll be
including in them I have been told several times to leverage the experience
of the team which of course I will be doing sigh okay no sighing Connie all
right let’s go back to what I was just saying about about that I’m sorry thank
you for waiting thank you for understanding okay you
don’t need not that you were gonna do this so the fact of the matter is that
you don’t need to apologize or go into a lofty explanation about the fact that
you need to think that the skeleton through so that you can get everybody
contributing in their highest value area with their highest you know things that
they’re knowledgeable about and this subject matter experts about and
whatever and if you don’t have the framework in place you’re gonna end up
costing everybody in and all of them a lot of time so what I try to do is
because I I want to respect your time and I want to get the most area in the
least amount of time if we wait a week and I can just shell out the skeleton so
that I know we have a framework that that really will not change meaning you
know we can count on you know the roadmap looking like this this way we
can get you involved and you can augment the areas where we need your help the
most if we don’t do if I don’t do that first it’s gonna be wasting a lot of
your time and everybody else’s because there’s we’re gonna be in a constant
state of changing until we can get to them you know kind of the final roadmap
and framework so all I need is a little bit of
do that but I think you need to be resold
County on the one hand I think you need to do that on this other hand I think
you need to do it quickly so it you know it’s it’s it’s better to get 80% of it
right and minorly tweaked and those people will be understanding versus you
get in there you go on the fly and you’re you’re tweaking 80% and not 20%
what my experience with most people is that they they want to get everything
perfect before they start which is which is ridiculous get at 80 get it a to get
at 90 and go and in like for me I don’t know what your time frame is but my
guess is so like for me I could spend two weeks and get it
perfect or I could spend one week and get it 90 to 95 and then worry about the
rest later and I would rather save myself the week
get the 90 something get it in motion and then you might discover some things
so I would just say ah to optimize everybody’s time and everybody’s value I
need just a wee bit of time to get the bones in place and that’s it that’s all
people will get that I think people will get that that’s how I would explain it
it is for their benefit it is for their benefit they’re eager to help great we
want you to help when when it’s the right right time and and that could be a
week or I don’t know it’s a month or whatever it is but that’s what I would
do hope that helps I know you Connie don’t perfectionist
this thing to death just get going varun uh from Canada how are you if I’m
up at 5:00 which I am what time do I go to bed and 10:00
actually you know my wife and I we cook dinner every night so we cook cook like
actually cook and clean the dishes and all that stuff that’s usually around
7:00 and then you know we knock the puppies around a little bit and then you
know we kind of just relax and you know so I’m you know my wife is she’s tired
too she gets up early so I you know we have a we have a pretty darn good
routine and you know I love it early early is is good for me I mean you don’t
you don’t have to get up at 5:00 you’re not together for 30 some days I do but
yeah that’s about that’s about when I go to sleep I sleep I mean I you know I get
sleep Bailey Walters how you doing your names
kind of familiar hey Andy or I mean not not as familiar I don’t your first timer
maybe not the company I worked for for 10 years has been doing monthly layoffs
since December I got concerned and started to apply for jobs and reached
out to my network okay sounds good start an interviewing for a role with a
company in May and have been going through the interview process okay
whenever they asked me why I want to leave the company after so many years I
always kept my response focused on growth and broadening my experience not
about the instability of the company in the meantime on June 28th I was affected
by the June round of layoffs okay I got an offer from the company I was
interviewing with late last week I not told them that I was laid off but I did
update my resume and applications in their system should I draw attention to
the recruiter okay this is a great question we got one of these we got one
of these if it was you I don’t think it was you but maybe but somebody else had
this where they started the process and then they got let go in between so let’s
back up for anybody else who’s encountering the same thing we have
company instabilities we have companies that are going through layoffs my
brother-in-law and sister-in-law work for a company that let people go every
like third Thursday of the month I make that I mean like it’s like
ridiculously awful so like every month it’s like okay do I have a job but
that’s pretty nerve-wracking and if it was every month or every three months or
whatever it is or company just got acquired you’re not really sure where
your places if you’re gonna be replace it if you’re it replaced it for what
you’re gonna do is gonna be outsourced all that good stuff so when I go into an
interview so the first thing that I would do is I would say you know what
I’m open to it you know to leaving because I do want growth opportunities
and I’ve been looking to expand my experience in to whatever and you know
what there’s a little bit of uncertainty in the organization right now I’ve been
there for a long so you know the cool thing about you Bailey is you been there
10 years so you almost oh no one an explanation about why you’re open to
moving ok so you don’t you don’t need to worry too much about that and if you
care to say you know what in the environment isn’t the greatest we’ve
been letting people go and I thought you know what the combination of all these
things makes me open to moving so I’m investigating and for the right
opportunity I would leave I that’s it I would not need you to say a word more
than that to me so that’s all I would do now the thing I like about that is
because what happens if this happens where you know you’re in the process two
months now right I mean it’s somewhere in May we’re in
you know we’re July’s here I don’t want to wait to 22 July that you know I mean
this is a couple months and see what happens and then you can say you know
what I was recently affected this is good
thing we’re rolling but I don’t I don’t really this should not be an issue I
would not sweat this I would just go to them and say hey you know what I mean
and if they if they gave you the offer it’s that way they gave you the offer
right wanted to leave so on and so forth brought Han was interviewing oh wait
hang on yeah you got an offer and so I would just say you know timing was great
I’m ready to go I you know and that’s it I would not
I would not make a big deal out of it I really wouldn’t I’m I’m also my default
approach to everything is I want you to hear it first from me as soon as I know
and what you never want is okay now they go do a background check they confirm
all your stuff and they see that your employment has an end date of and it’s
probably not gonna make any difference but I just don’t like risk and that
stuff and I don’t like anybody finding out from anybody other than me because
then I have to explain it right and then you’re in a defensive posture or what
could be construed as a defensive posture but I would I would probably
just mention it and just say hey look it just happened recently I kind of saw the
writing on the wall which was also part of why I was looking I’m glad this
worked out and that’s it I would not make a big deal out of it okay and I
think I think Bailey and Connie were like Criss crossing there and I think I
got all that Kathleen how you doing all right Mary
from Oak Brook target company is in Charlotte North Carolina with that
course in Ohio attempts through Ohio don’t seem to go anywhere should I
