Mercedes-Benz G Class G500 4×4 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Mercedes-Benz G Class G500 4×4 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone this is the all-new mercedes-benz G 500 4×4 I also filmed the 6×6 check my channel I’ll add the six one it looks like a monster the color is called or based on black metallic it has differential so you can go off-road and get never stuck it has 442 horsepower six on the 10th 10 Newton meters of torque zero to six to seven point four seconds and the top speed is two on the anti-prom it’s proud it has a four liter v8 engine and it has a 7-speed automatic gearbox it weighs 2922 kilograms carbon wheel arches AMG package standard by external headlights with LED daytime running lights oMG grew the normal crew not the mg those are very high clearance just like the 6×6 a lot of differentials extended three arches special 4×4 two wheels with red brake callipers Pirelli tires 22 inch but these are special off-road tires beautiful craftsmanship v8 logo the exhaust or on the side privacy clause LED turn signals elimination on the net the mirrors full leather interior other shot in a minute it’s an amazing piece of car the ultimate ultimate off-road car I think in my opinion 480 litres capacity in the back and this is the Fiat engine for liter as I said of course the interior is just like the normal G clause but the pattern is different special mate interior heated seats three settings three settings as I said ten to three windows it is a very high car I am going meter an 83 but the running boards help you to enter the car nice blue eliminated let up mercy spaz no room right stitch a half letter of Alcantara Alcantara headliner and this is the beautiful interior with the carbon trim on the door panels and – special sort of a AMG stereo with flat bottom design and Alcantara on the side sport pedals sunroof at the top this is the space in the back and one meter and eighty-three I have a lot of headroom this is for the air conditioning and the seats two cupholders down there to off hold power of that three seats and and you can fit easily with three persons in the back no transmission tunnel I have little bit problems when I get into the car but these are luxury problems is it easy to fix ma’am or seats three person setting can also adjust the side bowls ranks with these even the addresses power adjustable it has the hormone cortisol system ambient lightning nice patent Alcantara lock/unlock Storch area again three-person member seat folded mirrors it has a quality feel feel on it I like the pedals and every part is leather wrapped it has a quite nice interior the top speed is 210 km/h the car is almost written 2910 22 kilograms it has a nice steering view with leather and alcantara I like the the little bottles for the memory seats automatic lights Bluetooth connectivity and a storage area underneath it adjustable side post rings with these go for the navigation creative front defrost low range support them Tiptronic 7 speed automatic gearbox with the chef’s paddles we understand you climate control digital climate control fully automatic fan speed do also heated seats three settings air-conditioned seats this is for in the winter you can set the car up for 810 defrost the car ESP you can’t understand well we eat them seeds again three settings control for the common navigation system these are for the differentials I think it has five differentials system settings lingua tronic rift camera it has a lot of languages as you saw this this system is like on the other mercedes-benz course time settings system settings internet uses mass apps video can watch TV phone settings Bluetooth connectivity as I said audio settings navigation split-screen and when you press the star it goes directly to the clock and when you press the other star the screen turns off force control you can give the car commands like this no town has been entered canceled excusing from us just scroll down the trip computer digital speedometer range again the different settings these are the safety systems lights the settings for the vehicle heating you can turn to the factory settings if you want this is for the gearbox P reverse neutral Drive flattered – dimming rear view mirror with the garage door only three settings it has a one touch automatic sunroof alarm settings I have a lot of headroom and the steering wheel was power adjustable so you can find your position quite well thanks for watching

78 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz G Class G500 4×4 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. I used to say range rovers are better, but now ford makes them so now this Mercedes is starting to look pretty damn good.

  2. Alaattin sen olsan 2011 e250cdi mı alırsın yoksa 2015 e180 mi ,biri eski kasa biri yeni ama birinin motoru güçlü biri yeni model yeni tasarım ,o konuda kararsız kaldım…

  3. so here in USA,probably $130-$150k,with that saying,what's with the what we call "fisheyes" on the paint,thought it would be perfectly "smooth",,watch at the beginning u can see it,,BUT ALSO SWEET REVIEW

  4. that car is ugly as hell!!! i can't believe mercedes benz gets away with selling these shit boxes for over 200k BARF MUCH????

  5. NOT all bad…. This is a Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² Squared, yes is a limited edition, if you're filming a "review" (this shit video, you call review) you should seek more information about the vehicle. This takes the same axes as the 6×6, portals axes. The Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² Squared comes equipped with permanent four-wheel drive, off-road reduction and three differential locks. Power comes from a new 416-horsepower 4.0-liter V8 biturbo Mercedes revealed for the first time the G500 4×4² Squared in Geneva car show and also added that the new standard-spec 4×4² G500. That engine has 450 lb.ft (610 Nm).
    G500 4×4² Squared starts in € 226,100 (approx. US $ 254,500), which is more than twice the price of standard 105K € G500.

  6. Hey my buddy just picked one of the G550 up and none of us even the dealer can figure out how to turn on the roof led bar. Do you know how?

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