Miami University HDRBS Orientation Video 2017

Miami University HDRBS Orientation Video 2017

I really love living on campus. It really is the home away from home. I get to be close to all of my favorite friends and I get to be really close to like the Rec Center and the dining halls and I feel really happy and a safe. Only the people that live in my residence hall have the ability to get into it. We use ID cards that you used to get in the residence halls but it also has the access to get into your room. I always feel really good because I know if I ever lose my ID card, I have my phone to back me up. I registered my phone with the Web Card Center, which if I ever lose my ID card, I can get into my room using my phone. So if I ever forget it when I’m on the way to the bathroom or out the door, I know that I can always get in because I have my phone. If you ever lose your ID card, there’s an option where you can suspend any access to any of your buildings or any of your rooms so you know that nobody can get to it. I feel comfortable in the residence halls because it is a lot like home. You have your room, you have your bathroom, they also have a living room and a basement. And in the basement there’s a TV and kitchen area and also a pool table. In your first year, you’re put into an LLC this is a living learning community which you choose before you move in based on your interests. So the LLC that I’m in is the Outdoor Leadership LLC and I love it. It’s just a bunch of girls that really like nature and they like being outdoors and we actually do a lot of activities. So we did a service project which is really great to be able to give back to your community. being in a residence hall has really helped me be away from home because there’s such a community feel here. There’s always someone to talk to. There’s always a new friend around the corner so you’re never actually alone. Sometimes, the easiest way to spend time with people is going to be just getting a meal together. So very often, some of the groups that I’m in will just get together and meet at a dining hall. If it’s a large group maybe of a buffet hall. Or if we want to have a restaurant style, we’ll go to a Pulley one week and Maplestreet the next week. It’s just a good way to catch up and the dining halls provide a lot of good options for that. If I’m having a busy day, which is pretty common in college, then either I need to grab something quick or I’m only going to have one big meal that day so the different options for dining around campus make that easy for me. They’re located in different places around campus that are easy to get to and if I’m going to be on campus anyways and I have a break then it’s just the easiest place to go. There are a lot of other schools that only have one big dining facility and it’s just nice that we have them located around campus so that I can get to anyone that suits me. With a gluten and dairy intolerance, I didn’t think that I was going to be able to eat with my friends without feeling different. We made an appointment with the Culinary Support Center and their staff right off the bat just to get me familiarized and just to kind of make them feel a little better about what I was eating. They even have a specific location such as the allergen station at Western dining where they offer the top eight allergen free foods at an entire station so I know that anything that I eat there is not going to have what I’m allergic to in it. The bookstore really is one-stop shopping. There’s not only Miami apparel; we have the makeup counter, we have gifts, we have books, we have notebooks. There’s water bottles, travel mugs, I mean really everything. And so it really is about giving the students what they want and having desirable items. It’s a light- hearted environment, it’s trendy, and it’s always looking for items that the students want. One thing about the bookstore is that you can purchase things either online or in-store, which actually includes a computer. So when I came into orientation, I was actually able to purchase a computer, get it set up, and take it home with me in the same day. And even when I talked to the workers over at MiTech, I was told that I could actually do a data migration to get my information off of my old Mac and transfer it onto my new Mac to get ready for college. MiTech’s loaner program is a program offered exclusively to Miami notebook holders and when you get your computer repaired, you get to borrow one of our loaner computers in the mean time. This means that any time you have a repair that might take more than a few days, you get to borrow a computer for the duration of your repair so that means that anytime you have a problem, you never have to go more than a few days without your computer. And we’re students helping students. This means that we understand the problems that other students face in the realms of technology. Miami University Bookstore is partnering with eCampus, the official online textbook source. Ordering is easy. All you need to do is go to Banner Web, go to detailed schedule, scroll to the bottom and click the link. There, it will take you to eCampus’s website, where you can buy or rent new or used textbooks and most orders qualify for one-day shipping. Not only that, but eCampus also offers a wide variety of ebooks for your convenience. Through this partnership, Miami University students gain access to a large selection of textbooks to help you save money. A lot of times when people say “recreation”, they think just the Rec Center but recreation on Miami’s campus is way bigger than that. There’s so many ways to get involved here. We have a lot of different departments. There’s also intramural club sports you can get involved in and we have different variations of sizes of teams. You have co-ed and you have men versus women so the intramural list is insane. I have a great friend on the equestrian team; she loves it. And you can take classes and learn how to ride horses. So recreation doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym for an hour; working out. There’s so many ways you can get involved and recreation honestly can mean something different to everyone. I’m a nutrition dietetics major so as I was searching for jobs, I saw that there was one available at the Culinary Support Center and I had been help with my special diet needs and I loved working with them so I took the job there and it has been such a wonderful experience working for them and their staff. I get to apply all of my knowledge from the classroom in real-life experience. My experience at Miami has been fun, new, and very enjoyable. It’s just really great to be so close to all of your friends and live on such a beautiful campus.

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