attempt connections with multiple people in Charlotte or only the Regional VP
Mary any and all I would you know if you got a Regional VP go at him or her
whatever that you know I can’t remember what you know what your function is but
I’m all about multiple touch you know multiple attempts in multiple varieties
of people and whatever whatever get you in you know so I don’t I’m not I don’t
you know don’t get me wrong I don’t I don’t want you to like one day you email
the vice president the next day you email the CEO the next day you email the
CEO and so like I don’t mean like that but like you know if you’re giving them
a little bit of time and they don’t seem to be responding you know and no one in
Ohio is responding and so you want to reach out to some people in Charlotte I
think that’s totally cool totally cool unrepentant true well that’s a first I
don’t know if you’re a first timer but welcome if you are all right greenie sir
mcclain Andrew from one yeah I figured you were
a drew I’m taking some LinkedIn learning courses to improve my skills agile scrum
cool Kristi one of my boot campers how are you hi Andy a job posting indicated
executive presence as a qualification for a senior consultant position I love
this I believe I know but would like your definition you got it my boot camp
or Christy so when I think about executive presence and I see that on a
on a job description I chuckle Louie bit okay let’s chuckle because I know what
their intent is and you know that it is a consulting position and consulting
like it or not is an image business so you got to look the part you’re being
placed on projects or on a staffing assignment or whatever it is with your
company’s clients they want you to look good right they want you to look the
part but when I think about executive presence there’s multiple things that I
think are important and while everybody I’m guessin Christy if you ask this
whole chat role of these whatever hundred people that they would all say
well you gotta look the part and sure it’s gotta be buttoned and pressed right
anyway you communicate the way you carry yourself but I would say executive
presence is about a lot more than that and the thing that matters most to me as
if I’m your client or I’m the company that’s hiring you is how do you make me
feel when you walk in the room how do you make me feel when I get an email
from you and I think executive presence is about not only being right confident
and smart and all that good stuff but it’s also about being welcoming
inspiring treating people in a manner that makes them feel good and makes them
want to do makes them want to do great things I always talk about in my
leadership mentoring program and I always get asked this question
about the concepts we teach in in the leadership program and by that I mean
people say well is your leadership monthly program only for people in
senior positions I say no it’s not for leaders it’s to build leaders so
everything that we focus on is about building your confidence your focus
making great decisions and things of this building trust and so on when I
think of executive presence I think of all those things right you know if
you’re a filed a shiny white light that’s not very that’s not very
executive if you’re if you can’t focus that’s not very executive if you don’t
have confidence that’s not showing that presence as an executive but if you make
me feel like crap that’s not either so III think it’s all
of those things and then it’s it’s how does someone make you feel do they make
you feel better about yourself and your ability to do whatever you’re doing and
do they inspire you to the point where you feel comfortable you see hope you
see you feel confident and all that that to me is what executive presence is is
how do how do they make you feel and do they and do they draw that out of you do
they inspire that in you you know do they make you want to act in a positive
manner and and that’s that’s what I think it is I think it has more to do
with how you make the other person feel than how you look so I hope that helped
all right oh sit there wait oh my goodness what
happened there hold on hang on hang tight folks I’ll get there but that was
a great one Christy Jason Garrity hey Joe winter how you
doing hustler Chan whoa first of all let me tell you you are awesome coach Ahmet
thank you for that my friend why is it that while pursuing your goals you are
constantly disappointed for me it is like trying to where’d you go well I
don’t see the rest but I’ll tell you this much okay hustler Chan and everyone else if
you don’t have this book the e-book in the audio book at least get it you get
it free today and and your answer hustler can is in this book and the
reason that you are typically disappointed with your goals there are a
number of factors and I’m gonna give I’m gonna give them to you here so usually
the first reason is because when people go and they want to set goals they make
all kind of mistakes with setting goals they usually set them for things they
don’t love they set them at some number time frame dollar amount whatever it is
they have no experience in putting a flag down of what they actually can
achieve or what they should achieve but the single greatest reason that they’re
disappointed is because the way in which they look at the goal that the goal is
something that they have to achieve and if they don’t they’re crap and that’s
not true a goal is nothing more than a vehicle to enhance your enjoyment of
something you love that’s a quote from the book and if you look at it properly
it is about focusing on the process to attain the goal not the outcome you know
the example I always like to look use cuz I’m a runner is you know if if if
you don’t run and you want and you feel like I want to really get into running
and I want to run I want to run something big and you want to shoot for
a marathon but you you sign up for the race you train but you go to the
marathon you don’t ultimately cross the 26.2 mile finish line but you can get to
say mile 20 or wherever you get to that to me is a total victory you went
from zero to 20 miles is my point so what what a lot of people do is they
look at that and they say well I didn’t I didn’t finish the race so I’m a total
failure and I’m miserable it could be about their career it could be I’m not
making 100 grand by 30 it could be whatever you’re you know I don’t have
the corner office I don’t know my own company I don’t have this I don’t know
that and I think a lot of it is you set expectations around things you’re not
familiar with your expectations are totally arbitrary anyway your your
ability to pick the right target is usually awful that’s me and everybody
else and the way people look at it is they become so focused on the outcome
and not the transformation that they are going through I’m teaching a whole class
on this three days you’re all invited it’s free August 20th 21st and 22nd it’s
in the email and we’re gonna do a course on this book so I hope hustler Chan you
can make it I do akshay I’m not sure if this is a
question I expressed interest in one of their teams and asked if there was an
internship opportunity the manager saw the message but did not get back when
would be a good time to send a follow-up seven days I think I got that I don’t
know if that was maybe carryover from something earlier seven days Kerry
Freeman how are you great to have you here and everyday John Tucker how you
been x/y hi Andy I’m from Maryland current fed employee looking to get back
to do and what I enjoy and upgrade my career I’m great to have you XY would
love to know your name Robin how are you good morning from
Pennsylvania Sam how you doing Sam here on Oh buddy great to have you you’re the
best all right Melanie here we go just – John how are you Cecelia from London
great to have you look at the boot campers talking to each other SLK all
right Mary from Oak Brook got another one in here I still don’t have linked
and hesitate to put it in play being that I have so few connections much of
my work has been as an independent contractor at Anderson consulting done
