Massive Thrift with Me & Haul – DESIGNER FINDS

Massive Thrift with Me & Haul – DESIGNER FINDS

Oh man, is this an epic thrift. Hi
everybody, it’s Letitia and you guys might know me from my thrifting videos
which is why you’re here, but I also do fashion and DIY, lots of lifestyle,
girl talk. We recently just launched our GIRL WHA?! podcast so I hope you guys can go check that out. Our first episode was talking about consent which was a very
big issue, and it’s my new baby. I haven’t launched anything of my own in
a long time. If you think about it, this channel was launched maybe eight years
ago so it felt like a really big deal. I really hope you guys can check out the
new podcast. I didn’t expect it to happen. All of these trips to the thrift store
were impromptu and I hit up a couple of different ones and it turned out to be
like major success. So the first thrift store I went to, Talize, and that was
when I was doing my home decor thrifting. I tried on a lot of outerwear jackets.
They had a lot of different styles from modern to vintage but it didn’t really
seem like anything fit me quite perfectly, so I actually didn’t end up
picking up any of those pieces, even though that that olive long bomber was
really nice, $20 was just too much. But what I did end up getting was I was like
oh these are a good structure pair of pants like what are they and I look and
it’s vintage Holt Renfrew and they are a wool blend pair of pants, and it wasn’t
until I brought them home that I was like oh wait. Size 30, what is that? I think that’s boys. So I think I picked up boys pants.
And then this more recent piece that I got is a men’s long-sleeved tee, and it’s
written in Japanese and I’ll have to ask Stefan to translate it for me because
he’s learning Japanese right now. We don’t want any barbeque fingers here. Oh
and I have not tried on maybe 50% of what I thrifted. These reactions as I’m wearing them is me figuring out that oh yes, I did a good
job. My friend took me to value village just near Yorkdale mall and it just so
happened to be a 50% off day. It was very busy. Their home decor
section is totally different. Every thrift store has its own vibes, and you
don’t want to go to a thrift store and be that stupid blogger filming. Like if
you go to a true thrift store may be a goodwill or somewhere where it’s bin
hunting, and I know it’s very exciting to film, and maybe one day I’ll find
somewhere to film, but you also need to respect that some people are thrifting
because they need to thrift. And me coming in like a stupid girl with a
camera going, “I’m going thrifting today, let’s see what I find, and like, oh my
gosh fashion pieces were so cheap!” like I don’t want to do that. This Value
Village was very busy and I did find a couple of woven baskets and I was
looking for woven baskets from my last home decor video. They came in abundance this time around. I also got this knit sweater this one was $10 and for 50% off
it was 5. It is a forever 21 piece. Also didn’t try it on. And then this coat. This
matrix coat. This coat fits so nicely, it’s harder to find vintage leather
pieces that fit so well in the shoulders. This went for $40.00 original price and
on sale it was $20. I also got this burgundy leather skirt, which I am trying
on for the first time now. So this one has a slit on the front and the back
which I actually really like. I think that’s a great design detail and it was
originally $12.99 so on sale that’s..$6.50 yeah. I was in a rush that day so I
didn’t try on too many pieces but I just wanted to show you guys how many
interesting pieces there were. They also have a really great selection of shoes.
And then jackpot day. So we went to the west end value village close to
Lansdowne and that one is huge. I’m here with Anna she brought me to this
location. This value village is hers. And yeah. We’ll see how long this will take. Had I known that wicker baskets were in abundance at this value village, I
wouldn’t have been so desperate to pick up the wicker baskets that I had at the
beginning. So I did get that milk jug, it’s actually from homesense for $9.99
and then I got it for $4.99. I did pick up the little jar. The little urn,
vase, thing. It’s so cute. I asked for your opinion on Instagram and everybody said
get the right one, and I think you’re right. I’ll get the
one on the right. Oh my gosh it’s $8.99 ok maybe not maybe I won’t get it that’s
so expensive. These are beautiful. And they’re $6.99. They might be? I was just looking at boots, knee high boots. These are perfect. Ok they’re super weird because they like
taper first and then flare out again? Do you see that? I would totally make a pillowcase out of this dalmatian print, you guys know
I love Dalmatian print. These are pants. These are epic pants. Guys. Thank goodness this is knit because if it wasn’t, they would be way too tiny.
This just fit. This is actually my second wilfred thrifted knit skirt. I also got
this woven purse, a straw bag actually. It’s from the sak, not saks, the sak. This is cute, with a cute summer dress. This is what I have. Leather bustier, pleather skirt. It’s a tight fitting room. And I need to pee. It’s way too big. I just wanted to show you how nice the shape was. Like I could stuff my sweater in here and there’s still plenty of space for these boobs. We’ll work on that. And then we hit up Salvation Army which was just a couple of steps away. Now Anna and I are walking five minutes over to the next thrift store, climbing through the jungle. Both
Anna and I did not have very high hopes for this place. It is a much smaller
store and then the way that they merchandise things, it makes it very
difficult to flip through and peruse. And I didn’t want to be filming too much in
there, I wanted to respect the space, but then this happened. I’m at the second location and it was a bad idea to get coffee because I’m currently holding a coffee, holding a camera, pushing a broken cart with my food. and beginning to sweat. I’m losing my mind. I’m shaking, maybe it’s the coffee. MaxMara. That’s designer. And this hat is cute too Getting like really intense stares
because I’m making a huge display of myself. I’m just going to back into the shadows. And I haven’t even tried it on yet. I’m trying
it on right now. I don’t care if it doesn’t fit. This day will go into the
books as one of my many top thrifted items. I also picked up this silky blouse
and I just thrifted a silk, 100% silk blouse, but then I really liked the
pattern of and the fabric of this, which has – I love like micro dots and it has a
blush pink. It’s very pretty. It went for $6.99 which
is not bad. It’s a pretty modern piece. And this graphic t-shirt is all the way
from Long Beach California. Gold’s Gym men’s t-shirt for a $1.99. And just to close this story full circle, you’ll need to watch my last home decor
thrift video to get this, but um yeah. She found pussy. A dangly one too. So February has been very good to me. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Be sure to check out
the rest of my thrift videos because yeah those are gems too. If you guys like
this be sure to like and subscribe and I would love it if you guys could check
out the GIRL WHA?! podcast and you can also find me on instagram @letitiakiu
I’ll see you guys next time, bye! I can guarantee you almost all guys have
practiced some ways of non-consent but to actually be confronted by it is like,
they don’t want to think of themselves as a bad person and it’s like sure you
may not be a bad person and it’s a systemic issue but almost all guys have
done something like this before, and you need to just accept it. Stop
making yourself the victim and like just learn from it.

