Living / Dining Room Together – New Ideas

Living / Dining Room Together – New Ideas

In this short video I want to show you twenty-five new and modern living/dining room open plan concept ideas. A popular open layout concept that is practical, functional and aesthetic fit for any modern home interior. I hope you’ll enjoy these beautiful images and get inspiration for your own home. Here, it is a superb home interior in white, blue and light brown color palette with gray laminate floor. Bright and airy design with lightweight furniture. Large and elegant open plan with fireplace and wide and large windows. Small and beautiful design ideas. Fabulous design ideas for a quite large open plan layout. Elegant open plan layout in light brown and green color palette. Magnificent design with gorgeous accent wall. Elegant home interior with wallpapered walls and tile flooring. Modern and elegant open plan layout. Brand-new condominium with open plan layout. Thank you so much for watching. VOCAL BACKGROUND MUSIC BY EPIDEMIC SOUND

10 thoughts on “Living / Dining Room Together – New Ideas

  1. I'm new to your channel. I absolutely love it and appreciate it because my head is about to explode due to my being lost at how to go about decorating my small living room and dining area! So far I got some good ideas watching your channel, thanks! ☺

    Could you also include some ideas on a living room/dining area/home office (or office space) combo ?

  2. I wish they would stop combining living, dining, and kitchens. I think of a two car garage with a stove and sink.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! Will incorporate several of these ideas in my apartment in Spain πŸ‘πŸ½. Muchas gracias

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