Living/Kitchen/Dining Room Together – New Ideas

Living/Kitchen/Dining Room Together – New Ideas

Modern open layout concept ideas in this short video. This open plan brings together an elegant and stylish living room a practical and functional dining area and a modern kitchen. You can find here thirty beautiful and creative ideas. Nowadays, the open layout idea is becoming more and more popular, being adopted by almost all architects and designers and used everywhere in new condominiums, apartments, houses, etc. In fact, it is the heart of any contemporary home. After all, regardless of its size any home seems brighter, more spacious and the atmosphere more pleasant. Thank you so much for watching. VOCAL BACKGROUND MUSIC BY EPIDEMIC SOUND

15 thoughts on “Living/Kitchen/Dining Room Together – New Ideas

  1. This is the absolute best channel I have found for slideshows of beautiful rooms. Especially normal size rooms, not rooms so large that only the very rich would have. Thank you for all of your hard work, Grig Stamate! Oh, I also love your background music! I even searched for days to find β€œThe things you do”, and I purchased it from iTunes. The reason it took so long to find is because there are other songs with the same name that were more well known.

  2. I'm beginning to loathe these combination rooms. Or what I call a two car garage with a sink and stove. Unless you are a true professional who car artfully delineate this room you have a mess.

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