Make Art With Scrap Wood | ART & DESIGN

Make Art With Scrap Wood | ART & DESIGN

I love art, especially abstract art and surrealist art. Of course the most classic example of surrealist art is got to be Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of…” MicroJig, Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work Safer, Work Smarter. Before I get started on this weeks art and design project, I wanted to take a moment to ask you to subscribe to my sister channel, Home and Garden for Mere Mortals. We’ve revamped it with all-new contributors and new episodes coming your way, every week. HGMM is a lifestyle channel, focused on helping you make your house a home. Without spending a lot of money or having a lot of experience. Kind of… Kind of like this show. We’ll be covering home improvement and repairs, gardening, decorating, interior design, crafting, food, and a lot more to inspire and motivate you. HGMM is also a showcase for new and talented YouTube creators, and I’d like to ask you to give this contributors some encouragement by subscribing to their personal channels. Stick around till the end of this video and I’ll introduce you to our newest contributor, and if you make videos and need some exposure, I’ll let you know how you can get involved in HGMM, too. I kind of think every year or so, it’s a good idea to find some sort of an art project that will help me purge myself of scrap lumber that I’ve been been saving, that I will probably never use for anything else. I seem to have a lot of nice, individual boards, but there’s not enough of any particular one, to build anything substantial. I’ll lay these out and see if I have enough. It looks that’s more than enough. Which is good, because I’m going to lose a lot of that material just by sanding these down. That’s always a problem when I use my bandsaw, I can never get a truly straight cut and I’ve always got these ridges that need to be sanded down. So it looks like I’ve got a little bit of sanding to do, and by a “little bit” I mean “a lot”. The one good thing about having a long sanding session is that it frees your mind to think about things. And since sanding doesn’t really make for the best video, I thought I would share with you some of the things I like to ponder while I’m sanding. I’m glad that’s over. This is turning out to be a tricky part, I’m trying to figure out the best way to arrange these wedges. For now I’m just trying to drop them in, standing up like this and to see if I can close up all of the gaps. There’s a lot of play there, I can push them in, I can push them down further to spread it out a little bit more, I can change out some of the wedges. I think it’s going to look better if one side is completely flush. Then the other side will have the various depths. I’m going to use Weldbond instead of wood glue, because it dries clear and you don’t need to clamp the pieces together. Plus, it doesn’t dry too quickly, and I’m going to need some time to manipulate these pieces once they’re in position. I only have four wedges left, and as much as I want to just put those in now, I think I’m going to let this dry for a while first. I’m afraid that if I push those in now, it’s going to spread the rest of this apart. Ok, it’s been a while and the pieces seem pretty stable, so I’m going to try to add the last four. I guess it’s a good thing I did that, because these aren’t fitting in the way I had them originally. Certainly can’t get these two in. Hmm. There it is. That will work. That’s not too bad, now I can let that dry completely. Do you know what I like? And I’ll bet you do too…. Food. Eating is something I try to do, everyday. You know what I also like? Cooking. You know what I don’t like, and I’ll be you do too… Having to go to the supermarket every day for ingredients. It totally cuts into my time. Hmm… If only there existed a service that would deliver all the delicious, fresh, natural ingredients I need to prepare awesome meals. HelloFresh delivers everything you need, with step-by-step instructions to DIY your own gourmet meals without ever having to leave your house. It’s easy, and fun, and the meals are fantastic. You can choose from vegetarian meals or, normal. This falafel salad was as good as any restaurant serves. The second day, I made these amazing south-western stuffed zucchinis. And for my third meal, I treated myself to the “juicy-loosey gourmet burger”. Take 35 bucks off your first week of deliveries by going to and entering the promo code “WOODWORKING” at checkout. These are some seriously good meals, I hope you’ll try them out. Well I think that turned out pretty cool. Thank you for joining me on this week’s, art and design episode. I hope this gives you some ideas for decorating your own home and inspires you to do something with those scraps of wood you’ve been hoarding. Lets face it, we all do it. And please as soon as you leave this video, please checkout and subscribe to Home and Garden for Mere Mortals. We’re kicking off the newly revitalized channel with Tom Hess, our home improvement specialist, demonstrating how to install a roadside mailbox. Spoilers… I had no idea you didn’t need to mix the concrete. Tom has just started his own channel, called “The Home Craft Chronicles”, please show him some love by subscribing. It’s fun getting in on the ground-floor of a new channel and I’m looking forward to seeing how this one grows. Finally, if you are a video creator, we’re looking for HGMM contributors. Whether your interests are gardening, or food, or home improvement, anything for the home. We’d love to talk to you. Check the link down in the description for more info and how to contact us. Wow, that was a lot of stuff this week. If you didn’t get it all just be sure to check down in the description for all the important links. Thanks everybody, I’ll see you next week.

