All right guys behind me we have this beautiful S63 coupe this car the paint color you see on there is an actual factory paint color from mercedes-benz what you see added on is a Mansouri wide-body body kit which consists of the Fenders the rocker panels the quarter panel moldings the rear bumper the front bumper. We made the custom hood So those vents you see on the hood was custom made by us The whole car has been repainted again to match the factory pink color. So you see that it’s done flawlessly. It looks amazing It’s got red interior This gray and red combination looks incredible factory carbon ceramic brakes in that crazy bronze color from AMG Mercedes Looks awesome. Obviously, the Mansouri can also features some carbon fiber. So carbon fiber all on the lower body effects of the vehicle now The s63 Coupe has been a long time already be favorite. We’ve done a lot of crazy ones You guys probably remember the Greenwald when we did a long time ago one of our greatest posts ever. This car looks crazy We also did a custom exhaust system on this thing it breathes better It sounds incredible not too loud a very throaty and very very aggressive what the car needs we’re gonna deliver to the customer and He’s gonna enjoy the car a 4×4 with no door is no roof. It stand up It’s dope why does he have a disgusted look on his face? I don’t like it the 4×4 So we have a 65 fastback here that Xavier is one to deal with this car this Farhad He’s shaking his head cuz it’s a lot of work This car is a nightmare We’re trying to start it right now just to see what’s going on this car. It’s in here for everything Not just I don’t know. I mean a million things this cars been sitting for a long time So we’re gonna try to get this thing started. There’s a lot of repairs we’re going to do this is gonna be a long You guys might get lucky you might start now Almost We’ll keep you posted on this car we’re almost there Well, thanks Alright, so we’re inside the two-tone crazy design wrapped each six 3s this thing is Is a very impressive car the e63 s is super fast Mainly because it has very good traction Mercedes did a very good job with throttle response Their previous AMG model cars because of the transmission torque converter all that stuff They’re a little bit laggy, but this thing is like instant on-demand Pure power. It’s very torquey Literally feels like one of the fastest cars you can ever be in and it’s a sedan family sedan, beautiful interior drives really smooth and Sounds incredible too for stock. So very surprising but this thing is an absolute beast I Mean I think the brakes are too Much powerful enough for the power of this car. That’s that fast On the street if you’re trying to play around with somebody, I think this thing is almost unbeatable because of its traction It’s pure like quickness. It’s it’s unreal We took it apart and then this full wrap on it using two base layers one side satin block one side satin indigo So two-tone wrap first and then on top of it we used blue chrome in patches and kind of a camel more straight camel look and then another layer of satin blue chrome So one side is just regular satin black one side is satin blue with satin blue chrome and regular blue chrome pretty cool design Customers saw this online somewhere. So whoever did kind of this design, you know kudos to them looks amazing This guy has some wheels on orders so don’t mind the stock wheels. They’re nice wheels, but, you know deserves some nice black wheels I think so. That’s gonna be coming up sometime soon. We just did that s63 Mansouri that coupe is fast, too But this thing is like an on another level because it is the newer AMG models. So What do you guys prefer the s63 Mansouri? We just did or this c63 s with the rap on there. I Would probably prefer the s63 Mansouri with this engine and transmission and technology What do you guys think? Would you guys go for the c63 s for door or the s63 coupe? This guy Mine is better Yeah, the packages I have is better than this one So mine’s mine has better seats this round sister. Mine is better Because it is a package Big he Already wills for me. So we’re just gonna put the wheels in three weeks. My wheels are coming in three weeks There’s gonna be black wheels Black RDB wheels so he’s doing a surprise and I find out who’s doing the surprise All right guys latest merch update white Tees just like our black ones Inverted, of course, this is uh with the article on the front in black We went a little thicker on the logo just to give it some more bossiness The back has that signature round RTB Which has a repaired design you guys already know so in white Hanes again, all the sizes are online. We also obviously have the black So you guys choose black or white will be dropping more limited T’s out there these are pretty much our basic uniform tees right now, so while night Alright guys, we are inside one of our paint booths here at RTV. This is the 4×4 convertible It doesn’t look like anything right now looks like the framing of the car as you can see the doors are off Fenders are off front ends. Love so much is off. But the best part is the roof is off You guys know this is gonna be the convertible So this car was that dark navy blue color from Mercedes customer wanted to go white? So the whole thing is being done properly. All the parts are off So first, we’re going to the jams of the inside of the car we’re gonna be doing the jams of the parts next and Then we place them on the car and we paint the car We do a lot of paint jobs, you know, we do a lot of wraps, of course But we do full color changes body repair paint – all that stuff – so we’re very versatile Obviously you guys could see that but yeah We’re doing this the right way the convertible 4×4 one step closer to being finished here You guys will see the final results hopefully soon and this thing is gonna be crazy. So stay tuned


  1. They didn't match/blind the paint very well you can tell what parts of the car were painted…
    But the body kit looks nice on that car though…

  2. Love the S63, probably would do the same for mine, but would prefer black exterior with chrome accents. The E63 Sedan would look much better if he kept the blue indigo wrap all the way around the car. Not just 1/2 & 1/2, that looks stupid!

  3. That E Class Wrap is very very shitty ! you guys need to understand that : on such cars, you've got to keep simple & minimalistic…. No chromy shit, no bullshit 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. Dunno… looks kinda like Lexus's ugly-nice (and/or vice versa) design language. I like it on a Lexus, but don't prefer it on an AMG.

  5. Went to LA last week and you had the tshirts with the “RDB” in the front center 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ wish i knew you were gonna have those i wouldve waited lol but loved meeting you guys & keep up the great work👍🏼 thanks from texas

  6. This Mansory S63 was fully painted to match its factory "Matte" color, check out the awesome color and also listen to revving of its custom exhaust system and watch how awesome this car looks driving down the Los Angeles Streets. Also check out how to paint a G Wagon an entirely different color, not to mention its a custom convertible 4×4 squared. Last but not least a 2 face crazy wrapped 2019 E63S!

  7. Y'all raped that car, it's hardly a Mansory any more if at all. That's a flip lol sell it already 😂 stop playing 😂💰 (update after watching more): LOL didn't even show the interior haha I don't blame you man wasn't worth it huh ahhhaha that's not a "True" Mansory keep it moving ahahah

  8. I like the efforts y’all put into the shirts, but y’all need better designs. I can literally close my eyes and make that design.. RDBLA is literally bigger and well exposed than that. Please do better with the designs.

  9. Great Mercedes. The green one looks even better. Love the muscle cars in your shop. Last week I just mentioned how Sakris needs some gangsta wheels instead, and now Vik is ordering some. Haha. Cool coincidence.

  10. I wonder how they don't have soo much hassle with the mercs. At work doing simple coding/updates cause's alsorts of issues and communication with other control units. Proper kak cars

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