real estate Mary you don’t have connections you got to build them
there’s no reason to be hesitant and if okay so okay we use social media for
stuff you guys see it you you know if you if you’re not connected with me
online Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram you name it YouTube subscribed
you know make sure you subscribe to this so when Kara and I we look at the you
know putting out our messages and my quote cars all the inspirational stuff I
do so you know when people say well you know you should be using hashtags that
people follow and this Annette walk you know at one point I had to put Pound
mile walk Academy the first time there was only one hashtag out there with one
post but then if I do that every day ten times a day day in and day out all of a
sudden at the end of the year there’s 4,000 posts with that hashtag in one
year imagine if you connected with one person a day for the next three years
that’s a thousand connections or two or three so Mary get in the game don’t be
you know if you worked in Anderson consulting and you worked in real estate
you got tons of connections that are out there
yeah you got a phone book somewhere in on your Mac machine or your Outlook or
your whatever and you can sync it what you could say LinkedIn access my
contacts whatever they I don’t care if there’s ten or a hundred or a thousand
and LinkedIn will say hey you got it you got that any last evita guy in your you
know his a last two feet at mile walk email you want connect them great boom
and you just go and you kind of click a bunch of buttons and a whole bunch of
people connect with you then all of a sudden you won’t have so few you’ll have
a whole ton that’s what you yes sir all right kara is telling me somebody is asked oh
I should probably say this because I care I don’t know if you put this in okay so Cara’s give it okay well 39
minutes then I get to do a sales announcement we’re in the middle of a
job search boot camp and when I say we’re in the middle of a job search boot
camp what I’m really saying is the job search boot camp is available all the
time 24/7 365 366 cuddly beers it’s all rolling anytime somebody we have people
joining every day somebody joins they’re on their own clock they can start they
can go through it in one day if they want they can go through it in a week if
they want but multiple times throughout the year we have I have like what I now
call like a bootcamp blitz where five Friday’s in a row we have live coaching
so it’s similar to this except it’s in a very small group because only there’s
only so many boot campers and there’s only so many people that could actually
make the time slots or whatever so we go through we do all this live coaching so
we did we did a couple of those already and now we’ve got three more the next
three fridays but then what happens is then there’s like a break for two weeks
then we get together on a Wednesday then the following month we start up again as
like another five session so get in whenever it’s appropriate for you
whenever you whenever it’s the time is right whenever you have the funds get in
and the other thing is when you are in the boot camp you have access to me so
all anybody in the boot camp has to do is just go in the in the day have we
have comments in there they go into the comments field they asked me their
question and then I answer it usually within hours but always within 24 hours
and so you get your answers right there and so people go back and forth with me
all the time so that’s what luxury of having the ongoing support so to answer
oh my tires question the boot camps always available we happen to be in in
in the middle of stuff right now if you want to join me for the next so like
over the next month you’ll see there’s like four sessions three right away and
then one a couple weeks later and it’s great because now what you do is you
kind of go through the program and then you come with me on Friday and you’d ask
me your questions and if you miss them you can go into the comments and ask me
or you can ask me in the comments and say can you talk about this on Friday I
mean it’s it’s really we get you your answers so it’s it’s really it’s really
a great thing and really check it out and we
a huge promotion going on now where I’ve got all kinds of assets in there I won’t
go in all that because I want to take your questions but I do want to let you
know and and it’s I understand that you know the questions because I promote it
on a live basis but that’s so that people when when that really drives them
to get in for the live coaching cuz then then they can work with me a little more
it’s not one-on-one although that’s an option but but these private group
sessions are really great because we get to everybody’s questions I answer them
all because we spend a few hours just with the boot campers so it’s really
great stuff all right tantor hi Andy I follow you all the time
excellent Tanya and I want to change jobs how do I prove my experience
without working in the job Tanya check out my career changers playlists on
YouTube and forever to the short answer the short answer is what you there is a
there are multiple things that you need to do in order to be able to do what
tanya is asking and there is a a marketing aspect to it
I don’t want to go into all the marketing aspects and all that it’s in
the career changer playlist but you have to identify the most analogous
capabilities of skills that you’ve developed whether through schooling or
whether through on-the-job training through your other jobs that map to
where you want to go the other thing is I have a video out there about oh god
I’m not gonna remember the title but I’ll get it close but it’s basically you
know you know how the career changer can win the job in 10 steps or something
like that so I if you get the inner soon as the marketing issue that you have to
overcome and then there’s the actual interview itself and in there is a video
out there a one video that’s in the career change of playlist but that goes
through like the ten steps and it’s like you know how to win the job every time
or something like that you know something catchy but it’s it’s there and
I I go into in those 10 steps in that one video exercise start with that video
and then I’d work my way through the career changer playlist and we just did
a session in in the job accelerator workshop few
weeks back and I said I wasn’t gonna leave it up but I got so many people
emailing me and begging me to leave those things up that I haven’t taken
them down yet so you can go check that out too and the first one was on fastest
fastest and smartest way to change careers
hope that helps Jenny Hinkle how you doing Cindy hey Cara is putting out if
you are not on the email list folks get on the email list you can get the free
goodies that’s the only place I’m giving them away Michael how are you how do you
make yourself attractive to out-of-state employers Michael you watch my video
that says how to get an out-of-state job it’s nine steps to do that and it also
gives you all the tips on making yourself look beautiful to the employers
okay warn Cole hey my bootcamp give me your boot camp or tag buddy all
right using the template under each company
there is a summary what is supposed to go there a fellow boot campers said it’s
a description of the company if not known my company is a fortune 100 yes
okay for Warren and everybody else Warren go watch module two of the boot
camp because I tell you exactly what to put under there however for everybody
else my recommendation when you when you are
writing your resume and you have you know Cu multiple companies even if
they’re all fortune 100 companies even if their fortune five companies maybe
their fortune 5000 maybe they’re a small company in a different country and you
move from Europe to the US and nobody knows the company what what what I like
to do on resumes is I’m a big fan of straight lines in uniformity so I want
you to have descriptions that talk about what that company does and if it’s a
fortune 100 company like coca-cola or whatever right or Apple now that’s a big
company but what did you do inside the company so can you give me an idea of
