Meet Andrew Thomas Huang, the Lighting of the Sails artist for 2019

Meet Andrew Thomas Huang, the Lighting of the Sails artist for 2019

[ Music ]>>Andrew Thomas Huang: Hi, I’m
Andrew Huang, and I am an artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. [ Music ] I’m really thrilled to be
creating visuals for the lighting of the Sydney Opera House sails
at Vivid Sydney this year. It’s such an honour to be able to
create work for the Sydney Opera House, and it’s such a beautiful,
iconic building, and one of the most iconic
buildings in the world. So to be able to create a
moving image for it I think, is fantastic, and I’m super thrilled. I’ve never done something
this big on a building. You know, I’ve done large-scale
projections, but nothing this ambitious with such a unique, architectural
identity [music]. I usually start by drawing or
sketching to come up with my ideas. In this case, the native plants of Australia was just
a good starting point. And I think being that this is a
time-based medium, I always like to work with performers when I can, so
rather than just animating flowers, I thought it would be more special
to drive the flower animation with actual performance in response
to the structure of the building. My creative process, I usually
like to work with collaborators, and I like to work with performance. And I always try to find a
way to bring human movement into a piece of work [music]. I think the most important
thing for me is, I guess, young people seeing it
and see what’s possible. And I would love if people can
recognise what plants or flowers are on the building and see
them in a new way. Yeah, I would want people to respond
to the actual material and concept, and I think to inspire young people
to try doing things with the medium. I admit, I’ve never been to
Sydney, but I think from afar it’s such a beautiful place and I’m
excited to just see the work that big on such a beautiful building. [ Music ]

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