Medieval Rustic Library + Interior Minecraft Tutorial Video

Medieval Rustic Library + Interior Minecraft Tutorial Video

Hello friends Are you ready for another medieval rustic styled build? Because this time we are going to build a library and as a cherry on the cake we’ll do the complete interior as well So by the end of this tutorial you’ll have a beautiful medieval rustic styled 3 floor high and fully decorated library in your village or town to show off to your friends We are going to build the interior first and these are the materials you’ll need If you are building our entire village then build your roads as you see on the image in the same way we built the roads on the lower level of the village After that split up the rectangle in four equal parts as we will have two buildings in there Now lets get in to building Start by placing two rows of spruce wood on both sides of that line that divides the rectangle in half One block away from the edge. We’ll place our first spruce wood log with a cobblestone slab on top Leave a two block gap and place a cobblestone block Then a two block gap and a spruce wood log with a slab again Do this one more time and fill up the gaps with cobblestone wall Now repeat this on the opposite side Place your first four block high spruce wood pillar diagonal from the last spruce wood log Then place four more pillars with one block gap between each one Switching between three and four blocks high and connect them at the top Leave a five block gap and repeat this pillar pattern in the opposite direction We are then going to build the exact same pillar setup on the left side of the library Now leave a five block gap in the front and build three four block high pillars. Connect them at the top Repeat this on the right side On the backside of the library we’ll leave a five block gap again, build two four block high pillars Three three block high pillars and again two four block high pillars Connect them at the top Now switch to white concrete and build a door gap in the front center of the library In the five o’clock gaps we are going to build two windows one block away from the floor Rebuild this window shape in the remaining five five block gaps With all windows and doors built, we can now fill up the remaining openings on the inside of the library outline with white concrete blocks Now we’ll place one upside down cobblestone stair with two spruce wood fences on top in each of the one block gaps And we’ll do that around the entire library Then build a spruce wood plank pathway from the door to that center pathway And also fill up the entire floor inside the library with spruce wood planks Next we’ll place stained glass panes in the window gaps and two upside-down cobblestone stairs on the sides with s spruce wood fence in the center we’ll do that on all the windows I am using black stained glass panes for this tutorial, but feel free to use any color you like Now we are ready to start building the roof and we’ll begin at the front door on the right side with three stairs and one upside down stair We’ll do the same on the other side of this part And then we’ll go up with full blocks, stairs and upside down stairs until both sides meet up in the center In that Center we’ll place one upside down stair with a stair on top, one stair behind and a slab on top of that We will have three of those roof shapes on both the left and the right side of the library So follow what I do here and where I place full blocks of cobblestone on top is where you should build those same roof shapes as The one we built in the front of the library The left side is the exact same as the right side, so I’ll speed this up just a little bit You just want to build a flipped version of the right side Then build those five roof shapes so you have six of them in total Connect both sides with stairs in the back and add only two stairs in the front as we’ll have a little Overhang in between them here Next we’ll connect those roof shapes with spruce wood logs so we can start filling up the right and left side of the library’s roofs To do this we’ll use spruce wood planks and stairs And we’ll connect the full blocks of cobblestone in a corner using our spruce wood planks Afterwards you can just place spruce wood stairs on top of the spruce wood plank blocks I’ll repeat that one more time a little faster here And then place two slabs on top with a full block next to them Fill the rest with slabs and add one more full block in the center Now repeat this exact same thing on the left side of the library To fill up those V shapes we’ll start by placing two spruce logs on the sides and three behind those stairs at the top And fill up that gap above as well Behind this we’ll build a white concrete wall with a window gap Then place one spruce plank in that remaining opening Fill the window gap with stained glass panes and place to spruce fences in the corners now repeat this in all six V shapes Inside the library we can now fill up those walls underneath those roofs with white concrete blocks For the highest roof we’ll begin one block away from that center block and build the same pattern as the V shapes we built earlier On the backside of the library we’ll connect the two top cobblestone blocks with spruce wood planks in a straight line Below this we have to connect them with the two v-shape roofs from the back so it forms a half rectangle shape each time And then you can place your spruce with stairs on top of those At the top we’ll connect both sides with spruce wood logs and place cobblestone slabs on top with a full block, three blocks away from the sides and one in the middle We can then fill up that back wall underneath the roof with white concrete And fill up those two small openings on the sides of this roof with sideways spruce wood logs Now we can build the final v-shape on the front side of the library and we’ll start two blocks behind the cobblestone So place once spruce wood block and a stair first Behind these we want to place three cobblestone blocks And then we’ll go up in the same way we did with all the other V shapes until they meet up in the middle And it should end up at the same height as the center roof So we can connect this v-shape to that roof with spruce logs at the top To fill up this roof we’ll start by placing two corner shapes in spruce wood planks at the top and adding our spruce wood stairs on top of those Below this we’ll connect both V shapes with a half rectangle in spruce wood planks and again placing our stairs on top The right side is the exact same but mirrored To fill up that v-shape will place three spruce logs in the middle and replace these blocks with sideways spruce logs Place a crossbeam above the three logs and connect the corners with two more logs You can replace the two top spruce wood plank blocks with spruce logs as well On the inside we can remove these four blocks For the top bit of this v-shape we’ll place two spruce logs in the corners and a crossbeam behind the top two stairs Fill up the gap above that as well Then build three windows in those three gaps with white concrete blocks and fill up the remaining openings in the wall You can also replace these two spruce wood with white concrete Place fences at the bottom of the windows and make that window at the top be one