what unit you did or what so you know fortune you know large commercial
manufacturer that makes phones buy buy whatever you know semicolon what did you
do blah blah region to sell these types of
products to these types of customers or something like that that that basically
gives me an idea of what I’m about to see as I go through your role now if you
worked for some small company in another country that I’ve never heard of but you
say to me you know Europe’s leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips and
so on I know okay technology company right you are helping
the reader so much by framing everything and then you know some people work for
fortune 100 company it’s okay I work for Andersen consulting which is now
Accenture boom then I work for a company that at a hundred people we grew it to
450 same kind of company soup this experience here of four or five years
was way better than my 10 years over here even though this was a nothing
company that went public that now has since been you know sold off to another
company and and so if I had to put that on my resume I would have to make
reference to that of what that company was to educate the people that were
reading it so that’s what I would do that’s what I would do and there there
should be you know you should have some kind of ideas in in the bootcamp in that
module and if I if I don’t if you can’t find it or whatever then go on the
comments section in the boot camp and then sample me one say is this what
you’re talking about and then you write it and then I give you a feedback right
away because you’re a boot camper all right and Kara’s telling you there’s 67%
off the interview intervention course that’s a steal if you’re not sure if you
want to get the boot camp you get that course and check it out
Cindy interested in management training and job promotion planning Cindy and
everybody else wait do you guys hear the bell that’s the water softener day
that’s coming to my house I told my wife she better be home and he’s 13 minutes
early but that’s ok Cindy and everybody else who’s
interested in management training leadership training career development
training and everything my leadership monthly live coaching program is the way
to go you get past sessions you get my career accelerator program and if you
are on the annual package in that membership you
actually are going to be getting my goal-setting masterclass the recordings
of the training for free so while you can come to the goal
setting masterclass you don’t get the recordings only the people that actually
pay for the recordings are gonna get the recordings so I hope that helps Maria I
can’t find a job because they don’t have experience I don’t know what to do to
keep getting rejected I would check out the career changer playlist it talks
about how to get the job without experience
Rosemarie how you doing my boot camper Lionel how are you thanks for everything
relocated from Africa to Europe and now the United States nice it’s been hard to
get a job with references I’m assuming from out of the u.s. I’m gonna be a
student how do I sell myself I would definitely go to the career changer
place the career changer playlist is the magic bullet for career changers college
students entering their first job anybody who wants to change industries
professions and so on so that is what talks about how to get a job without the
requisite experience because if you’re changing careers you’re basically
changing into a role where you don’t have the experience so that’s that’s
what I would do there Hustler Chan I think you I think I got that one Derek
Loftus I had a vacation planned before being laid off how do I negotiate the
time off when interviewing with new jobs Derek I don’t even know that you need to
negotiate the time off I think you just need to let them know that you have you
know you have this planned most employers I dare I say virtually all
employers they get that people have lives you have things that are things
that are planned and you just need to be able to inform them and most of them
will work something out with you we have people that we actually I remember some
people they we recruited them through my to one of our clients they actually they
started and then like they worked a week and then they took a week off so I mean
this this stuff happens I would not be too too concerned cat Harrison how you
doing hey Andy and everyone cat from Minnesota pumped hey hey hey you’re
welcome T Andrew what’s your experience with
large corporations and the Goshen ago she ating analysts type salaries my
employer seems like they are very strict t what I would say is okay I’m assuming
you are in an employee and you are trying to either get a raise or whatever
but regardless of whether you’re an internal employee or you are a a new
employee going into a large corporation with larger corporations they often have
salary bands the the bands tend to be harder meaning you make from 20,000 to
30,000 that’s it and then your this is your grade level but what is malleable
in larger corporations is what is the appropriate level that I should be so
oftentimes what they’ll do is if you really kick butt in the interviewing
process instead of being level a1 they move you into level a2 which goes from
25 to 35 or something like that so it’s it’s sometimes with larger corporations
you’re actually negotiating your level which then in turn alters your
compensation that’s now in smaller to medium-sized companies it’s not as it’s
not as big a deal it’s not as big a deal so that’s my experience they there is
always a way to get more money if they want you badly enough 100 percent final
answer it’s in an arguable fact so hope that helps Pete Rogers 50 hey vinegar
how you doing Vanessa oh my god you need to put that Vanessa next to your name
Vanessa oh my god never not in a million years what I have thought about that
abdul hey Evelyn all hope you got my message
emailed you over the weekend our love your content thank you you’re
welcome Tonya another question if I had to pick
connecting on LinkedIn or direct email to get in front of hiring managers which
would you pick direct email it’s not even close
final answer all right let’s go keep going cogito The Fixer Jason hey Joe
winner I had panel interviews with two
different companies they both said I should hear something by the end of the
month I know they are talking to other candidates what kind of follow-up should
I be doing you should be checking in to make sure don’t wait till the end of the
month you want to know what’s going on and you want to let them know that you
have other things going that you have other things going so hey I just want to
check in with you because I know you’ve mentioned that I’m gonna be you know
you’re gonna be notifying us you know by the end
notifying me by the end of the month but I have I’m in the middle of an
interviewing process with another organization I want to be respectful to
them as well is there any kind of updates you can provide me or can you
give me an absolute firm date by which you’ll know and the only reason that I’m
asking is I just I want to be sensitive and respectful to them cool all right let’s see how you doing Kirsti be my
boot camp or how are you Adam you’re welcome Vanessa we could play 2ei okay
wait recently completed to EA to CEO
contracts okay the contracts have been somewhat short eight weeks is this still
a great reference and yes they have offered or am I being named so I would I
would make sure that if they so because they’re so short
I would make sure that if I was gonna offer them up as references that there
would be a darn good reason why they were so short so because my first my
first question would be why only eight weeks and if they’re happy to provide
references did they not need additional help beyond
that they might not have but I would just want to make I would want to make
sure that they that they that they that they that they were solid on that so no
it’s not me naive but I would be ding smart I mean I would be smart about it
Ingrid how are you great to have you my boot camper Kostas how are you I’m an
