30 thoughts on “Matte Painting Tutorial for Architectural Visualisation – Narrated/Explained

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I use to have a digital tutors subscription and I remember watching one of your tutorials. Amazing stuff Pedro

  2. 非常喜欢“Arqui9 Visualisation

  3. Pedro___Dude, watching this at 230 am after a couple of Jack-Ds with some Yatao Hang Drum beats, Awesome to watch a focused trippy time lapse creation with a pro-down tempo explanation.. super chilled way to learn – Hats Off ..You rocked this…. full on crafted it bro, Now thats some inspirational skills Thanks..A+GOLD STAR.

  4. photo references is everything and having the right photo stock will make or break you.

    how would you suggest i start building up my catalogue?

  5. I been trying over and over again but always fail, been making these cool looking blocks that sort of look like buildings in mandelbulb 3d I really want to bring them to life with matte painting but never turns out the way I want..maybe they suck?..maybe I should start with real buildings?…maybe I don't have a good imagination? would really like to see what you could do with them in a video… overall really like your work

  6. This is really awesome. Wish I had time to do it myself, instead I send a single rendering to http://scarab13.com/architecture, and I get a nice 3-stage illustration (from technical drawing all the way to a photo) in one image. It’s great for my project cover pages

  7. This is so useful, thank you – 2D matte art has always interested me and been an area I wanted to approach, but there were a lot of process blanks that I didn't know how to approach and my images would always be off the mark in regards to being believable. The combination and manipulation of all PS's tools was very useful to see – approaching the creation of this as kind of a 50-50 between image stock and custom paint. Thanks!

  8. Sometimes I think .. I'm very bad for the Vray and I get depressed, then I watch your videos and I think………….. I'm too bad for photoshop 🙁

  9. i ve to download it so that i can see it in 1x speed.
    looking forward to learn a lot from this video……

  10. That awesome artistic talent in combination with this contineous talking put me in some kind of trance…
    thanks man!

  11. I love how you are are constantly talking and iterating your ideas. It doesn't only explain the work but we also get a glimpse of your mind and the creative process involved. The way you break down and emphasize core ideas and workflows makes it really easy to understand that pieces of work like this are not so daunting if you know how to approach them. Thanks so much this tutorial has been very educational!

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