Make JAW DROPPING DESIGNS By Using Design Principles

Make JAW DROPPING DESIGNS By Using Design Principles

today I have four different graphic
design principles that you can use to really elevate your work to the next
level and also generate jaw-dropping designs making today’s video possible is
Monday comm which is an awesome team management tool the platform itself is
suitable for any size team from two freelancers working together up to
thousands collaborating across the globe is a major asset to managers
and learn more about it later in today’s video to boost productivity and
collaboration within your business I’m going to talk about four different
graphic design principles that you can utilize in your designs to really
elevate them to the next level and also make some visually appealing and
functional designs so the first graphic design principle is consistency now
consistency is the thread that ties elements in the single design together
it also ties together a design across a single campaign or a brand essentially
creating a product that is highly recognizable usable and effective so in
the first example a lot of the consistency comes from the color choices
of yellow and black the background matches the yellow and the pencil and
then all of the text content and the logo marks are in black to matching the
remaining colors on the pencil also notice how the long shape of the pencil
complements the elongated menu bar at the top now here is another website that
uses color consistency very well the main photograph has hues of black and
Red’s throughout unless you can see surrounding it every bit of information
and design elements will share the same color scheme
our consistency is an easy way to improve a design
consistency isn’t just color though it can be sized to look at the size of the
graphics from left to right as well as the typography being used apart from the
far left hand side section everything else has the same size headers the same
size body text graphics and buttons – professional and decent design utilizes
consistency to tie everything together and bring balance to a design solution
so the next graphic design principle that you can use in your designs is
contrast the four main uses of contrast that I’m going to show you today are
contrasting sizes color type and also shape using contrast helps us create
relationships between design elements of a design and this is just about the most
important thing that you can do as a designer so here you can see a good use
of size contrast in weight of the checks used and it’s very visually appealing
something big besides something small genuinely indicates that the bigger item
is the more important one used and as you can see on the poster it’s a good
tactic to play around size contrast as a designer using the male figure
medium-sized and then also oversize behind with a skyline being the smallest
of the three one of the most notorious uses of color
contrast was the Apple advertising campaign as you can see here my contrast
of color grabs attention and it’s also the most common way to use contrast in
your designs it creates visual harmony and is
somewhat captivating and if used correctly it can direct a viewers
attention to specific areas of the design this example here uses color
contrast to become striking and also to stand out but with the use of a circle
and a square the designer has implemented contrasted shape to now
contrast of shapes at the most basic level they can be used on things like
adding rounded corners to buttons but it needs to be taken to the more extreme
levels to attract a lot more attention so logo is most contrasts this graph is
design principle can direct the viewers attention to certain areas of a design
and then finally we have contrast a typography you can experiment with
clearing 2 or 3 typefaces utilizing different weights colors size and also
levy serif and sans-serif – this again creates visual harmony and helps tie
design together it just makes you stand out for all the right reasons
now it’s wise to choose a header typeface and main body typeface and also
a potential third subheading typeface – all good and professional design focuses
on matching and creating contrast in terms of typography if you look closely
in usually knowledge of contrast you can see this when looking at designs balance
can be achieved in various different ways but is very crucial to you as a
designer that you do try and implement it into your designs
you can use either symmetrical or asymmetrical balance the former being a
symmetry of two or more shapes and the latter using a form of hierarchy to
create visual balance so the design here utilizes symmetrical balance both in the
graphics but also with the typography left and rights balance like this is
visually appealing and it makes a viewer feel comfortable again there is more
visual balance here working the groups of three rather than two a symmetrical
balance can be little more complex and in the design here you have the three
central circles which are the large design elements but they are balanced
out both by the type and the fine line graphics as well as the other small
elements to this example is a lot easier to see as the guy in the image is the
large singular design elements and then in the top left are the other small
design elements to finishing and completing the balance of design and
finally the slice of piece is the large element and then off to the right are
the smaller sections collectively creating a symmetrical balance so we’ve
arrived at the final graphic design principle and that is to use impacting
simplicity minimalist design in deals with only that is absolutely necessary
being included in the message that comes across from the design it also utilizes
a lot of negative space as well creating calm and room for the argot to breathe
minimalist graphic design is often flats and it creates a visual balance in
combination with negative space creating an impact in design with a simplistic
nature doesn’t just require the use of black and white only but it is an
amazing graphic ascend principle that is a strong weapon in your arsenal for
creating professional and jaw-dropping designs so to quickly recap firstly use
consistency in color shape and design to tie you our work together and create
visual harmony contrast can create impact in your designs and direct
viewers attention to certain areas on your design correctly
balance is a key component of all design and you should always be trying to
include balance somewhere in your work simplicity can be very striking and
impacting as well as visually appealing to the viewer if you are part of a
business or a team or company you should take a look at a team management tool
Monday comm Monday comm is a centralized platform for teams to manage every
detail of their work from high-level roadmap planning to the specifics of
day-to-day tasks whilst building a cultural transparency it’s simple and
flexible enough to meet the needs of just two people working together as well
as a vastly complex workplace operation involving thousands of people
spanning different departments in different time zones it really is
beneficial for the inner workings of a business to run a much smoother and more
quickly with an easy to use and attractive interface it’s available on
both desktop and mobile devices so check it out for yourself down the description
box below remember if you want to keep boosting your skills as a graphic
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out my channel and until next time design your future today peace

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  1. Hey I hope that you find this video useful. Graphic design principles or 'rules' are very handy to follow and be aware of in your work.
    Also check out monday. com linked above too, and have a great day πŸ‘
    0:33 Consistency
    2:10 Contrast
    4:36 Balance
    5:57 Simplicity

  2. And the most important Graphic Design Principle: Do not show off your Design immediately! sleep on the design, meditate around that for a couple of days!

  3. Great video as a friendly reminder or something fresh for those in the field of Graphic Design. Thanks for sharing. As always have a great day.

  4. Your content is really great – succinct and engaging, but importantly, visually appealing. I am a big fan of your channel, keep up the great work! Also, I'm not sure if you've covered this but I'd like to see a bit of information on your favourite or most used type faces. As a beginner, I'd like a bit of guidance on what and where I should be investing with regard to typography. Cheers Tom, we hugely appreciate your effort.

  5. Thanks satori graphics

    This video was absolutely amazing

    Side question
    How was the shapes put together in the video format

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