issue on the phone I have phone interview with large digital consultancy
firm tomorrow any tips on what to focus on well I I would definitely definitely
get the interview intervention stuff I would very much watch three keys to a
sin a job interview that’s a free webinar and I would check my blog
because I do have a phone interview tips article and I probably need to shoot a
video on phone interview tips but that’s what I would do those would be three
great resources for you Johnny Stevens how you doing my friend thank you for
your continued support you’re awesome Jam how to overcome anxiety with fresh
from resignation and want to apply again well I would just realize you’re
valuable I understand that something might not have worked out but I would
not worry and I would be confident in what I offered that is a big big
discussion but you gotta you gotta you got to recognize your value and all the
things that you know you can bring to the table
David s Davis hi Annie some potential companies did a layoff
recently but are hiring now what would be a good way to get some information on
that to determine the risk of another layoff or not
so first thing is why did they lay off these people if if it’s if it’s a
publicly traded company this is going to be
if it’s a large privately held company it’s gonna be available the the insight
that you can gain from hiring officials and units that were let go why they were
let go I have no issue with companies that make three different products
decide this product is no longer in our best interest we’re blowing out the
whole division but we’re gonna we’re gonna reallocate all these resources and
dollars to people with in into these divisions and people that have the
expertise in this product these people might not have that so they go out and
they hire new people I mean you just got to ask those questions you got to ask
those questions why did that happen so sometime you know one of the UM I have a
video out there that probably I don’t know how many I’d really don’t know how
many views it has but it should have a million views and it’s it’s a it’s a
video on you know things to consider before you say I accept
I accept your job offer and they’re questions that you should be asking
yourself seven or eight of them and and in order for you to ask yourself these
questions you need to gather the data from the employer so if you are not
familiar with this video highly highly recommend it okay it’s not a it’s not a
video that a lot of people are gonna search for from a search engine
optimization standpoint or from a level of interest standpoint but the value in
the video from people making silly mistakes picking the wrong jobs that
they shouldn’t be in all that good stuff the value is very high the reason I
bring this up is because one of the areas that you have to investigate is
where you are going into the organization is that a strategic area
are they going to be investing in that area if so how am I like all these
things that you need to look at that’s only one of the components but I would
highly recommend that you check that video out Dave and it’s it’s oh god Cara
help help me out here but you know it’s something before I before you say I
accept or something like that and you got to forgive me folks there’s hundreds
of videos out there I took all of them but that one is that
one is pretty is pretty good hey let me clean this up here all right Mahalo to you too Jen Kathryn McCoy good
morning to you start a great new job on on Monday awesome oh I love it
Katie how you doing oh wait there’s a question here I’ve asked some of your
wonderful interview or questions at the end of the interview from my experience
they seem a bit intimidated and put on the spot by the questions is this a sign
about the management in the organization how can I keep their attention so I look
favourably okay it’s a couple things and Katie is not alone some other people
have mentioned these things I always point you to two things now I don’t know
exactly which questions you’re asking where they feel intimidated but but
there is a way to ask the same question with the same words that would always
make somebody feel not intimidated that would never intimidate somebody and you
know depending on how you ask it the intonation in your voice
the little tack ons that you add and so on are gonna could determine now that
does not mean that somebody is caught off guard and they don’t like it and
they don’t know the answer so they feel frustrated I don’t know about that but
anybody that would get frustrated for any questions that I give you to ask I
would start questioning seriously about whether that was a place I wanted to
work so I’m not sure specifically if you tell me if you give me tell you what
Katie you give me a question that you asked that you think they got
intimidated out and I will role play it for you and tell you how exactly I would
ask it where they would in no way ever get intimidated let’s do that you you
just head to the bottom if you’re hopefully you’re still here if you’re
still here well we’re gonna be on just a few more minutes but if you drop to the
bottom and Caracara will slack it to me alright folks wait this week
appreciation week all week for you guys daily at 11 you’re gonna get an
email in the morning with a gift and then a link to the show you’ll get a
list of the things we have going on all the discounts and all that stuff so if
you got any questions your if you’re wondering about things that you want to
do or develop and you’re wondering what program to jump in or what the options
are support it mile walk comm if you’re loving the videos and you’re loving this
stuff as you see it click the little like button but as you see it on social
media circulate it just let people know that it’s out there the more people I
help the happier I’m gonna be so I would just I appreciate them and that’s a big
thing about my appreciation for you I think you all are great about coming
getting help engaging with me being super supportive of me in my community
but part of that is sharing out with the others so please please do that please
do that alright let me see if I can get a few more in here before I gotta run
all right Ammar you are a bit changed from your first video you made best
wishes I’ll tell you what I was so sick my first video literally sick like
physically ill and I look back at that first video and it’s probably got like
fifty or a hundred thousand views on it I have no idea how it does but you
believe me you you get better over time and like anything you all do the faster
you get started the faster you’ll get better and the more you do it the better
you’ll get so whatever it is that you all are doing don’t worry and be afraid
to suck the first time I mean that’s just it that’s okay go and do it get it
out of the way all right P Rodgers interview Wednesday 4:00 p.m. in Strada
zine er temp roll do not know I’m not sure what that is don’t know how to show
the interior design experience I’ve done web based job I’m not even sure what
that is alright Tim help please I work for a very large company they seem
strict on salary offers my last negotiation intent was shut down
entirely should I still attend to negotiate or accept yes don’t let
your history shape that I’m telling you go and negotiate just cuz that one
company shut you down well fit manner is maybe you were at the
top into the range maybe you didn’t sell yourself to the point where they thought
you were worth more could be any number of things you could have put the wrong
figures in their head you could have I mean there’s a million things that can
go wrong but I would not let that experience drive this experience I
wouldn’t I know you’re supposed to be learning from your experience but not
all companies are like that so I and I’m telling you statistically most companies
will give you more money they might not give you everything you want but they
might they might give you more I mean it’s for sure
metal monkey videos a next cally reached out to me to invite me to apply for
positions in this company process was backward where I interviewed first and
