Luxury Coach Flooring (1308). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.130

Luxury Coach Flooring (1308). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.130

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to
Marathon Mondays with Mal. I hope everyone had a good weekend. We’ve got 1311 behind us. I know that you’ve seen it in our videos before. 1311, a very custom
coach, really proud of what everyone here at Marathon did, and they just… they just
broke from a big meeting. There’s about 15 people from the production floor all
getting together and all talking about exactly what they wanted to do today on
that coach, as they reach completion of 1311. One thing I want to talk to you
about today is flooring. Flooring is something that often gets passed over,
but it really, really shouldn’t. Because it’s so integral in the overall design
of a coach. I talked to Brenda Kraft this morning and thought I would tap 1308
for our discussion about flooring, so I want to head right into 1308 and talk
about that. Hope you guys had a good weekend… I know I did. If you’re out there
and you’re thinking about getting into a Marathon coach, stop thinking about it!
Let’s get you into a coach. Wwant to talk to you about this floor. So what you’re
going to see here, initially, is stranded bamboo along the side. Then down the
middle is going to be a porcelain tile. Now, why porcelain? I’ll tell you what: if
you want to come over here, Armand, I’m gonna run down here and grab this
sample…. This is the sample right here. This is
actually what’s going to run through the middle of this coach. This is gonna go
right up against this wood. Now this doesn’t… this is such a good product to
put in a coach, because it’s very easy to care for. You know, it’s not like… it’s not
like a natural stone that needs to be treated. It’s not like a natural stone
that can be quite volatile, where you have to seal it annually or
biannually, depending on the product. This is a product that will last
for many, many years, and that is the Prevost chassis: designed to go for decades.
The house should do the same! Just to give you a little sneak peek of what
1308 is gonna look like from a flooring standpoint, let’s pull this guy down. This
right here is the cockpit, and the shower area. This right here is that stranded bamboo that you see right here, that weaves
around the outside of both sides, all the way throughout the coach. And then this
is the porcelain tile that I just showed you. This overall is the coach. 1308 is a
bunk coach, but also… talking with Tristan this morning, who is in charge of
our flooring team here at Marathon, she was telling me about this mosaic tile
that they’re putting on the surface of the shower. Let’s go see if we can see it. All right, peek around this corner. Take a
look. We didn’t want to interrupt you too much, but after you told me that you were
doing this mosaic floor, I got excited about it and wanted to show everybody.
Isn’t that something? A lot of work goes into that, doesn’t it? [Tristan] Yeah, it does. A lot of pieces. [Mal] How long is something like that gonna take you? [Tristan] We started
scribing it on Friday, we’ll get it laid today. Not bad. [Mal] Okay. [Tristan] It’ll be pretty
interesting because then we have mosaics that are going to go all over the top, above the caddy shelf, too. [Mal] Wow… that’s really pretty. And that’s natural stone. Brenda told me this
morning that that’s a natural stone. It’s not like a porcelain. [Tristan] Yep, it’s natural stone. [Mal] That’s fantastic. [Tristan] It’s kind of like what we used in 98. [Mal] Okay yeah, for sure! [Tristan] A lot of limestone mixed in there. Absorbs really good. [Mal] That’s beautiful. Thank you, Tristan.
Well, there it is right there. I didn’t know we were gonna be
able to get to see that, but there’s a lot of work that goes into the flooring
and one thing that we need to remember: you look at the outside of the coach.
The outside of a coach really grabs you. When people say “Oh I want this
color and I want these effects on my coach,” think about when you walk into a
coach. What are some of the things that grab people when they come into a coach.
Is that the color of the cabinetry? Is it the color of the cockpit? Most
undoubtedly, it’s the flooring. The ceiling and the flooring. Now, Brenda was
telling me this morning: if you do the tiles sideways, that adds depth — width-wise — to the coach. If you do the tiling — or the flooring — lengthwise, it makes the
coach look longer. It’s a preference thing. This coach is going to have all of
the plank running, for lack of a better term, it’s going to be running
north-south, not east-west, so it’s going to be running lengthwise, and so I’m
really excited to see how it all comes together. Now, creature comforts. Every
Marathon coach should, you know, we talked about creature comforts this coach 1308.
Heated floors throughout, all the way to the back. It’s going to have heated floors,
it’s going to be heated under the wood. It’s going to be heated under the porcelain tile, and you can see the mortar here. The heating pads are already
laid down here along here, so it’s not just heated here in the middle, it’s also
heated over here. I’m really excited to see this one come together because I
love that, I love how everything plays together and the use of natural stone in the shower
and the use of this: porcelain tile wears very well.
Everybody, there’s Dave Bash, the co-host of Marathon Mondays with Mal.
He’s just hanging out. I know you’re busy today, Dave, so we’re not gonna bother you!
