Master Bedroom Makeover|Interior Design

Master Bedroom Makeover|Interior Design

Hello, I’m Jennifer, with Jennifer
decorates and today it’s going to be all about a master bedroom makeover! But
before we get started, we have to get all this furniture out and by we- I kinda
mean Scott and Josh. Well, we’re finished with the room, it’s four hours later. The guys have already left there getting a table at the Mexican
restaurant, that was the deal, but I think the room turned out wonderful! It’s
really updated. She has all new furniture, the bedding is gorgeous with the drapes
hung high up on the wall because she has vaulted ceilings. Alice even made a little
pillow that matches the drapes! One of my favorite things in this room is she has
an antique Holland window hung above her bed and that’s kind of like, the first
thing you see when you come in and it’s really beautiful! They’re waiting outside
so I’m really hoping they’re going to be as excited as we are because we love
the way it turned out! Thank you so much for watching! I hope
you enjoyed this bedroom makeover. Be sure to subscribe to my channel because
we have a new video coming out next Friday and I’ll see you then!

31 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover|Interior Design

  1. Yay! Two videos this week! I love it! 😍 The new furniture really brightens up the room! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the rustic touch! Another winner Jennifer 😉👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕💜

  2. Just beautiful! Love the color pallette. Question…do you have a resource for longer length curtains or do you have them custom made?

  3. Jennifer! I love this! I am changing some things up in my bedroom now that I have seen this video. Also thanks for 2 videos in one week! Have a blessed weekend.

  4. I love everything you did in this room! I’m just curious why you put the window sign so high over the bed. Did you try it lower, and it didn’t work?

  5. I like everything you did, except the placement of the sign over the bed. To me, it would look much better below the drapery rods and closer to the headboard. Or, put three smaller mirrors or framed art below the sign, where it is now.

  6. Putting the art work that high… I never would have thought of that! It does pull the eye up and gives a feel of being more elevated, while keeping it soft, tasteful and simple.

  7. Hi Jennifer, I have a question about placement of end tables ( in my case I am using night stands ) how far or how close is the best way to place them to the wall and how close to the arm of the furniture ? Thank You so much for your time…

  8. It is beautiful but my heart was breaking when I saw all that wonderful mahogany and dark wood furniture leaving the room. I shipped my Henredon and other wonderful American furniture when I moved back to The UK…Hurricane Harvey hit The Houston ship channel so there was some serious damage on arrival. Having said that even with some TLC the quality of the furniture is far superior to here and even with shipping costs and losses well worth the cost.

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