block higher than it is now Then fill up the gaps with glass panes To finalize the exterior we’ll place two cobblestone blocks next to the door Three spruce fences against them and then we’ll place two more cobblestone blocks next to those On top of these two we’ll add to spruce fences Then we’ll build two rows of cobblestone stairs on top and fill the middle gap with slabs Add a few more slabs on top of that to To decorate the windows in the center v-shape we’ll add a grass block between the fences And place flowers of your choice on top Then place five wooden trapdoors as I do here in each of these three windows For the smaller parts its a little different You want to leave the middle two concrete blocks between the lower window visible For the rest It’s the exact same setup After that it’s just a matter of repeating this on the remaining five window parts of the library Now we can start with interior, and these are the materials you’ll need Before we begin place two spruce wood fences on both sides of the door Inside the library on the wall where the door is and in line with this corner We’ll place our first spruce wood log two blocks away from the wall Then place two more logs with one block gap between them in a corner and builtd them up all the way to the top of the roof We’ll do the same thing on the other side as well The first floor of the library will be one block below the top window here We’ll bring it all the way across next to the pillars and fill up this side with spruce wood planks And again, we’ll do the same on the opposite side Now connect both sides with two rows of spruce against the back wall Then place upside down spruce wood stairs as I do here In these two block gaps we’ll build our first staircases with spruce wood stairs Fill up the gaps behind the stairs between the wall and pillar with bookshelves Then fill up the gaps below the stairs with spruce wood plank blocks We’ll add some spruce fences next to the stairs making sure we have two spruce fences at the bottom stair and going up one fence each time Then we’ll place some more fences on the edge of the first floor Build a spruce log pillar in line with this corner and fill the gap with nine bookshelves Do the same on this side Now we’ll move to the opposite side and do this two more times We’ll build a few more bookshelves against that back wall on the first floor Place a spruce log pillar on both the corners One in the middle and then fill up the gaps between them with three rows of bookshelves In this little area we’ll build a study corner by placing three tables and some chairs We’ll use oak wood stairs, oak wood fences and brown carpet for these Next to these last chairs we’ll add one more pillar and fill up the gaps with three rows of bookshelves Now repeat all this on the opposite side Next we’ll build the librarians personal spot and we’ll start by placing bookshelves in these two gaps Then add two more rows in the corners Place a spruce log crossbeam at the bottom for the cash register later on We’ll build a little table using upside down oak wood stairs and a oak wood slab in between and then we’ll add a few more slabs at the top Place two spruce gates in those two side gaps and add some brown carpet on the table For the cash register we’ll use a stone brick stair and place a flower pot with a sapling of your choice inside next to it Now I know it all looks a bit dark, but we’ll add the lighting at the end when the whole interior is built In the two remaining side areas on the bottom floor we’ll add another pillar with some bookshelves Between these two pillars next to the stairs on the first floor, we’ll build a staircase to the second floor You will want to fill that side gap with spruce fence and place three spruce wood stairs going up Our ceiling or floor will be right above those bookshelves This is why we only built three rows of everything Make sure to fill up the entire floor only leaving those stair gaps open and remember to place a fourth stair against this floor We’ll add three more spruce fences against these stairs on both sides In the corners next to these windows we’ll place a cauldron with some leaves on top Then add a few wooden trapdoors against these spruce wood planks to make this look a little better We now want to repeat this on the opposite side Now let’s do the third and final floor Now this floor needs quite a bit of work as all roofs come together here So let’s start by filling up that gap at the top with spruce wood planks Below that we”ll build another layer of spruce wood planks which will be our ceiling Now we want to go around this room and place a two block high wall with white concrete blocks Place one spruce log pillar here in the middle and add bookshelves in this pattern Then bring them up to the ceiling Let’s build one more study corner against this window And then we’ll place two more cauldrons with leaves next to the stairs Now to light it up we’ll use an item frame with an oak wood slab inside and a torch We’ll do this next to both cauldrons and against this pillar On the first floor. We’ll add one of these against this pillar One in the little study area and where you place this one is entirely your choice And then one more next to this cauldron Then do this on the same locations on the opposite side Place one more on this pillar in the middle and one next to the cash register Finally we’ll add one against this Center pillar and one here behind this pillar Now one more time on the opposite side on the same locations We can then add a few paintings on this wall so it doesn’t look so empty So build this pattern with slabs and then add your paintings Finally place a door in the door gap, and now you have a beautiful rustic medieval style library Do give this tutorial a like and share it with your friends so they can enjoy it as well Click here for more tutorials you could use Orr here to see tutorials requested by Minecrafters just like you Subscribe and join the team and turn on your notifications by clicking the bell So you can be the first to see our next video This was Jay. Thank you for watching And I’ll see you next Friday for a new tutorial

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  1. Lots of work went in to this one so I hope you'll enjoy it. Added some time stamps in the description for navigating the video as well πŸ˜‰ at the beginning i say we'll build the interior first but this of course should have been exterior xD
    The school to place across from the library can be found here.
    The school interior and garden is now online as well guys

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  3. cant follow the freaking tutorial because im not making the rectangle for this build and im not going through the trouble of dealing with you not counting the gaps. not everyone gonna build the damn rectangle for the layout

  4. Awesome build bro ya could of lit the interior so we could see what your doing whilst doing it thou not a criticism just saying

  5. Yes yes yes! Fuck! Bro this tutorial is fucking on point scuse language but thank YouTube recommendations on this very rare occasion

  6. Bookshelves are so expensive omgg but i’ll try my best to get more than 2 stacks, so far only have half a stack sighhh

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