18 thoughts on “Live Streaming Architecture

  1. livestreamninja
    : Hi, I need technical consulting for a live streaming app. What's the best way to get in touch with you? Thanks

  2. Great information and video. I have a question. I’m running small business server 2011 with streaming media services and am trying to configure it to stream my radio broadcast show but I’m stuck. Can u advise me on how to configure it?

  3. Hi. What Kind of partner should I look for If I want to build an iOS/Anroid App with Video Live Streaming? Thanks !

  4. wow nice video……. am setting up android app for audio streaming and i intend to manage the contents on server here at home….how can i link my contents from the server in my home to the an
    droid app?

  5. Hello. thanks for making great explanation video. And can you help me to how to calculate server costs. Lets say we have 10k users and each of them watches about 20 hours live stream in 1 month. So how strong server we need and whats the cost.

  6. Thanks you for the info
    I'm currently streaming using nginx 1.14.0 to YouTube. I want to also stream to my website at the same time. What code should I add to my conf file. What player should I use on my website, and how would I get the live stream count / people connected on the the player. Like they have on YouTube, Facebook…
    Thank you

  7. Thanks for all those videos!… It's not easy to find videos explaining how live streaming apps work

  8. is it possible to stream from publisher to directly to CDN?

    and if not what streaming softwares are there? wowza is not open source

  9. wow… finally someone telling how it works… i swear only other way to learn this would be to join a company like twitch and learn over years slowly.. but here you are doing good work


  10. hello sir.. i want to develop one application in Swift iOS in that i want to add live streaming functionality so can you suggest me to do like (Work flow, which frameworks need to use, what other stuff i want for it?) Thank you.!!!

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