Mercedes E53 AMG (2019) – NEW Full Review 4Matic + Sound Interior Exterior Infotainment

Mercedes E53 AMG (2019) – NEW Full Review 4Matic + Sound Interior Exterior Infotainment

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I really like the two-tone AMT leather interior and the red stitching and the fact that it has a massage system with four programs that’s really really cool and the sound of course is just epic [Music] hey everyone welcome to a lattice x1 this is the Mercedes Benz AMG a 53 4matic plus and look how beautiful this car is it does for the first time a six-cylinder 3 liter inline engine and it has a most powerful a coupe available it has 435 horsepower 520 newtonmeter of torque 0 to 62 and 4.4 seconds the top speed is 270 km/h that’s 170 miles per hour it has the AMG drivers package the starting price for this car has 110 19 thousand euros in the Netherlands but this car with the options fully loaded 150 thousand euros I love this car I love this design look at the power domes on the hood look at the beautiful panoramic sunroof it has the 20 inch AMG 5 spoke double spoke rims it has special design elements at the front and in the back to separate it from the other equips I love it I mean the sound is phenomenal you will heard now and before you hear that amazing pure sound there’s also an EQ boost system that delivers 22 more horsepower and 215 Newton meters of torque extra [Music] see the beautiful power domes on the bonnet it looks fantastic it makes them more it makes the car more aggressive and I love that you can look at the front of this car you can see the new grille double blades finished in matte chrome with the AMG logo in it it looks fantastic and the black parts are finished in high-gloss black when we take a look at the front bumper you can see the stripes finished in chrome and the front splitter in the middle is also finished in matte chrome this is special for the e53 and at the front you can see the intelligent LED light system with the automatic i-beam and the daytime running lights specific for the e-class coupe I think it looks fantastic when we take a look at the site this car has the night package so you get the blacked out mirrors the tinted rear windows and chrome parts are finished in high-gloss black around the windows and I love this design Q of this eClass group you have frameless doors it looks fantastic at the site you can see the turbo 4matic + logo and over here you have the 20-inch AMG rims with the AMG brake calipers at the front they are ventilated and you can see the AMG logo and the brake caliper looks fantastic and you can also buy it with automatic parking system I mean look at it how beautiful this car is you have the beautiful spoiler to finish it off there are a few cameras integrate in there fu emblem it pops out and it closes you have the beautiful rear taillights or LEDs and it has the starburst effect I love that detail I like the fact that the panoramic solve can be opened I like the fact that this car has round exhaust real exhaust it looks fantastic I mean this must be the perfect color combination Diamond Brite right with the double colored interior to match it and the sound is really really good especially in the sport plus mode the valves open and you can see here that brutal sound of the AMG ff3 AMG 4matic + awesome [Music] the interior such a gorgeous place to be I mean look at the double coloured AMG seats white with black with perforation it has also the AMG emblem in the seats you have the beautiful Alcantara steering view with the red stitching half leather half Alcantara with the flat bottom design and the AMG logo this steering wheel was new by the way it has also the adaptive cruise control settings on it and there are also the swipe buttons and of course there are the chef’s pedals it has the beautiful carbon trim in the interior in the mid console on the doors and the ambient lighting is also integrated in the air vents that’s really really cool only mercedes-benz has it it has the widescreen cockpit twelve point three inch screens I love that feature and as you can see this car is fully loaded it has a dark headliner it has the memory settings on the doors with the leg extensions there there are also heated seats available three settings and personally this interior is one of the nicest interiors I have ever been in I love it I love the fact that the seatbelts are at as you can see I’m just in love with mercedes-benz and you can see why the chrome chef’s pedals they look beautiful here you can change the information on the screens you can also have the navigation there’s also a AMG menu there’s a lap timer this is the AMG Mini and the coolest of them all you can have different styles there’s a sport this is the sports display this is the progressive display and this is the classic view fantastic and this is also really cool you have the rear view camera right angle the sights top view I love it you can also buy it with the remote parking and I love this – the air fans have the ambient lighting and look at the car whoa it looks amazing red stitching all over it has the head-up display with the traffic sign it is also the pre-safe plus system and that dashing assist twelve point three inch widescreen cockpit I love the seats I love it over here you have the storage area two USB inputs as the court input and a storage area it has the touch pad you can write the address down on this and you can scroll down the menu if you want and over here you have the dynamic control setting with this you can change the character of the car so we have eco individual Comfort Sport Sport+ and [Music] you can hear the sound changing of the car the suspension is also different now it has adaptive dampers you can turn off the start/stop the automatic parking can fully automatic Park and you can also park it with an app on your phone volume adjustments over here you have the cup holders and there’s a space to charge your phone and we close that you have the command settings and the clock you can also buy it with the IVC clock over here you have the climate control settings I love the fact that this is very basic but it is a high quality system automatic modes engaged this is the main menu of the car it has the ink our office connect lets go directly to the languages available these are the languages available which is a lot let me turn on English so we can continue this test and the start button is also new it has lights it is illuminated fantastic you can connect your phone it has the Android Auto app or carplay and Bluetooth of course and the seats have the massage system with one two three four four programs let’s turn it on you can adjust the intensity it uses hot stones and it is the best in its class and these are the safety systems the traffic sign camera active break speed adjustment ATTENTION ASSIST lane change assist and active blind spot it has the automatic steering the active Lane Assist I will show that them demonstrated it is a very very good system over