Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 450 AMG 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 450 AMG 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey I’m wrong welcome to Alaska six one today I’m sitting in a beautiful Jiali 450 AMG this one is the second most powerful AMG available this one has all the features you can get in this video I will show every detail of this beautiful car it has memory seats it has the Blind Spot Assist it does the chef’s baddest man steering you it has the key let’s go cysts I will show the driver seat trunk space the space in the back and the engine hey everyone here is the brand-new mercedes-benz GLA coupe this color is called the polar white this model is an exclusive GL e450 AMG coupe 4matic with the all-wheel drive system in this video we will take a look at every detail for example it has the LED light system but daytime running lights beautiful special AMG rims special again for the 450 AMG this 450 AMG has a couple of differences to the normal G le groupe it has the AMG Sport Package AMG rims a rear spoiler at the back different diffuser different exhausts with a great sound and also the interior is different as you already know the mercedes-benz m-class has changed its name it’s now called the G le and this one is the g le coupe looks nice in my opinion it’s a very good sporty looking crossover SUV from mercedes-benz it’s a very luxurious and comfortable car and a very fast one too right stitching this jelly 450 produces 367 horsepower it’s a 4matic with all-wheel drive system and it produces 520 newtonmeter of torque zero to six two and 5.2 seconds and the top speed is 248 grams per hour that’s 153 miles per hour the fuel economy is 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers combined in the city it’s 11.3 and on the highway it’s 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers it has a 9 speed automatic transmission the brand new 9-speed of mercedes banz the engine is a 3 liter v6 petrol engine behind this mercedes-benz logo you have the reader for the Distronic plus system underneath you have the camera for 360 degrees view it has the LED intelligent light system of mercedes-benz daytime running lights I like the middle part that is finished in glossy black it comes with the night package this one special AMG front bumper with bigger air intakes at the site you can see the 20-inch special AMG rims five-spoke look looks beautiful in my opinion AMG badge on sight sights good panoramic sunroof at the top it has the Blind Spot Assist located in the mirror AMG badge on the side as I said you can tilt the panoramic sunroof like this or we can open it all the way to the back and add the rear you have the beautiful LED red tail lights and the spoiler makes a car more sporty AMG rear bumper with a AMG diffuser and quad exhaust the diffuser is finished and glossy black nice fuel capacity is 93 liters the car weighs 2,000 120 kilograms the trunk space is 650 liters when you fold the rear seats down a thousand seven hundred and twenty liters active brake assist uses radar to help avoid collisions available pre-safe plus helps prepare you for air impacts in addition to front collisions and rollovers and optional distance pilot Distronic plus adaptive cruise control includes steering pilot storage compartments food leather seats AMG line beautiful ambient call ambient lightning huge boner onyx on moving you can tilt it and slide backwards and this is the beautiful interior of the GRE 450 AMG black leather interior sport pedals AMG steering you this is the space left thighbone meter and 83 quite good cupholders in the back leather armrest and this car is also available with the magic vision control system now let’s take a look at the interior of this beautiful car c’mon navigation system memory seat for driver and passenger three settings keyless go system and be lighting three colors leather armrest – USB inputs and a storage area Sport mode sport + comfort slow end video mode it has a touchpad you can also write that restaurant on this air suspension hill descent clam control dual-zone heated seats 3/7 ESP you can turn the salsa off parking sensors and this is the navigation system let’s go to the language settings directly these are the languages available for this car Turkish display settings lingua tronic touchpad settings 360 degrees camera this kept this car has a camera in the front in the back and 2 underneath the mirrors we press the store it goes directly to the main menu time settings beyond the stand of the rear view camera the available Park Assist package it’s like having a 3000 Valley onboard your jelly coupe it can help size up open parking spots back you in automatically add pull out when it’s time to go and its surround view system composers for cameras in to one overhead view of your jelly and its immediate environments consumption time settings from settings Bluetooth go activity it sports car play an Android media radio settings navigation does the push-button ignition multifunctional steering you achieve pedals for the automatic transmission the gear levers behind steering you on listen on these new models voice activation control for thread computer color display by the way you can also by that I add on display for the first time cruise control with destroyed plus the car breaks and accelerates on its own automatic lights electron can’t break down here folding mirrors automatically

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  1. Thanks for all your reviews , I remember a year ago I commented on one of your videos , I had a hard time choosing between the e class coupe or GLA and other cars but 2 weeks ago I picked up my GLC coupe 250d, mine is very identical to this GLE you're reviewing but smaller with C Class interior , it's the best choice I've ever made in terms of buying cars, your reviews helped me pick up my dream car :), thank you

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