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  3. I really love you mention the whole blogger in the thrift store thing, because a lot of the people in the thrift store arenโ€™t there to find as you said โ€œcheap trendy clothesโ€ but to get clothes because they canโ€™t afford brand new clothes

  4. Really liked that you thought about the other ppl that shop at thrift stores out of necessity. Really thoughtful and I hadn't thought of that before. Keep up the good work.

  5. I haven't thrifted in forever but the last time I went I found a wrap dress, my very first one and I am in love! Its velvet and black with red flowers!

  6. pUs$YYYYwillow. I really should know more designer brands. I had no idea who MaxMara was and I looked them up and their coats are typically at least $1,000 like???? amazing find omg

  7. Every thing fit you beautifully, and the Max Mara coat ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ amazing and its perfect! Love your style of videos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. the max mara coat on you is a BIG yes! also the gold's gym shirt is funny because i'm from long beach & i'm pretty sure my dad used to go to that gym haha

  9. I went thrifting a few weeks ago and found think really nice white/beige wool winter coat. I love it soooooo much. I wish I could wear it everyday but I feel like itโ€™s not a coat to wear back and forth to school so I only wear it when Iโ€™m going out with my boyfriend on the weekends. He says I look like a grandma in it ๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Canโ€™t wait to listen to the podcast! Will you be making more soon? Cause I noticed there was only one episode!

  11. Great statement on respecting people and their own experiences in thrifting. Many people are thrifting because it is prudent, and necessary. This is not a trend for them.

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  13. That straw bag is so nice! I love you mentioning respecting the thrift store space, I just do my shopping in there and then hype the pieces on camera when I get home and aren't disturbing anyone! ๐Ÿ’•

  14. This was wonderful! insightful as ever re vlogging in thrift stores when its important to keep it a safe space for people who cant afford to shop elsewhere. I adored the first episode of girl wha?! it felt like such an intimate and real discussion and i really appreciated it (also love the return of the pussy willow – never fails to make me giggle) xx

  15. Idk I think it's good to come there and show you're a blogger out to find fashion goods. It might "un-shame" (Swedish word, can't find a better translation) the whole thriftshopping thing, you know. In Sweden we promote 2nd hand as a stairway to fashion heaven just to get the fashion bloggers to join the circular economy movement, and thrift shopping is WAY less shameful now than even 2 years ago.

    But with that said I really really understand the shameful kind of feeling you get when you enter a thriftshop and you think people are there because they need to. And you do a very good job at normalizing thriftshopping by posting these videos, you've been my biggest thriftshopping inspirement for like 6 years or more

  16. I love your channel even more after your statement regarding respecting the privacy of other shoppers at thrift stores. Sometimes other bloggers seems so flippant regarding filming other people at thrift stores. The Max Mara coat was a reward to your kind consideration. Find of the year!

  17. good for you mui, keeping considerations for others in mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

    also lol @ that shirt – LET'S RUN AWAY FROM OUR PROBLEMS

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  19. Very respectful commentary about filming instore – I shall subscribe based on your attitude which is amazing! Some bloggers are clueless and you should give them an etiquette lesson.

  20. 2:37 Iโ€™m so glad you brought that up. While Iโ€™m thrifting I always try to be mindful that I am thrifting because of personal choices, rather than necessity. I canโ€™t think of the best word for it, but there is definitely a gentrification aspect to privileged people thrifting.

  21. huge huge respect for your thrifting principles. I'm sick and tired of young privileged girls hoping on the thrifting train because it's trendy. Oh and how about the ugly thrifting challenge? Very disrespectful. I'm so over these videos. Yours was refreshing and full of depth and perspectives on how to behave in a respectful way while thrifting. Seriously, props.

  22. I love how you reminded everyone to be aware of filming in thrift stores! It's "trendy" to some but to others it's a way of life and we need to be respectful of that!๐Ÿ’•

  23. That Max Mara coat is goals! I once had a woman come up to me at the thrift store and she handed me a blouse, saying: this one doesnโ€™t fit me but it should fit you! Itโ€™s a really nice blouse!
    I looked at the label and almost peed my pants…it was Chloรฉ! 100% Silk! And I paid like โ‚ฌ2 for it ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Love ya๐Ÿฅฐ

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