here you have the light settings ambient lighting with 64 colors and different programs so you can adjust the brightness zones you can add effects if you want and these are the car settings and so on over here we have also a menu as I showed earlier you can adjust the head-up display content these are the images now you cannot change them if you want it has of course the automatic Vipers and automatic lights the Burmaster sound system electronic add break down there there’s memory for staring you can adjust in height and depth and the gear lever is here down for drive up for reverse and prestes for part and of course there’s the huge panoramic sunroof and the dark untrusted headliner it looks fantastic I will show it from the outside also the sunglass compartment SOS button dimming rearview mirror of course you can also see the settings of the car on the left of the steering wheel as you can see fully loaded now the engine it has a nice speed AMG Speedshift transmission three litre six cylinder in-line EMG as I said 435 horsepower 520 Newton its report [Applause] that is a very smooth very good engine 430 liters and I love the fact that you can hang your grocery bags on this and you can fold the rear seats down with this getting in the back is easy there’s a lot of room so you can get the end and this stops when it hits your knee as you can see it notices that I’m here and that stops I’m one meter and eighty three the space left beautiful interior I love it one of the nicest AMG interiors I’ve ever seen you have cup holders red seatbelt Burmaster speakers also in the back and the price of the car is 150,000 euros the systems and the prices this is the space left I want me to need three my hairs slightly touching the roof but I’m really comfortable [Music] [Applause] point-of-view test drive of the AMG e53 4matic plus [Music] [Music] what a fantastic engine for the smooth engine and we are turning corners automatically but the active Lane Assist fully automatic you can speed up there’s a corner coming we’re driving 110 20 km/h now and I’m doing nothing the steering is automatically operated by the car the acceleration pedal and the brake pedal also after a while we have to touch the steering wheel then when it’s green you can let go again the safety systems of mercedes banz are mind blowing the gut as you can see I’m demonstrating this system and it is fantastic this is why I love mercedes-benz it stays perfectly between the lines and you can let go when the steering wheel was green fantastic you can also set up the distance if you want there are four distances available this is the shortest distance but other than that we are in support plasmids and it takes off it is the Sun the sound the feeling of this AMG the v8 biturbo is good but this 3 liter 6 in-line engine of AMT is also really good it rattles [Music] the exhaust not notice fantastic brutal acceleration zero to 62 and 4.4 seconds the top speed is 270 grams per hour that’s one under 10 70 miles per hour and it can really go fast I mean 140 160 180 we’re driving way too fast [Music] and the corners the adaptive dampers keep you in place [Music] and when you want to drive normal you can put it on comforts or even eco-mode I don’t understand why you have an eco mode on AMG but it it is there now set it up to 110 km sprout let this thing will do itself work adjust itself you have the different content for the head of this plate you can change it it has the traffic census it shows you which speed is allowed on this area it is now breaking on its own I’m doing nothing it can follow the car in the front it can break it can accelerate it the steering wheel is operated by itself you can do other stuff if you want the car settings let me turn on my massage system you can adjust intensity and when you want to drive it by yourself you can accelerate [Music] it takes off it is not speeding it takes off just like airplane it has the new EcoBoost system with extra 22 Wars power and 250 Newton meters of torque and it has a three-stage AMG ride control system with adaptive dampers and the air suspension which makes the right exquisite exquisite I love it and this car comes also with the energizing comfort system just like the s63 AMG that we drove our couple hour ago the Essex three AMG coupe for Matt applause can see that the review also on my channel acceleration of this car is mind-blowing it awesome to all of their 40 km/h just like that I mean I don’t know how much seconds that was but it was really quick I like the fact that the Sprint’s are very good of this car you need that when you are overtaking someone and it’s just fun to have so I like I am also a fan of the carbon trim in the interior it makes a car more sporty and more exclusive in my opinion and it looks beautiful combined with the ambient lighting in the air fans a steering wheel is special to the Rio AMG it is available on the c63 the Essex through the e63 the a 53 can see the AMG logo the Radloff awesome in the city it was just a normal eClass coupe in the comfort mode ordinary regular gear changes you don’t feel them at all the nice bit AMG Speedshift the transmission does it work great but when you turn it on sport or Sport+ mode then the party begins that pulls the sound the flaps open just epic it has adaptive dampers so in the comfort mode it is very comfortable but when you turn on the Sport Plus mode it is very direct through the switch that mercedes-benz has done it’s perfect I really like the fuel economy too it has eight point eight liters per 100 kilometers that’s really good for an AMG I mean you have 435 horsepower and 520 newtonmeter of torque and that fuel economy is really good for a three litre six cylinder and as you can see there’s a lot of traffic now I set the DES Roenick plus system up and doing nothing the car is now accelerating and stopping by its own and then accelerating again very very awesome system I mean I’m doing literally nothing in this traffic you awesome Thank You mercedes-benz for making such a great great awesome car literally just sitting here enjoying the scenery so when the car in the front will stop we will stop when he will accelerate we will accelerate now he’s stopping we are stopping and doing nothing we’re stopped and when he is right driving again we will accelerate again how cool is this braking and doing nothing awesome this is the future you can see it so this system is working great I can actually talk to you without looking in that direction but I will still that steering wheel is operated automatically and it’s following the current front this is an awesome system I love Mercedes Benz for doing this [Music] [Music]

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    A coop is where you keep chickens.
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    You're not an American so i forgive you for being misguided by them. But you do speak English. So from and English person, please say Coupé and not coop.
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