I’m now waiting for email to apply it’s not a problem happens all time let me
see if I you buzz through some of these I’m looking for question marks folks
mega marketing and promotions MMP new to your platform like what you do great
just getting that in the JAF force wonderful XY I’m current federal
employee 15 years looking a change upgrade my career as it has been
stagnant I feel my skills are no longer as relevant as I have lost a bit of
confidence don’t do that don’t lose confidence please I’ve been working on
improving my skills but I feel a bit lacking and been struggling for the best
way to present my resume do you have any advice yes XY check the video out that
says how to get promoted using this resume building tool okay don’t worry
about the how to get promotes get that video get the career achievements
journal get that go through it site the site to stuff relevant to your projects
that will highlight and better market the things that you’ve done the things
that you’ve accomplished to move yourself into a better place the other
thing I would highly recommend is that you watch three secrets to get your
resume noticed there is an even better booklet
I mean that career achievements Journal is a portion and then in three secrets
to get your resume noticed there is a huge resume content builder it is an
awesome giveaway and it’s got the career achievements journal is embodied in that
but there’s way more as far as how to fill out your resume what what it should
look like the templates what it should look like what goes in each section the
topics I would focus on in each section of the resume the career achievement
journal is used to generate the detailed comp content that go into the body of
the resume so check that out and let’s see alright I’m getting I’m getting
Katie’s insight here and so Katie going back to Katie saying that the
interviewers were intimidated if I was offered this position she said this is
the question she asked if I was offered this position and I accepted what would
I do in the following three to six months that would make me a raging
success sometime I would ask what the successful candidate would do also if I
ask there’s anything you would like me to describe or share further I would not
ask that okay go I’m going with your first one so one of the things that I
think all of you should ask at the end of the interview is if you know if you
were to extend an offer to me or anybody for that matter and I was to accept it
or for whoever’s gonna be in this position a year from now a year from now
make them look that far out what would what will I have accomplished that you
would consider successful so what I’m trying to get at is I want to know if
you know what those success metrics are so that I could help determine if I’m
you know qualified to be able to do that and if so I could share a little bit
about how I might go about doing that and so it’s important for me that I just
understand you know what the expectations are of the role it’s
something like that you you can you can broaden the question or if you’re
getting you know strange answers I always feel like it’s important for you
to tack on something that says and the reason I want to know
is it’s important for me to be able to be sure that I could do the job
effectively so I mean anything that you can do that
says to them I’m just asking so I could better
understand this has nothing to do with you this is everything to do with me so
that’s ultimately what you want to do now if you if you read the interview
intervention book or if you watch the three keys to a sin each am interview
the free webinar I talk about tacking on the rationale behind why you’re asking
the question what’s important about it to you so that they know where you’re
coming from so instead of it appearing as though I’m checking to see if you
actually know what you’re doing you put the onus back on you and it the reason
I’m asking is I want to make sure that I’m equipped to be successful in the
role and understanding what those specific metric metrics are will help me
understand that in his mere fact I might even be able to share with you how I
would go about doing that there’s a huge difference and remember I said that I’m
sorry thanks for waiting it’s the same thing it’s the same thing it’s just it’s
just in a slightly different format but that’s what I would do there the the
rationale behind why you want to know is vital in making sure that they don’t
take a defensive posture do you have any reservations about hiring me right why
do you want to know I want to make sure basically in code that you didn’t
misunderstand anything so now I want to be able explain to you I just want to
make sure you heard everything I said correctly right so there’s a there’s a
there’s a there’s an you can ask her in an abrupt fashion right yeah I’m
wondering if you have any reservations because I want to make sure that I
shared everything that I could with you and if there were any you know if you
have any doubts you know I might have experienced in my background that we
didn’t cover I could share that you know something like that that there’s there’s
ways to kind of massage these questions to make sure that that that people are
not going to react that way that’s what I would do well let me see if I could
take a few more here where was I there we go looking for question marks here ah sorry guys I you know I don’t know
why it does that oh here we go X and YX why I’ve been
working on improving my skills I think that’s right Keith Ferris how you doing
boot camper laid-off want to stay consumer product goods cannot move
willing to work from home and travel should I communicate this in your 42 day
challenge emails no boss emails no I would I would be targeting folks in your
area Keith let’s let’s pull this one for Friday or the comments and I’ll go on
more with that because you have access to me II W and asked I record a video
interview several questions with three-minute limits beside their shared
tips dress up it so on and so forth what suggestions would you offer ee ee
watch that it’s important that you watch that even though you are not talking to
somebody on the other end all the same tips apply then everything in this guy
everything in this guy right all but I haven’t in tight way of a book
we have an entire interview playlist on YouTube that runs through stuff I would
run through that all right let me see our hand I gotta get how do we get the
new book which new book this guy so I’m assuming you this is not new this is
2014 so I wrote about 2012 2014 2015 this is the 2014 book and SLK if you are
not on my email list get on the email list and then you’re gonna get an email
in the morning tomorrow it’s 6:30 Carol it’s scheduled for 6:30 like we
normally do and it’ll have the link to this guy as well as we got something
resume related tomorrow and then Thursday is an interviewing thing and
Friday sorry Wednesday’s an interviewing thing and Thursdays and interviewing
thing alright XY your name is Tai okay and OMA Tyra I
think I answered your bootcamp question earlier Tim you’re awesome Andy
you help me set help wait your help us help me set to expect an offer hopefully
this week awesome I work for very large company prior negotiations were shut
down if I get an offer do I still negotiate yes Jonny Stevens Cindy hey
Steve hey Steve gee how you doing sorry I’m going fast I’m trying to get
Jonathan pain Oh Andy folks can I say something I would not have said this but
since Jonathan said it I want to say it to you
so Jonathan paint you’re awesome thank you and I thank you for all your support
on all the platforms I totally appreciate it and I see all the stuff
everywhere I do I see when you guys share my stuff I see when you comment on
my stuff who do you think reads it I read it I want to know what you’re
saying right I want to know what you need so Jonathan Payne thank you for
those of you who do not know this is not something I would just bring up my
youtube channel rolled over a hundred thousand subscribers now the reason I
don’t talk about it is because I don’t think of you as a subscriber
