MAKING ART WITH SHARPIE MARKERS! | Sharpies | Designing Colorful Fairy Characters | Drawing Process

MAKING ART WITH SHARPIE MARKERS! | Sharpies | Designing Colorful Fairy Characters | Drawing Process

So, you can let me know if you have this
problem; but every time I go to the store, and I see the sharpies, I just want to
buy them!! and then I remember… that I already own them – and you know, mine are
also in a very neatly organized and in aesthetic packaging… you know? – So I
can just use mine. – this is my old collection of sharpies that I’ve had
since I was… 12? I thought it’d be cool to get some use out of them but I see
there’s a lot of things in here that aren’t Sharpies so I should probably
clean those out *snaps fingers* so there’s all Shar—-ew…there’s junk in there Ahha! I knew I had something else, look how
well I took care of these ones compared to these ones, these were all my
liners – anyway I need to test these out and see which ones actually work before
I decide what I’m gonna draw, you know? I gotta figure out a way to lay this out – all
right we can use this side of this Sketchbook – starting with the pinks! its funny,
all the Pink’s work, I don’t think I have really used the Pink’s much so that makes a
lot of sense actually – Reds, now, we might be having a problem – oh yeah look at that –
nope, this red one is no good either – So out of all my sharpies, these are all the ones
that don’t work but I’m pretty sure I was throwing them away as they didn’t
work before – but you’ll notice I don’t have a single black – now I just need to
go quickly and try out these and see if those ones work and then we should be
good to go! so after testing them all this is what’s left of my sharpie
collection, these three ultra fine we’re dead
those are the colors and that’s what they look like caps – alright so this is
what we’ve got to work with, let’s draw something!!! ♪ so what I think I’ll do is concept an idea on
this page and then use the markers on this page that way I’m not bleeding
through onto like any other sketches – I’m just gonna grab a basic mechanical
pencil and start sketching, feel free to sketch along with me we could be drawing
buddies!! 😀 – So I have a lot of rainbow colors I could always draw something that’s a
rainbow but I feel like I’ve done that recently so I’m not feeling super inspired by
that idea I could draw fairies, we could draw like a couple fairies and then we could
use a lot of colors, if they each have like their own color scheme there’s a
Tinkerbell knockoff I don’t really have any skin tones. let
me see I have this and this it might be fun to
go a little crazy with our colors which I think would make like fairies or
something magical work really well, maybe instead of like that normal kind of like
random fairy like our Tinkerbell knockoff over there what if instead
maybe we update it make it a little bit more modern looking maybe give her a
leather jacket? – I still need to incorporate wings somehow hehehehe what the heck? let me try
something else here I do want to go with the fairy idea but I think we’re gonna
have to make the outfits kind of interesting and yet simple at the same time to kind
of fit with our sharpies – we’re not going to get like shading and stuff, I want to
keep it simple that way it’s like not trying to be anything that it can’t be
you know? ooah, maybe like a fluffy boa? it could be fun yeah still not feeling that I’m gonna keep playing around with some ideas here If I come up with something I’m liking, I’ll start talking again ♪ Here is a fun layout
for them, it’s kind of Powerpuff Girls inspired – three girls will each have
their own color scheme – so maybe one will go from like pinks to red, one could be
the oranges to yellow, and the other one can be like green to blue and then it’ll
look kind of like a rainbow of going from left to right… or from right to left
depending- I mean it’s a rainbow it doesn’t have to go in a certain
direction just need to figure out what each of them is going to wear by drawing a
little tiny versions of them try and get the color scheme down this is the one
that’s going to be right here – kind of pictured having longer hair so maybe
like super almost Rapunzel hair kind of like that boa idea and then a dress
maybe a sleeveless dress oooh! maybe one that goes all the way down to the ankles with like a little Whoville ‘flwoof’ at the bottom – erase that real quick – okay now
we can add some simple colors if it’s the one on the left it’s gonna be the
pink version so let’s start with this light tone here – alright that’s what
we’ve got there – there we goooo ♪ alright,
next I think I want to use…. *bpp bpp bpp what do I want here? it could be a good idea to use
our darkest tone maybe for the dress leave a shine – wonder if I can use this
purple for shading? and then maybe we can use this tone here,
I wish sharpies had a [color] name on them color all over that with this – now I didn’t
end up using this third color here which I think it’s this super bright pink (even
though it doesn’t look super bright) that’s right, right? yeah – you can actually layer
sharpies just a ‘smidge’ and get slightly different tones – I think that works I
really want to keep it simple so I don’t want to overthink anything when it comes
with sharpies, I guess I just need to do that two more times kind of figure out
the outfits for these other two characters ♪ I think I’ll give her round her wings
– add some difference to these things right?