What, look. He’s coming back! This is the beauty — yeah come up here! — I
want to I want to ask you a question. This is the beauty, you guys, of going
live and tapping into this. The people here at Marathon. We talk a lot
about it, but the talented people that are at Marathon. Dave, good morning. How
are you? [Dave] Morning! I’m doing good. [Mal Everybody wants to know! What are you doing this week? [Dave] I’ve got two different deliveries going on, and next week I fly to Michigan.
[Mal] Okay, what’s going on in Michigan? [Dave] Delivery. [Mal] That’s awesome.
Congratulations to that family up in Michigan getting to spend them some time
with you, also. And I know that you are taking a client — actually, 1311 — I saw you
down there in the little meeting, I know you’re taking that client out on some
driving lessons today. When people buy a Marathon coach, this is why you’re one of
the busiest guys around here, because you… not only do you do the pre-delivery
inspections for coaches that are coming in, but you do the deliveries, you make
sure that the customer are… the customers are very comfortable with their new
purchase, whether it be a pre-owned coach — because I know you’re doing a pre-owned
on Thursday — but you’re also today gong to be helping the family that bought
1311. Tell us about, you know, what you look for… when you go out and you’re taking someone on a drive who’s never driven a 45-foot Prevost
Marathon coach. What do you… what do you do? I’m gonna actually help you with my
mic here so that we can hear actually what you’re saying. So tell us, you know,
what is it that you try to instill in them in that initial first driving period? [Dave] Well, like I did many months ago with Miki,
we went through a drive test. We go through a little course around the lot here, and try to
get them to know how the coach is gonna react. When they turn on the backup, we
take them into a parking spot and just… I give them as many hints as I can before
we go out on the road. About how the coach is gonna handle, what they have to
get past any obstacle, or you know just so they know how the coach is gonna
react when they drive it. [Mal] Absolutely. And you’re getting a call, and that’s what
you do. I know we’ve had you on Marathon Mondays so many times. We know
that you know you are such a resource, not only to us internally, but to a lot
of people that are Marathon family members and owners. So big thanks to you
for taking the time. I know you’re gonna have a busy week. What are
your plans for Labor Day? [Dave] You know, I just found out today that we’re gonna have it off, so I haven’t made any yet. I hadn’t even thought that far ahead.
[Mal] Okay, well you and I talked about this morning. I’m gonna have coach 1297 — which you’re
using for that test drive this morning — 1297 is gonna be with me down at Pacific
Shores in Newport, Oregon. So if you are anywhere remotely in the area, stop on by
Pacific Shores down in Newport. It is a beautiful park, and I’m gonna be showing
off 1297 down there. [Dave] And give him some challenges down there. He needs
something to do. [Mal] I do, I do! Let’s go for a test drive. [Dave] Yeah! [Mal] Big thanks, Dave! I appreciate your time. Thank you. Have a good week, Dave.
Well, there it is right there, you know, I love the fact that we can, on this show…
I’m gonna mic up again. I love the fact that on this show we can just grab the
people like Tristan from our flooring department, or Dave Bash, you
know, the co-host of Marathon Mondays. So a big thanks to all of you for watching.
So you can officially change today’s title from talking about flooring to
talking about deliveries, and driving, and Miki’s driving experience, and my
man Jim Torrence hanging out with us today. So hey, don’t forget reach out to me. Get in a coach. If you are out there wasting
your time — and that’s what you’re doing — if you’re just thinking about it,
get a hold of me: [email protected] What I want you to do is start
working towards getting into a Marathon. If that’s what you’re doing, if you’re
doing your research, that’s great. There’s lots of converters that convert the
Prevost chassis. My opinion is that Marathon does it the best. Okay, so get a
hold of me: [email protected] Let’s talk about it. Let’s see what you need in a coach, and let’s see what we can do for you. Other than that, be yourself
and do good things. It’s gonna be a long week here at Marathon,
and that’s the way we like it. I’m gonna head off here and get some
coffee. I don’t know about the rest of you guys. Big thanks to Jim for hanging
out with us this morning. If you are in the area and you want to watch us film a
Marathon Mondays, he’s the first to do it. I think you should come and check it out.
Don’t forget the tours — every day! 11:30. You can tour this facility, you can see
exactly what you see out here: people. Working people building the finest
luxury coach in the world. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again: be
yourself and do good things. I’m gonna go return this to Brenda.
Have a good week everybody.

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  1. Hi Mal Have the Volvo chassis now spec 500bhp only / allison or are there other specs you can do example cummins , I shift , ect ect . It seems Provast are getting left behind in the bragging rights of mines bigger than yours Macho speak , In the UK we have Volvo trucks at 760bhp , 500 will feel a bit of a let down on the hills.

  2. I can't believe people order bunk beds, unless there in a band or want to replace the coach after there kids are out of the house.

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