Make 3D objects from images | Learning Microsoft Paint 3D from LinkedIn Learning

Make 3D objects from images | Learning Microsoft Paint 3D from LinkedIn Learning

– [Instructor] When you
create art in Paint 3D there are many times when
you won’t want to create something from scratch, you’ll want to use an existing model. And for that, Microsoft has created the Remix 3D Library. Now we can find it over here under the Remix 3D Menu option. And it brings up this side bar. Now this allows you to search and bring in any sort of object from the library. Now the library is
constantly growing because all the Paint 3D users will be able to upload their own models to Remix 3D. Now the Remix 3D Library
has a coupe of tabs. This tab here allows us to pick and search for models. These are existing models
that you have in your scene. And there’s also this
tab here, which is a blog for Remix 3D. Now I’m going to go over to
the Remix 3D Preview tab. And let’s go ahead and search this. I’m just going to type in the word Room. And this brings up a whole
bunch of little rooms here. So we can actually bring these in and use them in our scene. So I’m going to use
this one here, it says, Open Room Set. So I’m going to click on that. And I’m going to be able to look at it. You can actually view
this in your viewport so I can left click and drag to kind of see the model. And once I’m done, I can just click Place in Project. And when I do, it actually
brings the model in. And now I can scale it up or down. I can move it back or forth. I can rotate it. Let’s go ahead and rotate
this to an interesting angle. And maybe scale it up just a little bit. And then maybe drag this forward. So now that I have this model in my scene I want to go ahead and put some stuff into this room. Well I can go back over to Remix 3D and let’s type in the word Couch see what sort of couches we have. So we’ve got a bunch of
different couches here. I’m going to select this
one that says Retro Couch. And I’m going to place
that in the project. Now, the objects that you
see in the Remix 3D Library may be slightly different than what I see. But you can always play with
whatever models you want. So I can go ahead and move this. I can push it back and move it wherever I want. Move it forward. And again, I can place this in the scene. Now let’s say we wanted
to add something else. Let’s go ahead and add in say, a dog. So I’m going to type in the word dog. And let’s see what we have. Well, we’ve got a lot of
different little dogs here. I like this one here called Greeting Dog. And again, you may see a
different list than I see. So, if I want, I can again, look at this. And then if I like it, I
can place it in my project. Now he comes in a little big but I can obviously scale down and get him to the size
that fits this scene. Now sometimes these objects will be scaled differently. So, again, you may have
to scale them up or down to fit. But as you can see we’ve created a fairly simple scene just by bringing in objects
from the Remix 3D Library. Now, if you are modeling your own objects then you want to share them with others you can also upload them. So, if I wanted to, I could go into Menu. Upload to Remix 3D and it will take your existing scene
and put that into Remix 3D. Now, I don’t want to
do this so I’m going to go ahead and just exit out of this. But once you do, you can actually create a thumbnail, give it a name, and upload it as your own art. So, go ahead and just
browse through Remix 3D the library is already very big. And, as more and more
people start to use Paint 3D the library’s going to
actually get very big. So, go ahead and play with it, there’s a lot of really
cool models in Remix 3D.

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