44 thoughts on “Meechy Darko – Gotta (Prod. By The Architect)

  1. I want a triple disc album. THREE SOLO ALBUMS. or course they would collaborate on each other’s tracks here and there. I think that’d be dope though, we’d get a look at their talent not just as a collective, but individual artist. Just a thought. ✌🏻

    Or an Architect beat tape would be dope

  2. I kind of wanna see these 3 drop solo projects. I dont want them to break up just wanna see them do solo stuff to see

  3. "I just remembered carmen out in San Diego its so ironic cause her last name was Santiago " wtf 😂 beast

  4. Meechy is my favorite rapper right next to em because of so many reasons but idk if they are even comparable you know. Top3 for sure idgaf!

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