Master Bedroom Design and Bedding. Colorful Bedroom Design

Master Bedroom Design and Bedding. Colorful Bedroom Design

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26 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Design and Bedding. Colorful Bedroom Design

  1. @airwavesdc I am working on a couple of projects. One- French style kitchen. Another is a modern home. Third is a small apartment in NYC-need to find solution for the small space and a lot of storage needs. Good luck with your project. What are you doing for them?

  2. @localottawabusiness Thank you, and thanks you for taking your time for the insight. I used to spell "colour' when studied English (different lifetime). So cute!

  3. I'm with @localottabusiness Had no idea how the directional color affected the look of the room, great insights!

    We're moving into our first house very soon, so your videos are very timely 🙂

  4. Love this! Moving into the house soon, and picking out colors. I've asked my wife to check out your channel so we can be on the same page!

  5. Very professional and entertaining. Loved to watch it – especially to see the end result of the room. Excellent work. – Juan

  6. @tommyisastrategist oh, wow! This is so great to hear! good luck with your house and let me know if you have any questions.

  7. @WealthWithVitoria Thank you, you are so sweet to watch the whole thing. I am glad you enjoyed it. happy to be helpful if I am.

  8. I love the combination of colors you used for this bedroom. You really made it warm and inviting. I enjoy watching your videos.

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