Live Home 3D Pro for Mac Tutorials – Elevation View

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac Tutorials – Elevation View

Elevation View is the feature of the Pro version of Live Home 3D. It allows the user to look at the house from each side, which is especially helpful when you need to insert panels, niches or openings into a wall or a roof side. It also, helps to decide where to place doors and windows, as well as arrange furniture. Let’s have a closer look at how it works. To see a wall in Elevation View, you need to select it first, either in 2D plan or 3D view. Selecting a wall in 2D plan view is done with two clicks. The first click selects the whole room, while the second one selects the appropriate wall. When the wall is selected, press the Elevation View button to switch from the 2D plan view to Elevation view mode. As you can see, the set of tools changes in the Toolbar accordingly. We gain access to the niche, panel, and wall opening drawing tools. Dimensions and annotations can also be added here. There is also a switch from the outer to the inner part of the edited wall or roof side. Now, let’s choose the Rectangular Opening tool, draw an opening on the wall side and place it in the desired position. As you can see, the parameters of the opening can be viewed in the program Inspector. Use it to adjust the opening size or simply drag one of the resize dots in the view. For adding doors and windows, just drag and drop them from the Library into the view. To see furniture adjacent to the wall you are editing, click the Furniture button in the Toolbar. If you want to change the fill hatch pattern for a wall in Elevation View, select the necessary wall by double-clicking on it, then change the Drawing settings accordingly in the 2D Properties tab of the inspector. Selecting another wall for editing is also done by double-clicking on it. If we switch to the Split Mode now, in addition to the Elevation View, we will have a 3D View of the edited wall. This mode is convenient in case you want to see how the design elements will look in the 3D environment. When you work in the 3D View and need to see any wall or roof side in the Elevation View, simply click on it once to select it and then click the Elevation View button in the toolbar. Once you are satisfied with the design that you have created in Elevation view and want to print it, click Add to Print button in the Toolbar. If you switch to the Print dialog after that, you will see it listed among other elements for print. That’s it for working in Elevation View.

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of buying it. My doubts are:

    1- Is there documentation and editing?

    2- Is there the plan section of the plant?

    3- Do you import and export to SketchUp?

    4- Will there be a Portuguese version?

    5- What are the pros and cons?

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