Mercedes-Benz GLA 2018 – Drive, In Depth Review Interior Exterior Night

Mercedes-Benz GLA 2018 – Drive, In Depth Review Interior Exterior Night

hey everyone welcome to our laughter 61 today we’re the brand-new Mercedes GLA this is the facelift in this video I will show all the differences for start it has the LED headlight system it has new LED taillights with the Stardust effect it has also new features on the interior for example I really like the score measure exterior color at the back you can see the new redesigned LED tail lights two stripes with Stardust effect just like the e-class what this car also has is the urban package the chrome parts in the rear diffuser looks lovely you have also the chrome parts in the front this car has also the automatic rear tailgate and the keyless entry until start the price for the GLA starts at 32,000 dollars in the US and Europe in this country 38 thousand euros the fuel efficiency is five point six liter per 100 kilometers combined seven point four in the city four point six on the highway it has a 50 litre fuel tank this GLA produces 122 horsepower and 200 Newton meters of torque it’s a front wheel drive car it has a 7-speed automatic transmission the engine is a 1.6 liter four-cylinder in nine petrol engine zero to six to an eight point seven seconds the top speed is 200 km/h that’s 130 miles per hour let’s take a closer look to this brand new GLA beautiful corneum badge color new LED headlight system high performance the shape is also different to the previous model looks lovely you have the urban package with the chrome parts in the lower bumper and the radiator grille was also different looks very very nice you have the 18-inch ramps at the side 235 50 18 these are also special to the facelift they set the car apart and my eyes looks lovely you have the LED turn signals we will look at the interior in a few moments chrome parts in the door handles and it has of course the keyless entry function you can lock it and unlock it with your hands you can also buy it with the panoramic sunroof at the back you have dual chrome tipped exhaust and you have the LED rear taillights two stripes new shape for the face left the car is also the graphic camera you can open the trunk with the kick future this is a very cool feature 2335 kilograms the trunk space 421 liters when you fold the rear seats down a thousand two hundred and thirty five liters storage area power outlets you can close to at the bottom or with this and we are now in the interior of the GLA facelift new type steering view new navigation screen leg extensions and bent lighting with 12 colors this is the space left I am one meter in 83 thanks to the shape of the seat you have more space in the back you have the armrest with the cupholders nice ambient lighting also in the addresses dark headliner my head is not touching the roof [Applause] the driver seat of the GLA facelift lovely conn-young Bosch exterior color folding mirrors colored screens comment system with Carmen navigation you have the adjustable armrest storage area with USB inputs two cupholders to control for the command system this is for the main menu because it’s automatic the gear levers behind the steering wheel not here so you have more space and storage areas power outlet climate control dual-zone front defrost rear defrost automatic mode of course you can’t turn it off heated seats three settings for the driver and passenger parking sensors you can turn off the start/stop dynamic select you have the comfort sport individual and eco mode I will lift and support you have also the display the trip computer now that’s that and you have also the chef’s pedals behind the steering view nicely done by Marseilles mass it has of course the rear view camera pops out of the mercedes-benz emblem two types of views white screen or fu it has the guidelines of course nicely done multicolored trap computer display sport mode automatic the start/stop is turned off you have the consumption Eco display digital speedometer fuel water temperature and here you have the navigation food and safety systems brake assist attention assist I’m for drive up reverse and press this for Park and then you have the automatic wipers turn signals you have the cruise control with limiter automatic lights electronic add break this is to release it this is to turn it on of course of folding mirrors this is done automatically by the way lovely dark headliner and you have the SOS button for emergencies during review mirror sunglass compartment it is lit up before I start with the test drive in the city I want to say that this graphic camera has a better quality than the previous GLA which is also good you can also buy the GLA with the 360 degrees camera system what I like about this GLA is that it’s a very comfortable car in the city and also on the highway very comfortable suspension the sound isolation is really good you will see it on the highway it’s even better it’s very comfortable the gear changes are very smooth and I like the fact that the gear lever is buying the steering view not here so you have storage areas down here which is good the suspension is really comfortable of course when you put it in sport mode then it’s a little bit stiffer than normal but that’s okay I like it in comfort mode because of the high seating position you have a clear vision on the road one of the reasons to Baia GLA another reason is that this car is a front-wheel drive car just like the a-class and the CLA cloth it’s a front-wheel drive car it is safer than a rear-wheel drive car another cool feature is that this car has the keyless entry and the keyless start push button ignition so when you have the key in your pocket you can open the car and start the car a very nice feature what is also a cool feature is that when you park the car and you open the door it engages automatically the electron can’t rate so the car will never grow back on forward another cool feature is the dynamic select function with that you can select different characters for your car covert sport aid video or eco mode and on this facelift you get 12 colors for the ambient lighting you can select the brightness you can adjust the brightness of it very cool done what I also like on this GLA are the seats they are very comfortable they have the leg extensions you can adjust it it’s perfect for long people we are now sport mode [Music] now you can hear the engine more it arrests higher [Music] even though it’s a 1.6 it has a really nice sounding engine note and you can see the triangle in the display that means you are too close to the car in the front pay attention that’s also a really cool feature of Versailles Mass very little event Lewis no engine noise no diamas it’s a long-distance Cruiser with a lot of space good looks great design nice done by Amos Amos I prefer the GLA over the rivals because it’s quality everyone has a different opinion about the screen but I like it it’s it’s a fixed screen I think it looks good but I’m now doing that economy run on the highway I did a reset on the settings and I travel really carefully it’s an economy mode eco mode in the seventh gear one on balance Robert we traveled several kilometers the distance that we traveled this seven kilometers and that average fuel economy is five point three meters but an average be the one that counts per hour so the factory says four point six meters movement and I get five point three meters for Mama the blunts on the highway which means it’s really good what I also want to say is that the rearview mirror is a dimming rearview mirror also the left outside mirror is dimming at night so when there’s a traffic bank you there’s no problem thanks to the dim mirrors lovely done by a mercy expense I think this this this design will also age really good [Music] thanks to the dynamic select button you can make it a very comfortable car or a very sporty car for a 1.6 it’s really fast it’s unbelievable how it goes how it pulls it has good traction when you accelerate very hard you don’t lose traction it has special tires front wheel drive car sits a little bit higher than the a Klaus has more space lovely done you can also buy it at the premium plus package then you get the rear camera park pilot memory seats Garmin map pilot system all mccord on sound system panoramic sunroof and so on this one has the 8 inch color display it has also the light and sight package and the mirror package and the keyless go comfort package

