Hi, This is Meghna from Meghna jewels I am really excited to share my story and my inspiration behind my jewelry line. It has been an amazing experience for the past seven years, as I’ve learned a lot through some trial and errors I have no regrets in pursuing my passion as I would have never known if I didn’t try it I initially started with the fashion line in 2011 Soon after the launch it was featured in major publications like Vogue, Elle, Oprah Women’s Wear Daily, Brides Latina and many more. The fashion line was also carried in many stores such as Fred Segal, Tootsie’s Calypso st. Bart and many boutiques in US and internationally. My biggest aha moment was when several of my pieces were featured in Gossip Girl! It was worn by celebrities like Blake Lively and Kelly Rutherford in the fashion-forward show This gave me the confidence to launch my fine jewelry collection after few years as I wanted to concentrate on designing one-of-a-kind pieces I recently launched my Claw collection and Bora Bora collection highlighting the signature pave arches, the Claw collection is a combination of fierce and edgy designs creating pieces that are unconventional and unique The pieces in the Claw collection pull in the edginess from signature pave arches creating striking color combination to complete the final piece Bora-bora collection is exotic and inspired by the beautiful Bora Bora Island Each of these pieces are handcrafted with a lot of attention Diamonds and gemstones are cut and set to complete the final piece The signature pave arches signifies fierceness letting go of fear taking a step forward in what you believe in and pursuing your passion It resonates with my journey as a jewelry designer as I did not have a formal training in designing jewelry I decided to pursue it further as I loved sketching unique designs It takes two to four weeks of production time from start to finish for each piece We can also customize each of these pieces in your favorite metal gemstone or birthstone I feel that each of us is unique and we have our own individual style, so let’s embrace individuality! I hope you will love the pieces and treasure it as much as I have loved designing it Each of these pieces are a product of my imagination and things that have inspired me in my everyday life My creative process is very simple and organic It starts with a simple sketch similar to the ones you see on these papers my mind naturally gravitates towards creating designs in pave arches It goes through several drafts, from sketch to CAD and a wax model is created to complete the final design Jewelry is not just an adornment. It is a work of art that represents who you are Thank you, and I look forward connecting with you Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for exclusive offers and latest updates, for behind the scenes and inspiration Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram


  1. Wow ur my hero you have touched my heart with this video anbu are an amazing woman thanks for this chance I hope I'm the chosen one as you was the chosen one to make this awesome jewels bora bora is my favorite ones

  2. These designs make me want to step out of the box. The daring, eye catching designs are beyond beautiful and something everybody that loves fine jewelry will want.

  3. I love the look of the bora bora earrings with green onyx and the lapis ones. The drop earrings and the bracelets are amazing. It was cool to see how they were designed too.

  4. It is particularly eye-catchingwhen I came to see some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Persons should consider you over others when looking for that one piece that might be beautiful but is one of a kind & made from the heart! These are sure to be pieces I'll take into consideration for saving to afford and maybe getting for that of a very special female!

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