if you want to know what I think of you if you saw the email from this morning I
literally scratched out the word subscribers and I wrote in real people
with real problems and real aspirations who need my help so I don’t think about
the number of subscribers I think about you that’s why we do this this much okay
so I can stay in touch with you and I can help you and that I never lose sight
of that and I believe me I remind myself every single day of that I mean that I
literally do that in practice like literally actually go through a process
to remind myself of that and a lot of people you know they talk about
gratitude they talk about all this stuff in perspective and I do too but I
literally go through a process to never forget that all those people on my email
list even though I have a system that’s sending you an email I think about you
and I’m right damn thing when I’m sending it what are
they getting i know only a certain percentage read it doesn’t make any
difference one person reads it that matters
so i recently rolled over this milestone in youtube and the only reason that you
know it’s it’s at all important to me is because youtube is the only platform
that will makes you earn your verification badge the process that it
gives you that little checkmark or whatever i have them across the book you
know I have them on Facebook and Twitter if you’ve seen me on social media
there’s a process that I had to go through with Facebook and Twitter and
share TV shows with them and radio appearances and stuff that I wrote and
places that I am for them to say okay okay will you know will verify your
account YouTube you gotta earn it I like really earn it in in terms of
what you do for your community and the number of people that are in your
community online and you cannot get that otherwise so this one was a little
special and so it is part of this this was all happening at the same time there
were videos of mine that we’re rolling over a million views and other things
that I just thought you know what this is a good reason to try to get together
it’s just a reminder how much these people mean to me the dedication the
attention that they give me and I think we need to get get out there and spend
more time with them and that’s what that’s what that is
so Jonathan thank you for that and that was a totally long-winded thing but you
know I see all that stuff and it matters but it’s not about the subscribers it’s
about the people and in the lives I have that I change and I mean that it’s
really it’s really really important so but thank you for that I do appreciate
it Kathleen thank you for encouraging a
little likes yeah you know the the YouTube now that while we’re on the
subject they like the likes they like the comments they want to see the
engagement they you know they they they love all that stuff so that’s why people
are always saying please subscribe please please you know like it I want
you to subscribe so you know when I’m here
all right kit they thank you oh my god Andy’s bootcamp is
one of the ahsorry awesome things in my life now display oh my god that’s
awesome boot camper Andy’s boot camp is one of
the awesome things in my life right now despite plenty of other things not going
right unemployment highly recommended I love that and you know what it’s you
know the boot campers are really good to each other I mean I think you know they
very much support each other it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a darn good
community it really is it’s a community within a community and you know I hope
if you guys you know if you’re on the fence give it a try it’s risk free you
can check the page it’s all there all right Jim keen how should I approach
negotiating salary if I know the mid max so on and so forth and they only want to
pay the mid and they don’t know that I know the spread so Jim and anybody else
it’s not about the spread it’s not about the men the max the median whatever it’s
about your value and what you think you’re worth selling yourself in the
interview process doing all the things so I have a whole salary negotiation
playlist all the tactics that I would use at least at the public level are
there and so for me it’s about this is what okay you let them pitch you and
then you go all you go as high as you can I would go beyond the max if it was
me if it’s reasonable but I would check those out I give you the steps mega marketing and promotions MMP do you
have any tips on how to create the basic for launch on LinkedIn platform realize
I must engage to open some doors what I would do mega marketing and promotions
is I would watch him a video called how to get noticed on LinkedIn it’s in there Brian coltie long live in Forte so yes
hey did you get my text this morning I texted you this morning I didn’t see
those but I got the 1i down off you sent it last night or whatever but it was on
my phone this morning when I woke up oh my god who’s idgi Emma Alif that’s one
of my bootcamp says you guys know you guys know that the live stream is on a
DVR so a couple things some of you you’ve happened when you can which is
totally cool when you get in whenever you get in you can always rewind it to
the beginning so if I’m ever doing a show where I’m actually teaching you
want to see the lesson or you want to see the questions I answered before
slide the cursor back to the beginning and then it’ll be on DVR all the way
until you know we click off and then then you can also probably see the live
chat as it as it initially was because I you know some people say well where are
you getting these questions well I’m just reading down the chat but if you
jump in in the middle you don’t always see the chat from from previous all
right Tim you’re welcome Vanessa now I’m out I’ve known you for like two years
this is gonna take me some getting used to you gotta cut me some slack that
looks like vinegar all right miss Kay my best advice is get my book
my interview book at least seeing how to deal with office politics what to do if
what to do if asked you to relocate without any paperwork well first off you
know the office pod that is a whole big discussion I probably ought to do a
whole video on that one and then if somebody asked me to relocate without
any paperwork I’d say you’re you’re crazy hey mom I love you too great to
see you twice this weekend Arvind hey Arvind did you just join or
like somebody just I think an Arvind join this morning but I don’t that was
you or maybe you’ve been in I have a higher view automated interview for the
first time yes higher view anybody who has any interview there’s like God my
wife just had one too it’s called I can’t run other names like three or four
it’s a chicago-based company – which is crazy whether you have a video like
Skype or you know just a zoom or or an automated like I mean they ask a
question you get a minute to think three minutes to answer whatever it is any of
that stuff check out my video video interview tips for job seekers there’s
20 things that I would do to make yourself look good Steven Feldstein actually I think that’s
the trick right Feldstein if that’s not honest German but you always pronounce
it with the second so if it’s ie it’s e if it’s e I it’s I hi Andy I have a
final interview tomorrow at the CMO I’ve had four other interviews previously
with the same company that all went well awesome ah
any thoughts on my top three questions to ask no and let me tell you why
because your questions Steven should be dependent at this stage
and what you on your needs on all the questions that you’d need to ask to
determine if this is the right company for you and sell yourself the other
thing is I don’t know what you collected along the way
so I don’t know what to tell you to ask now because that would be dependent on
all the other stuff however if I have a final interview tomorrow with a very
senior person like the chief marketing officer one thing I can assure you is
those questions are going to be about the strategic direction where they’re
going right how they’re gonna go to market what they see the challenges are
gonna be in his or her words right it would be up here
