#MetKids—How Can I Recognize Ancient Greek Architecture?

#MetKids—How Can I Recognize Ancient Greek Architecture?

#metkids q&a How can I recognize
ancient Greek architecture? Hi, I’m Ella, and I’m ten years old.
(laughing) I’m standing in front of the Ionic column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis,from the date of 300 BC,and this column was originally
over 56 feet tall.
It’s huge!If you come to the Metropolitan Museum,it would be very hard
to miss seeing this column.
Ancient Greek architects
had three different types of columns,named the Doric, the Ionic,and the Corinthian Columns.The Doric had the simplest design.On the top, it’s very plain.It’s kind of like a half circle, in a way.The Ionic has scrolls on both sides of it.There’s four spirals, two in the front
and two in the back.
It kind of looks like a pillow to me.Corinthian, I think, is decorative.Looks like an ornament.It looks like there’s leaves
coming out of it,
and then flowers in it,
so it looks like a flower bush.
They make me feel really small.
I like the Corinthianbecause in the Corinthian,you can find hidden flowers and leavesand types of designs,
and it’s made out of marble too,
so it must be so hard
to make such fine details.
For dance,
I’ve been practicing headstands,and when your feet are together,
and you could hold it,
it looks so controlled,like a column, it’s so controlled,and it’s so strong.Columns are still used todayin famous monuments around the world.I do think that people think
they’re beautiful today.
This is Ella reporting
from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. what’s your #metkids question? Thanks for watching!

15 thoughts on “#MetKids—How Can I Recognize Ancient Greek Architecture?

  1. Does anybody know of a video of these type of columns being made today , I am fascinated that they could do these columns all those years ago without modern machinery , incredible .

  2. Great presentation. Columns are amazing. Especially how they could make them in ancient times without the construction tools that we have today.

  3. El video para niños sobre arquitectura clasica mas dulce y ludico, explicado a la manera de una niña humanista. Gracias MET por explorar estos nuevos metodos de enseñanza aprendizaje…

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