1. I really like this idea as a series. You can then show the finished rooms from this episode in the next one. It would be really cool to see what these people ens up doing.

  2. Loved watching this video! The sketches were really helpful! I’d love to send in my space, how do I go about doing that? Through Instagram?

  3. What a great idea to help people with their spaces like this! Your drawings help to visualize what you mean and they are cute. Definitly like to see more of these videos!

  4. for the first bedroom, covering up that window is key. that's just horrendous design – no way to install a curtain rod, and the next door neighbours just staring inside those floor-to-ceiling windows!!( roller shades, or even an interesting room divider squeezed in there will make the room 300% cozier

  5. I don't agree with the floating shelves above the bed, especially frames/candles there. I have a floating shelf above mine but has more depth since it's custom and not the photo type and I absolutely cannot put a frame there. It WILL fall.

  6. Can i just say how obsesses i am with the video and i would love to see more. I loved how you used the drawing tool to help us visualise instead of you just talking about it.very cool and cant wait for your next video.

  7. I am loving this! please turn it into a series.

    You solved so many of my space issues! Especially the staircase.

  8. Well, it’s a good idea to mount a bike a little bit higher, but I also think it can be mounted to the dresser wall. It will use all the free space left from the bike. And free up some space for the dresser.

  9. OMG.. I loved this video! I think it is the best idea ever, because those are "problems" that we all have and it is a quick way to help us with them! Thanks so much.. Please, please, please.. Make it a series.. ❤

  10. I prefer using curtain rods, BUT when I'm in a situation where I cannot use one, I use clear map tacks to hang my curtains. Amazingly, my visitors cannot see them…even when I point them out to my visitors, they struggle to see them.

  11. Thank you sooo muchh😻 loved the ideas, i will definitely make the ideas, and send you an after pic🌸

  12. Αlexandra i love your video and i would love to see more of them!!! I might send you a photo too!!! Kisses from Greece!!!

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