Magic Sponge Eraser for Car Interior Test

Magic Sponge Eraser for Car Interior Test

hey guys, today we’re gonna try
magic sponge from lumobrite it’s for cleaning car interior let’s test it here to use it..
just dip it in the water scrub it gently it’s dirty dip it again, squeeze
and use it again if it’s dirty rinse it again and use it again ok let’s wipe it it’s clearly difference so it’s… so easy wet it, use it you can use it repeatedly so you don’t need any kind of
all purpose cleaner or something like that only need this it’s clean! if it’s dirty,
rinse again done You Dog.. if you guys interested
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7 thoughts on “Magic Sponge Eraser for Car Interior Test

  1. I take it you aren't aware that the reason magic sponges clean so well is because they are abrasive and actually destroy plastics and especially automotive leathers with prolonged use? They aren't safe to use in this way, may as well just grab some super fine sand paper.

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