add some contrast – alright, now I’ll add some simple lines to this one and then use the bright
yellow for the outfit – might work on the outfit a bit more when we get to the
bigger version all right now we just need one more character -she would look
cool with like tattoos I wonder if I could pull something off like that oh I didn’t
have any shading. can I use the purple for shading this guy too? – yeah probably — wings maybe? – some kind of boots there you go there’s my last one I just
need to add the colors – let’s try this-no, wait..? no..yup! this one! I think this would be a fun hair color, since
I did leave some stuff white on her [points to pink fairy] maybe I shoulda left something white on
her cuz if she feels a little bit more heavy with the colors – I’m gonna play
around with that later but for now I want for sketching out the drawing!! move my markers back down and I’m gonna be using this sort of as my reference I might change up the
poses a little since the outfits changed a little and some of these clothes probably
won’t work, but for the most part that’s my guide draw our main girl here in the
middle – draw those basic shapes out – and pull one shoulder up a little for some
sass and then over here-we’ll have the head maybe about this area – and then the other
one’s head would be like here I want to make sure I have the layout down before
I start adding too many details – what if instead of just the boa, the hair ‘IS’
the boa! – that’s kind of interesting now over here we have our green girl – kind
of running out of space for her but hopefully I can make her fit – I’m getting
some serious Magna Girl vibes over here ♪ start adding in some details, hopefully
she’ll fit, I kind of messed up around this area kind of wish she was off a
little more to the right but we might be able to make this work because there
is space here if I need to squish her over to left guess these girls need
names don’t they? hehe that is literally Magna Girl’s face [giggle] she keeps staring at
me!! I think she’s mad at me because I haven’t drawn her in a while oooh if I’d
drawn her higher I could have had them linking arms that would have been cute!
regrets! i can work on the pink girl now give her a face yeah I think I’m gonna have to just
redraw this girl, (the green one,) she’s looking too much like someone else and I
need to move her anyway so two birds with one stone ♪ this all can be erased because we’ve got
someone’s hip in the way maybe if I shrink this girl a little bit more so that she’s
even more in the background – I’ll be able to draw more of her design – so that’s
never been thing and it gives them each like their own place you know cuz like
this one’s the foreground so you kind of see it first and then you see that one
cuz it’s the next largest and then you look at that one – yeah kind of I like it –
before they were all kind of like competing you know for your like center
attention because their heads were all so close together
I think this does work better there we go! how’s that lookin’? I kind of went away from my ‘keeping it simple’ but we’ll see how
this turns out – it’s gonna look real- real weird, we’ll see
so when it comes to line art I used dark green to do around her face
and her hair and then I’m just using the black for everywhere else – I’m getting a
little nervous about how that’s gonna turn out since they are sharpies and I
didn’t really stick to my simple idea that I wanted it looked good in the
simple so we’ll see – anything could happen – alright I’ll probably line the wings in
the dark green as well – oops, I didn’t draw that right – dang it! followed the wrong
lines I…he…he….ahh. no! I’m gonna color in her skin right now see how we’re working just to
make sure I’m heading in the right direction you know cuz if this looks bad
I kind of want to start over right now I’ve already put a lot of time into this – that’s not bad at all okay alright that’s making me feel a lot
better actually I think I do want to just finish coloring this guy though
that way I’ll know if I want to maybe use more of the liners for going around
the colors since that looks really cool and I already colored this in mostly with
black liner – guess I’ll have to color that wing later though – add some
magic sparkles that keep her afloat in the air – would you use the word ‘afloat’? I
guess ‘in flight’ would be the proper word to use – use this one as some almost
blush kind of colors – alright in this color is her hair – now you do have to be
careful cuz if you go over the black lines too much they do start to smudge
so you want to just kind of try and stick in the white space as much as
possible here and like fill in the sections like that instead of what I
would normally do is just go over all the lines like that but I’m kind of
trying to stick inside of the shapes alright and then use this super dark olive
green and kind of trying to leave some spaces for light so it looks a little
bit more of like a leather texture I’ve seen like you know comic book artists do
it and it always looks cool but I’m sure it takes a lot of practice and
studying to get right and maybe looking at some references – I could probably
actually even color that in with hair color and then it won’t be so crazy
bright – and I can be pretty crazy with it cuz I’m not too worried if it
bleeds in with that color you know? it’s kind of actually what I would
prefer – I believe I was leaving the shirt wait so that’s just about it for her but
I will probably come in with shading once I’m done with all the rest alright let’s work on – heh – that’s funny I’m kind of doing going backwards order this
