Mary Phelps Jacob Invents the Modern Bra (feat. Parker Posey) – Drunk History

Mary Phelps Jacob Invents the Modern Bra (feat. Parker Posey) – Drunk History

Hello… – [laughs] – Hello.
My name is Paget Brewster and today we’re talking about
Mary Phelps Jacob, the inventor of the bra.In 1910
women were cinched in
to tiny corsets all the time,but then there
is a 19-year-old girl–
Mary Phelps Jacob,setting up to go
to a debutante ball,
and she is like, Uh, I got this
beautiful silk dress and I have to put
this dumb piece of [bleep] on. Stupid corset
with whale bone inserts. Ugh,
it’s so goddamn dumb. All right, I’m–I’m–
I’m–I’m out. I’m out. I can’t take this.
Marie!Her maid.
Marie! Get me two handkerchiefs,
some silk cording, ribbons, and a sewing kit.She sews togethertwo handkerchiefs
onto herself
and goes to a ball.[epic music]All the girls are like,What is going on
with you, girl? You look better
than you have ever looked.And she says,
Yeah, I just made this [bleep] out of some handkerchiefs. The girls go crazy!And she’s like
My boobles are free to roam.And they all say
– I want one. – I want one.
– I want one. – All right, whatever,
I’ll make you some. I’ll make you my new thing,
whatever, with some handkerchiefs. Then she gets a letter
in the mail from someone she’s never met
saying, “Hey, I’ll give you a dollar
to make me a bra.”And then she realizes,
Oh, this could be a business. So she goes
to the Patent Office and she said,
Hey, I’ve made this thing. It’s a brassiere.The Patent Office guy
was like,
Everyone’s had boobs
for goddamn forever. I understand that you think
you made something, but you [bleep]ing didn’t.And she said
No, I did. The last piece of [bleep]
patent flattens your tits into nothing but one boob.
Do you want one boob?And he’s like,
I don’t–I can’t even– I don’t even know
if I can answer this. No, you want
two [bleep]ing boobs. They separate and lift. Give me the patent
for the backless brassiere.And he says,
Yeah, okay, all right. I’ve never seen that.
I will give you a patent.Slam.
He gives her a patent.
Oh, God.
I’m– I’m not gonna throw up,
but I am– I’m pretty– Gonzo bonzo.
– [laughs]– So she opens the
Fashion Form Brassiere Company.
Meanwhile, she marries this guy
Harry Crosby
and Harry says,
Hey, babe, because you’re gonna be
my wife Crosby, I feel like you should have
a “C” name. And so it’s like C. Crosby. I would really like it
if you change your name to Clitoris.
– [laughs] – It’s [bleep]ing true.
– [laughs]– And she says
Na–what? No. I’m not gonna
change my name to Clitoris.And he’s like
No, it’s with a “Y”. Still, I’m sorry.
I love you, man, honey, but…
not even with a “Y” will I name myself
Clitoris. What about Caresse? That’s better than
Clitoris. Certainly.He says to her
Hey, Caresse– Car–she’s now Caresse. You’re kinda bored
with the bra business and it’s not taking off. I’m kinda rich.
Why don’t you just let it go?She says
All right, fine.She sells her patentto the Warner Brothers
Corset Company
for $1,500.She’s like
I’m out. I’m good. Had fun. So, wait.
I have to fast-forward. I also have to pee. – Which one you done do first? – No, I have to pee.
– Okay, well, then pee. – I’m gonna.
– [snickers]– In 1929 the bra took hold.Everyone bought bras.The corset was dead.The Warner Brothers
Corset Company
makes $15 millionoff of her patent alone. – That’s a lot of titties.
– I– [laughs] – [laughs]
– Here’s the thing about Mary Phelps Jacob.
She never give a [bleep].She was like
Oh, okay. I sold the patent. Not gonna dwell on it. I’m gonna open
a publishing company that publishes every modern
writer known to man. Hemingway,
James Joyce, Henry Miller,
Edgar Allen Poe, uh–uh–
there’s so many more. Someone look it up
on an iPhone. You’ll see.
– [laughs] – Then was writing pornography for money! And she was great at it.And at the end of her life,someone asked her about,
Hey, uh,
you invented something.And she said
Yeah, yeah. My invention–
it wouldn’t take the place in history of something
like the steamboat, but, yeah…
I invented the bra. The bra is kind of
a big [bleep]ing deal. No one gives a [bleep]
about a steamboat. Do you know anyone
who doesn’t have a bra?

100 thoughts on “Mary Phelps Jacob Invents the Modern Bra (feat. Parker Posey) – Drunk History

  1. Harry Crosby was seven years her junior and died in his thirties, yet here he looks like he was at least fifty. Strange…

  2. First person I can think of that doesn't have a brawl is myself . The second two are my son's & the only other one living in the house is our cat. Our cat doesn't have a brawl & she's a girl cat .

  3. Corsets weren't uncomfortable. They were like for support just like bras. If they were uncomfortable it meant that it didn't fit right.

  4. I wouldn't have given up the bra business … What if one company still owned all bras?! Like no one does could make em lol

  5. Drunk History: in 1910 women where sinched in to tiny corsets all the time
    me, having watched Karolina Żebrowska: uhm… girl… no

  6. Paget is my favorite drunk historian.
    She is amazingly funny and her friendship with Derek makes her appearances even funnier.

  7. Wow.. more feminist lies and BS.. Corsets were not tight-laced, they were not uncomfortable, and women came in a variety of sizes when it comes to waists.. From 16 inches all the way up to 47 inch waists..why lie to further your ridiculous agenda?? Just tell the truth..

  8. Seriously? Corsets were not crazy terrible like they are always made out to be. The great majority of women were not tight-lacing, certainly not enought to displace organs! Whale bone wasn't terrible either. It basically was like long strips made out of fingernail type stuff, not like solid bone.

  9. Unpopular Opinion here corsets were not made to be uncomfortable. The types of course try you are describing is tight lacing which was rare and extremely unhealthy and they knew it as far back as the 1850s. I think corsets are better than bras because they let the women have control over there bodies( albeit for good or bad) and the death of the corset is what lead to the crazy diet fads and harmful pills and hard to reach ideals

  10. I’ve never seen Drunk History before. It’s amazing how well Parker enunciates and how well the tracking of Paget’s voice really looks authentic. Even on the male characters!

  11. Amazing woman! but also I hate bras… I want NOTHING holding back my pups. I want them to jiggle around and do whatever tf they want. it’s what they deserve.

  12. "In 1910, when were cinched into tiny corsets" that's just not true…only upper class women did tight lacing. corsets functioned the same as regular bras, and working women didn't use corsets with rigid boning.

  13. "who gives a shit about steamboats. do you know anyone that doesn't have a bra?"
    me, sitting here with zero bras and seven steamboats: "aw :c"

  14. This is a hilariously inaccurate representation of what it was like to wear a corset. Unless of course this girls maid was literately out to murder this girl or didn't have a clue how to dress another woman.

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