Mahindra XUV300 Launched; Price Starts At Rs 7.9 Lakh | #In2Mins

Mahindra XUV300 Launched; Price Starts At Rs 7.9 Lakh | #In2Mins

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so far about the Mahindra xuv300 compact SUV the Mahindra xuv300 is based on the
x100 platform developed by San Yong this is the same platform that also underpins
the Tivoli in global markets Mahindra has confirmed that the XUV300
will be launched with both petrol and diesel engines both engines will
compared with the 6-speed manual transmission while the diesel engine is
likely to be shared with the Marrazo the petrol engine will be all-new
notably an automatic won’t be offered at launch there’s a bold claim being made by
Mahindra that the XUV300 will be the safest vehicle in its
category Mahindra has confirmed that the XUV300 will feature four
disc brakes and a segment first seven airbags while Mahindra didn’t deep dive
into details they did give away a lot of highlights the top spec Mahindra xuv300
will get a host of features including projector headlamps daytime running
lamps 17-inch alloy wheels a sunroof as well as dual zone climate control the
launch of the Mahindra XUV300 has been scheduled for the first half of February
2019 expected to be priced in the 8 to 12 lakh rupee bracket and take on the
likes of the vitara brezza eco sport and nexon that’s all for this
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29 thoughts on “Mahindra XUV300 Launched; Price Starts At Rs 7.9 Lakh | #In2Mins

  1. I heard that it will come with marazzo's 1.5L engine which is already the best 1.5L engine, damn! It will kill each and every car in the segment. Too good mahindra! Tivoli's platform and 7 airbags! Mahindra is on fire

  2. by the looks its looks good and definitively better than Brezza i hope the prices are competitive and it would rule Sub 4 meter SUV market. Awesome mahindra way to go

  3. Mahindra doesn't care about their products success or failure, but they keep trying with some new cars every year. Thats the thing which I like with Mahindra πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  4. What do u think, nexon or eco sport buyers should wait for xuv300 ? Or go ahead and take advantage of December discount offers .

  5. It vl eat ford eco nd nexon sales to a large extent where as brezza might continue to top the sale charts .. xuv300 looks best in the segment from every prospect ..

  6. Pricing is the main key factor here , no doubt that Mahindra has come up with some thing that give run for money to Breeza as well , but if Mahindra wants to generate the numbers it should be prices less then Breeza since they are now going to compete in segment where Breeza is the market leader. I would recommend a 6.49 base petrol and 7.49 base diesel , nexon start from 6.29 so for Base petrol it should be somewhere around the same price range.

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