time let’s work on her next – add in the line art, I want to use the black for the
eyes because I like those to be really out there you know? and kind of an
eye-catcher – I’m gonna do the same thing and use like a lighter color to outline
the skin and the hair, and then probably just use black for everything else ehhhhhhhh
I totally messed up that hand – it’s okay it’s fine – things happen – it’s just one of
the ONLY HANDS in this whole drawing so everyone’s gonna notice it there we go! and I can erase some of that see
what we’re working with – wait actually I think these wings are gonna be
see-through so I’ll just draw that in there, right there
I guess this line too – color that in real quick, finish off some of these lines – and
then we can color her! YAY! here we go just erase! erase! all right and I now just
need to color it – I’m going to use… which ones which here? first orange was the
skin ohhhph, that was a large area and it’s given off a ‘stink’ faces are always the
scariest part to do cuz I’m so afraid of ruining it – now the red that I used for
the details on the face isn’t quite showing through so I think I’m just
gonna go in with the black and make it more obvious, just for the important lines,
everywhere else I feel like it’s fine it was just the face needs a little extra
help this I believe I used to for the the hair and the wings this sounds like it’s drying out
a bit so spend more streaks in this one don’t forget the magic sparkles! ♪ another
thing you can do to kind of use the streaks to your advantage
is to draw in and color in like the way, either the fabric or
the hairs would be going, so like this you can kind of do a curly texture and
then if there are streaks that show up they’ll kind of add to the picture
instead of take away from it – alright that’s it for this color next up we have
this weird pinky orange which we used for the tights – orr – the socks I guess I forgot how much I enjoy using sharpies this is bringing it back I think all I
need now is yellow yellow, yellow, yellow and then color in the outfit with yellow you really want to avoid
touching the black because it just grabs it and smudges it everywhere!! for this one, since it’s
right in the foreground, I really want to just start shading it – let’s go in and
do that with our purple ♪ color in the ears under the nose – eyes – above the eyes – I’m gonna shade
in some of this hair – just give it some texture – we can do [green girl] too while we’re at it basically I’m just adding it to the right of the image like the light
sources over here and then anywhere that I think would be getting less light than
other areas alright. moving on to the last guy here ♪ line some of this hair ooh, this looks cool! I like
this little twirl – this hand was confusing I didn’t quite see it till now ‘ewwps’ like so! next I just need to erase the pencil so I need to do the whole thing in a
pink color and then if I need to add the black liner anywhere I can do that too I think that seems like a better idea because like here I really wish I hadn’t used
black where the yellow is, so this will allow me to figure out where I need it
and leave it where I need it and put the black where I need that – if that makes sense? – okay! again I used this pink I don’t know why I always color the skin
first we’ll have to do a check on the other side of paper and see how much it
bled through I’m actually layering these more than I did with like the swatches
so that’ll be interesting to see this is a really pretty color I didn’t really
think about it it’s like a orange-ish-pink? kind of? I guess I should use this color for the
hair let’s try to leave some spots here for highlights I can even use this for blush – ahh! so cute! I honestly forgot how much you can kind of layer these markers – I’m thinking
we’re gonna leave the little white spots I kind of like them alright now the
dress looks like I used (two up..) this color yeah I’d say so this is the dress just
basically the same color I used to do the line art so we might have to go in
here with black depending on whether or not I like it the way it is like a’ so! oh oh wings wings oh and shading and the shading looks
really good with this because of that pink color you know? ooh honestly I
really like that look without lines that this dress has – If I was gonna do this
again I might just skip the lines altogether alright all I have to do is color
in the wings – I’ ll try a textured look oh of course we need the floaty magics! Bloop!, Blop, bloop, bloop! I just like putting dots on the paper I’m gonna be honest I think I’m gonna color in the whole wing with this marker let me know if you’ve
been drawing with sharpies lately or recently – hehe – I forgot how much fun it is to
draw with sharpies you can get some really cool stuff I think personally the
pink one turned out the best I think it’s just the arrangement of colors and I’m really in love with that lineless look and I kind of
wish I could have done more of that, but I didn’t really figure that out
until you know the very end but that’s the kind of cool thing about drawing is
you learn stuff along the way [excited with a hint of frustration mouth sound] oh I forgot to look at the back! so
that’s how the Illo sketchbook handles sharpies if you’re wondering I’d say
that’s pretty good there’s nothing yeah there’s nothing here
I thought I saw something it wasn’t actually Sharpie it was some kind of
spec so yeah pretty nifty! wanna see it closer that’s what we came up with today
anyway I want to thank you guys for watching and I hope you all have a
delicious evening full of WAFFULZ~~!! ♪ BYE!! ♪ ♪

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