Living Room Makeover 2019 | Affordable On Trend Decorating Ideas {Elise Sheree – Mumlife Vlogs}

Living Room Makeover 2019 | Affordable On Trend Decorating Ideas {Elise Sheree – Mumlife Vlogs}

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today. I am finally filming my living room update for you guys I’m so excited. I’ve wanted to do this for ages to share with you some affordable and on-trend livingroom Style ideas that you can apply for autumn or in 2019 I wanted to thank fantastic furniture for collaborating with me and sponsoring this video I’m so excited to be working with fantastic furniture You guys know how much I love Dacor and style and home design and things like that. So to work with fantastic furniture is Awesome, if you’re new to my channel This is my channel all about my motherhood journey and I share all my tips and ideas along the way I would love you to subscribe so Please do and leave a comment in the section down below telling me how you found me so I can come and say hi I’m standing here in my living room If you’ve been following me for a while You know that we’ve had a huge big White couch for a long long time and I decided it was time to over hold that we had it for about five years So yeah, it was definitely time to change it up We also recently moved into a rental property And the living space is quite a big space as you can see and we’ve doubled it up as a living room slash playroom So I really did want to kind of change it around I’m thinking about how I wanted to set up the space with the new lounges I Really wanted to make it a place where the TV wasn’t the center focus and that when people come we can sit across from each Other and that’s why I bought the two separate lounges so it was really difficult actually for me to kind of come up with a way that it worked in this space because I guess You’re used to looking at the space the way that you initially set it up So to think of a new way is really quite tricky But Simon and I played around with it for two days actually trying to figure it out and then we finally came to the best Way, which you’ll see after this Now they’ve seen me updating at the living room it was pretty funny actually it always takes Simon eight ages to actually figure out what we want like a few days because We kind of change it around then We’ll sit in it for a while then we’ll change it again, which is why initially we had it set up differently But then we decided that this was probably the best now I want to go through with you the top sort of four things that I would do to help get your space Whatever space you’re redecorating on trend for 2019 There are definitely lots of things that are going around at the moment that are on trend and my favorite one is the Indoor/outdoor living so bringing lots of greenery lots of indoor plants inside your home So it feels like just this space I also love the idea of having plants inside your home because it helps with air purification and it just makes your space feel more Homely and like I don’t know just nice and natural and airy and we love that. So for me, that was a big one there’s also other themes going around like the Moroccan theme which I kind of brought in the colors of The Moroccan theme and I am looking for a big print that I’ll probably put up here on the wall that’s going to go with That and probably a big pot that kind of has like mosaics for the plant this plant here Is this one? I can’t pronounce it zamira cureless Anyway, I loved this plant because it kind of has that cactus feel even though it’s not a cactus at all you Can see it’s like quite thick this is one that I need to cut down that Has snapped off but it just does have that sort of cactus desert style feel plant So I loved that one Cactuses or cacti are definitely in as a trend as well at the moment and I’m hoping to find a pot here That’s like mosaic with these pink tones the same tones as I’ve got here in this cushion that I got from fantastic furniture It actually does have a bird on the other side Which also has a little bit of green car key tones in it as well, and there’s some blues So depending on what type of pot I find I can always have this This way and then the pot will kind of tie and hixx some things in your cushions That you can kind of bring into other pieces at the moment I like facing this way because we don’t have really any other blues and this is the other plant that we’ve got It’s a fiddly fig I’ve had this for a long time and it’s just really started thriving since being in this living space and Actually weirdly since having other plants in the room – it has grown like a lot taller so I’m going to replace this basket to a natural colored basket or a Pot that kind of matches the one that I was talking about over there so if anyone has any suggestions about any gorgeous places I can check out for like new natural Baskets or ceramic pots that have that kind of a rock and style theme then Please let me know the other plant we got was just the basic. I don’t even know what this is called Just like a fern and this one is fantastic It does give that really kind of Resort style just like really comfy kind of it was funny when we were bringing it home If you watch my Instagram stories took up the whole car Adrien thought it was hilarious But yeah I love this one because it’s just big it kind of drapes over the back of the Couch while I’m talking about that. It drapes over the back of the couch one thing. That’s definitely Definitely on trend at the moment is to not have your couch up against a wall is to actually have space behind the couch So you can see that one of them is there with a plant behind it? and on this side We actually have space as well and that ends up being a walkway for Zara or she ends up bringing her car down here We can access the outdoors. So kind of put in your Sitting area in the middle of the room is much much nicer these lounges that we got from fantastic furniture They’re perfect for this style. We’ve got the two three seater couches They’re called the jazz sofa and I just love how the gray you can choose so many different arm fabrics But we chose this light gray I’ll put in the comment section down below the exact ones that we got and I love that they have the timber legs And they work really well because they’re comfy there’s enough room for people to sit and enjoy themselves I actually found these lounges super comfortable because I Was used to my other lounge Which was like really kind of you just would sink into it and I was finding that really stressful Especially being pregnant and then having my recent surgery I wasn’t comfortable like would sit on the lounge and I’d have no back support but these ones are fantastic much more back support I love sitting here. It’s very cozy and super homely the other way you can bring that Indoor/outdoor living or the greenery is to get cushions with bold prints on them I noticed when looking into the trends that there is definitely a pool away from the really really minimal Things the men more colors like the monochromatic colors blacks and whites – including more colors and really like bloc colors while still keeping it sort of minimal So another way that you can bring your indoor plants in is by getting these really bold front cushions This is another