MEDCottage, A Tiny House Designed for The Elderly, Amazing Small House Design

MEDCottage, A Tiny House Designed for The Elderly, Amazing Small House Design

MEDCottage, A Tiny House Designed for The Elderly

30 thoughts on “MEDCottage, A Tiny House Designed for The Elderly, Amazing Small House Design

  1. Uhhhh….Granny only gets a microwave for cooking? I'm not seeing any sort of cook top or oven in the kitchen.

    I'm also not seeing any closets for clothes.

  2. Please remark on the cost of a house this size…  I inquired about a builder putting a "box" on property I owned, with only plumbing, electricity, water lines and gas lines in place and the cost was $80,000.00!!!…  Unaffordable!!

  3. Very nice that the design gives a place for visiting the invalid. I would like to see a bit more patio area for taking them to sit in the sunshine. Well planned. Where is this design available?

  4. I would love to see clean and safe housing developments based on these designs—maybe with a microwave or such and a small wardrobe for clothes.  After all you wouldn't need much if everything is already packed to go on cruises all the time ;)—NOT!  When you get older you realize that you wasted decades collecting "things" that are only like dead albatrosses around your neck.  Why not downsize and finally get-to-live-a-little????

  5. So a couple things I notice:  no stove, I definitely have more than TWO personal care items I would want to store in my bathroom, seems like a lot of wasted space in the upper/ceiling area (lighting is nice, but this are could be better used) and is there just a washer and no dryer?  Also, does this unit only accommodate a twin/hospital bed?  Too small for this girl.  Good for some, but not me.

  6. As a senior this one is close but not good enough. Open floor plan and wide doorway into the bathroom a plus! No actual living room to entertain guest (grandchildren) and minimal kitchen with fridge below the counter sucks. For less independent seniors a space in the family home or a caregiver home is safer.

  7. I have Cerebral Palsy. I could use rhis kind of place, too. Except that I am 50 and live with my husband and 19 year old son.

  8. Need health or life insurance? Come consult with a local senior insurance agent representative in your area today. Serious inquiries only in the the state of South Carolina. Let's have a great day if your reading this.

  9. Thanks for this video. I appreciate someone finally showing a design for people with needs, one does not have to be elderly to benefit from a design like this. Geeze so many complaints, if this cannot be modified, there are thousands of others from which to choose.

  10. Putting the dishwasher and washing machine so close to the floor doesn't show a lot of forethought. Lots of seniors have trouble bending down so low, I would also reorganize the layout and put the bed where the kitchenette is. Then take all the room I gain and put a better kitchen with an elevated washing machine and dishwasher along with a loveseat in front of te kitchen . I'm sure the price is outrageous so they might as well do it right.

  11. Cute, but that fridge is not cool and toilet too low. Bending over for seniors is a bad idea. I know because I’m a nurse at a ortho rehab.

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