Mandala Etno Macramé Bullet Journal Setup September 2019 deutsch mit Scrapbooking | Plan with me

Mandala Etno Macramé Bullet Journal Setup September 2019 deutsch mit Scrapbooking | Plan with me

Hello and good to see you again, welcome to my bullet journal setup for September 2019. If you did not already subscribe I upload every month a bullet journal setup, and this time the theme is INTERIOR DESIGN. I selected different decorative elements of a video made by a YouTuber. She creates interior videos and is American, I link her video in the description box which has been my inspiration! We directly start with an awesome item she did by herself, there’s also a DIY video I think It is a wreath that is wrapped with a brown cord and decorated with some artificial plants and flowers. In wrote the word September in the middle of it colored it with watercolors and placed the calendar of September below. I added some highlights with my white Posca Pen and that’s the title page. I am very pleased how it came out but it is just a beautiful element I discovered on this channel. The next page shows my monthly log for September. On top of the page I lettered the words “monthly overview” and in the corner I started with a monstera plant. I pre sketched the shapes of the leaves with a pencil. They are ovals. Before you draw a plant you have to make sure you recognize its basic shape. At the end you draw the details. In this case this has been the gaps in the leaves that are typical for this plant which I drew at the and inside the ovals. And at the bottom of the page I placed a kind of carpet as completing element. This also has been part of the video I saw. They were layed out on the balcony. And this etno look is quite beautiful as well and fitting and rounds up the page fabulously. I colored everything with watercolors in different shades of green for the plant. I stroke with the brush very loosely and let the colors flow over the borders. Perfect is not the goal here for this aquarelle look so this technique is ideal for drawing beginners. Just start painting easily. There will be a great result, just let enough white space, this is important. For the monthly log I decided to include the basic calendar and below I left some space for general tasks without a specific date. On the next page I decided to implement a habit tracker after a long time. First I used craft paper and by accident the scissor was wet, so I saw, well, darker borders do not look that bad… So I intensified this effect with a brown pen. I’ve got pink watercolor paper I parted in three as I planned to create three habit tracker. On these pink parts I placed a slightly lucent paper with the monthly calendar as an silhouette on it. I will track of I used the smartphone very often, if I have been often using social media platforms and how relaxed I’ve been. Maybe there will be a connection. So when if I haven’t been using my phone a lot what is the effect on my relaxation. I am curious. On the side I draw macramé hanging pots, or baskets with soemthing in it. These also were elements I spotted in the video of Kristen. Like the element on the next page for my weekly overview. For the first week in September I drew as a decorative element a macramé. Above the headline of the calendar week Below the columns To-Do List and Weekly Plan I colored everything with watercolor and used lateral in the corner this beige paper again To reflect this etno style I drew some small mandalas At last my two daily logs which are the first ones in September The way I do my daily logs is as they need each half a page (this is my practical value) that they look fairly good is to use handlettering for the headline is enough to improve the look of the page a lot. This is why I used this style. I think it is absolutely sufficient. Especially when a page nearby like this is decorated a lot. As this is kind of scrapbooking already. So this has been my setup for September already! As i said I upload a new Bullet Journal setup every month. And also other videos that show our family life respectively topics like sustainability, decluttering, I also filmed our kitchen renovation and building we now finished I would be very glad about a thumb up for this video if you liked it. See you next time. Bye!

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  1. Gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. Habe mich schon hingesetzt und es nachgezeichnet, schaut bei mir aber nicht so schön aus wie bei dir 😉 Ich bin schon gespannt auf den Oktober. LG

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