38 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz GLA 2018 – Drive, In Depth Review Interior Exterior Night

  1. Abi bir araç almak istiyoruz ama manuel olucak C serisi , a6 ve 4 serisi gran coupe arası kaldık sence hangisi iyi ? Yine çok güzel video 👍🏻

  2. Hayir tüm parcaları reno dan geliyor 1.6 dci tüm parcaları üstünde ve captur da hemen hemen ayni saniyede çıkıyor yani ha captur ha gla

  3. How is the harman kardon sound system sounding in this car compared to other cars? also Ive read its more noisy than the competitors?

  4. I love your videos and your voice is very soothing and the accent is the best in the world, from a young Dutch junior Doctor who has just bought this car in the AMG 4MATIC , and I also have the CLA AMG 45 ( all 2018 plates ) great video my friend.

  5. It took me a while to get used to the center gear shift in the steering column, but now I love it. You are correct, more room. Great automobile for city and highway.

  6. Just got a GLA automatic 200 as a company car (my personal car is an Audi A3 2.0 TDI 2 door). The GLA is much more luxurious than my A3, but the GLA is slow, no fun to drive vs the powerful 150 bhp in my manual A3. Also the front doors of the GLA are too short : I am 1.98 m tall and push the driver seat back, meaning the arm rest in the door is too far in front, and left driver visibility is poor because I get the separation between front and rear doors on my side. Not good. And much better on the 2 door A3 with long doors. A3 (2 door version) the clear winner as a fun car.

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