100 thoughts on “Make Art With Scrap Wood | ART & DESIGN

  1. made 5 different pieces from a recycled table top, serving tray,cutting board,picture frame,charging station,end table top.

  2. you can choose from vegetarian or normal…. oh my gosh you made me laugh there! Thanks Steve! I needed that! Love your videos too! I've watched every video every week. Thanks dood! 😀

  3. I didn't think it was art until you added "Spray Lacquer". Nothing says Extra Fancy art and design then bringing out the grain texture and color of the wood .

  4. as a pen turner, I have a corner of my shop with nothing but scraps that size. this will be a neat idea to use them up!

  5. Could you make a DIY painting easel? Most are so expensive and I was wondering if there was a more affordable way to make one!

  6. Buahahaha! Colonel "Sanders!" Love it! Lol Why am I thinking of Thanksgiving after watching this? I love it! 🙂

  7. Absract sculptural art is right up my alley. I went to a large high school when I was a kid and I chose art class for my elective course in Grade 9 and got hooked because the art teacher was an actual artist and he knew how to inspire and even though I cannot do a realistic sketch to save my life he saw the potential in me. So I took every art class he taught and got great marks even though I cannot "draw". I majored in abstract sculptural art. Now 30 years later I had forgotten my art roots, but this video just re-ignited something in me. THANKS STEVE!!

  8. i would love to be featured in HGMM… i have a channel that is basically modern style gardening on a budget… LOL… mostly rare succulents, orchids and other things that grow including planted aquarium and reef tanks…

  9. Haha, vegetarian or normal…I'm waiting for all the vegetarians to take up arms in the comments.

    Great Video 👍👍

  10. Omg wow I just commented on your glue video that I had a project that was a gluing nightmare and now I watch this one about scrap wood projects–my glue nightmare project was a scrapwood project!

    Great video, glad you found a use for all those nice species besides the dumpster 🙂

  11. LOL "or normal" LOL.

    I have been sub-consciously trained! every time I hear the background music you have at the beginning and the end I am looking for your cat.

  12. 6:00 If I order that WWMM edition package from Hello Fresh, will I get that power knife? Is the power knife available separately? For how much?

  13. Like your HGMM channel. Good people with very good advice. Thanks! One tip about art. Repaint, Repaint, and thin no more.

  14. You should try and make another scrap art project like this except glue it to a big blank let it dry and then cut it out few inches on the front side and cut it off fully on the other side Then glue it to the rest of the flat blank with the front with the few inches facing out and then add a wall mount to make wall art .and sorry about the bad english . And lastly love the videos they have fantastic ideas and a lot of information about woodworking 👍🏻 and also u should try school and office supplies like wooden USBs from scrap wood and also rubber and pencil holders that are compact

  15. I love Weldbond! As a crafter, I see most crafters use E6000, as their go to for strong adhesive, and although, I can't compare it, as I have never used E6000 (tried Weldbond instead due to the price difference), I do know that Weldbond will bond virtually anything, and at a fraction of the price.

  16. This is one of the times you could use tightbond lll because it starts to dry after 30 minutes where as tightbond ll starts to dry after 15 minutes

  17. Hi steve, nice video and project! I like the shape and randomness of the wedges! Recently i made wall decoration piece from birch logs and branches cut in slices! Very proud!

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