one that I got from fantastic It’s got the plants the leaves on one side, which goes perfectly with my palm over there and on the other side It’s got more of a just like a pattern. So I really love that. I definitely love the Bold print cushions. I wanted to show you this on the wall as well in a way that you can also still put These the fake plants you could put real little succulents or something in here But these just fake ones and you can still incorporate things on the wall when you’re living in a rental property So I just got these clear hooks Which is the sticky hook so you can see the sticky part on the back there and have stuck them on the wall Here you can get these little container things anywhere like they’re all around at the moment and so having plants hanging off the wall or hanging from the ceiling is a really wonderful way to bring greenery into Your living space as well. So yes, if you’re in a rental, that’s a really fantastic idea I’ve also brought greenery into the table here. This is a fake plant as well You could put a real plant there But with kids around I’d much rather have a fakey on the table and just stuffing it into a lantern or something That is normally a candle holder is a really good idea because yeah, it’s meant to be a candle in there I don’t like having candles on levels where the kids can breach them So having a fake plant on a table is a really great idea If you’ve got kids around because if they pull at it, it’s not gonna hurt them The next trend that is really exciting is the fact that we’re bringing in a lot more colors into our living spaces Which I was really hesitant to do because if you know me, you know that I’ve kept things quite monochromatic for a while But yeah I really did. Enjoy thinking about and looking at all the different colors that are on trend at the moment and bringing them into my living space and I Found that it really really helps Just to feel more homely and more Inviting and I feel like hanging out here more often one of the colors that is definitely on trend Is this like mustard yellow color? I love it and the What he called like maroon burgundy pinks grays like the lounge greens Navy blues all the kind of deep tones And it’s perfect for this time of year because we are going into autumn those colors are definitely on trend You can find them everywhere fantastic definitely has a range of really nice stuff that you can Texters so wherever you can include textures in your space It’s gonna just make it softer more inviting and much much nicer. So you’ll see here I’ve got a wall hanging on the sandstone behind me or the brick behind me I really love this house because it does have the brick so that brings in a natural texture in the first place I love this wall hanging because it’s actually got like gold accents in it, too But the knots here in this wall hanging then match the texture on my rug the rug is from fantastic furniture It’s such a great way to bring texture in through a rug You could get the fluffy long pile rugs But this one is great with kids because crumbs and things will get on here vacuums up really easy and it’s actually really soft So this is really soft. I don’t know if you can see it’s just fabric. It’s not scratchy or anything So this was a great one from fantastic. The other way you want to bring in textures is through your cushions Fringing is really popular on a lot of the cushions at the moment yeah, you can see these and you can also bring it through in big Anita drugs which are perfect for autumn if it’s the if It’s hot or weather where you are, you could definitely use like a linen style throw which is still really cool It doesn’t make it feel hot to anything and these big shaggy cushions. They’re in everywhere as well So they’re a great way to add texture. The other way you can add texture is through like a this is a velvet cushion So velvet cushions are really great. They just kind of soften up the area as well. Also remember that texture isn’t just through fabrics That’s why I’ve got the texture of the timber in this that I’ve got my TV unit here and that’s why I’ve brought Kind of timber and wood features through so the wood of the tables of wood of the coffee table and then why I’m looking to get new baskets that are Textured or let mosaic pots that kind of bring in the prints and texture in different fields The other thing that I’ve added is some marble coasters, so these marble coasters that just brings in a different texture. It’s a marble Rather than a wood. It just contrasts then really well with the table This is another texture so you can see now how I’m kind of bringing all these different things This is more of a straw kind of placemat. You can finally start type of things everywhere You can get them from different places that are from like super cheap to more expensive. So you just have to look around And you’ll be able to find lots of different textured things that are kind of in similar tones and working to make everything look pull together That is definitely on trend and has changed a little is to Bring in the metallic color and you did see rose gold as like a huge huge trend recently But now we’ve moved away from rose gold and we’re moving into like brass and gold colors So I have tried to add a few brass accents in my room here But not too many because I didn’t want to go crazy with the spending I have just got the brass in the coasters here, which I love it’s just got a tiny bit of brass There’s also the brass in this Lantern here There is a little bit of gold in this rug and these are all things that I actually had stored away and I’ve just brought Them out because it really works with what’s on trend the brass also goes with the mustard yellows that are on trend at the moment and there is a little bit of Goldy brass in the Wall hanging up there. I do actually still have these two pieces here, which I’ll be updating to be brass So my sister-in-law actually has a camp candle company and she’s sending me a brass Jar, that’s gonna like a brassy gold jar. That’s gonna go there and the clock. I’m still looking. I love this clock I’m gonna keep it there until I find the perfect piece. So there you have it guys. That is my living space updated at the moment if you have any questions about any of the pieces or Any trend or style? I do questions that you’re not sure about them Please do comment in the section down below and I’ll try and give you my advice I wanted to thank fantastic furniture again for collaborating with me on this video. It really was great. I loved it a love style I loved a core so this was really something that I was really passionate about and I had so much fun doing I’m Loving all the pieces in fantastic at the moment So I really think you should go and have a look you’d be surprised at the types of style and on-trend things that they’ve got a lot of the lounges and things have so many fabrics that you can choose on so you Can change it to suit your home and styles that you are loving at the moment? So definitely go have a look I have a look online and see what you think. Thanks so much for watching guys. I really appreciate it I hope you enjoyed this video and it gave you some ideas, and I can’t wait to see you next time. Bye guys

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