it would not be day in and day out stuff so and I also don’t know what level you
are so I don’t know if you’re reporting directly to this person or if this is
your boss’s boss or your boss’s boss’s boss or whatever but I would those
things I just gave you I would pull back to that into how I would choose all
right Kathleen it’s always a good day when I have a dose of Kathleen too and
Jonny Stevens thanks for the andis questions for the interview end are what
saved me from making the rocker choice I totally agree and you know what you
don’t discount the fact that he’s dead those are some sage words right there
don’t discount the fact that you are interviewing the company to and how they
fit into your life and if they get bummed out by you asking a question like
that that they probably haven’t heard before which they should be able to
rattle off the top of their head what success looks like that’s a bad sign I
do have a caveat to that question Katie and everybody else and I I don’t know if
you guys are with me I know if I said this in the bootcamp or if I said this
at live office hours last week but we had a very senior vice president in the
financial services arena she’s awesome she moved country to from South Korea to
Germany she was interviewing for a role in doing so the chief executive officer
of a Chicago us Chicago based company is hiring her in Germany to to basically be
his like chief of staff and it’s a position that they created for her on
the fly because they loved her and her M&A experience and this other stuff and
she’s going to be a communication liaison between
CEO in like the vice-president’s and so on now when she asks him that question
and he’s a little bit you know not completely certain of exactly what
success looks like you have to have context there right that’s a situation
where a question like that asked that way or the original way I gave it to you
is not a smart idea but instead you can alter these things like hey I very much
appreciate you creating this position for me or you changing the role or you
doing this to take advantage of this of me and the skills that I can bring and
I’m really looking for this you know one of the things that I’d be really
interested in discussing as soon as I start is you know it’s important for me
to understand your expectations and what you would consider success and I’d love
to do that you know once I start but it means I’m
if you have any thoughts on that I’d really love to hear it it is totally
different right it’ll it elicits a different reaction it says I recognize
you did something out of goodness to your heart on the fly you might not have
it all thought out I’m super excited to work with you I have faith that we will
figure this out together do you have any preliminary thoughts that’s the same
question asked with context taken into account and so katie is an extension to
your you know to your earlier question and ajani’s feedback and everybody
else’s that’s important that we do that right you can’t just turn here but just
because Andy said hey you asked this question you have to read the situation
too you have to read the situation so where this woman could have been maybe
concerned that the CEO didn’t have a great answer that matter is I’d have
been shocked if he did because a lot of the success for him is going to be a
domino effect because she’s gonna do things that he now does not have to do
meaning his success of her in the role is also contingent on what he can
manufacture in his new free time which he probably hasn’t thought of all me
write more strategic stuff more than that so there’s a little give-and-take
with this stuff so just keep that in mind
that’s a really important point a really important point oh and here again we
rolled right into your question Oh okay I’m going three more minutes and
then I’m like already late but I love you guys so much I gotta get this stuff
in you’re welcome XY venice’ I’m gonna keep
practicing that so I get it right Catherine McCoy binge watch her I love
it I don’t know if you guys heard see Vanessa aka vinegar yeah you’ve been
awesome boot camper and you know the dachshunds so I don’t know if you know
this but I don’t know where my wife was in the house but that guy just kept
ringing the bell if you guys Tim sorry I asked my question of CO that’s okay wait
you guys you never have to you never have to apologize do you know when I
feel badly when you write something and I don’t have all the information and I
know you’re trying to get it in 200 characters so here’s a suggestion if you
got a question don’t come your I don’t your write a book but you know I’m out
at 11:00 tomorrow right so go type it up in your notepad and
then get here a little early just pop it right in and if you need to use a couple
of these in the in in a row just type 1 of 2 2 of 2 3 of 2 or sorry 2 of you
know 2 of 3 3 of 3 and so on and then I kind of I can get it and we’re usually
pretty good about I try to go slow ly through it but you never need to
apologize anok a great to have you oh man work
come on here we go hey I’m just trying sometimes when i
when i i i scroll down on it on a big trackpad and for some reason then
youtube like jumps down and then I don’t know if I’m in the right spot sorry
Haley you’re welcome yeah nepali h1b read oh
man I’m not sure what the rate is okay wait am I in the right spot hey I think
I am oh god I hope I am Samuel Brady got referred to a great company applied sent
the follow-up email to see about timeline and process got a response the
question is do I send a thank-you email every time someone answers me no wait
you rock thank you in email exchanges like this you don’t need to I always
like got your mat you know thank you got the message awesome we’ll wait to hear
from you you know like I liked ID okay but I I don’t don’t overdo it
don’t overdo it Vanessa I love it I go forever and ever
what it what is the position what if the position is temporary for nine months or
a year then what I would say is and I would like to understand what you would
consider successful and perhaps when I start we can also figure out because
this is a temporary position what what would you like me to do to show you my
value that you would consider me for full-time for a full-time position you
know I mean if you Katie I don’t think you are in we I have some stuff in the
career accelerator program that talks about how to tee up your first 90 days
whether you’re a full-time or or or contractor or temp and then I have some
videos out there about how to go from contractor to full-time or self-employed
to full-time I you tinker around on my youtube channel and you put that in the
search bar some videos are gonna come up that are gonna help you Steve I’m doing
great today I got a full afternoon of interviews and calls Abdul great to see
you alright alright folks I have got to sign
off a couple things if I didn’t get your question I’m here all week so you
certainly can you know what you could do is this thing’s gonna click off and then
the pay we’ll go from chat to like a video you
go put it in the comments and what I’ll try to do is I’ll try to take some of
those tomorrow or if want to jump back tomorrow I’ll put it in early I’ll I’ll
get to them then you got all week I’m here at 11:00 every day usually about an
hour this went a little longer but keep an eye on your email a lot of good stuff
coming there’s links in the emails if you want to check out the discounts like
the interview intervention program which is hugely discounted the leadership is
50% off if you jump in for the year the bootcamp is a hundred off the boot camp
is just it’ll never go below 497 no matter what I do
that’s the lowest rate it’ll ever be which is which is now this week and
there’s a bunch of other stuff we’re here and if you ever don’t know what’s
what you ever can’t find some a links not working something’s broken you want
to say hello support at mallik calm because we love reading emails we do ok
share this share with everybody let them know join up you know click the thumbs
up make sure you subscribe to know like good stuff I’ll see you tomorrow
be good

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