Midcentury Modern Cubicle Makeover – HGTV

Midcentury Modern Cubicle Makeover – HGTV

You have a call on line three. NARRATOR: How to travel back in
time and create the mid-century room of your dreams– Do you have a
cell phone charger? NARRATOR: –that totally
works with your modern life. This is “Cube Takeover.” I’m Joel Russo. I am a producer for
the digital video team. The thing I hate most
about my workspace is there’s literally
no definition to it. It is just, sort of,
beige, blank canvas. But then, just chaos has crept
in– cables, random papers, random drinks, old bottles. It’s a very college
dorm meets cubicle life. Yeah. Trying to keep,
I think, my wires and everything from
getting crossed, that is– that’s
the hardest thing. I would love, like a mid-century
modern theme that just fixes all of my modern problems. I love movies. I like music. But I would say the number
one thing in my life is my dog, Barnaby,
who is a Welsh Corgi. That guy is basically
what I work for. I’m actually really
looking forward to finally having a desk that reflects
me, and not the beige nightmare that it’s turned into. Joel provided me with one
of the most coveted eras ever for inspiration–
mid-century modern. So I’m combining some
actual old pieces from that era with some
new minimalist pieces that will really solve
his modern day problems, but still give us that
quintessential theme. Definitely lots of wires. We have solutions. For organizational
items, bring in textures, like cork, chrome,
melamine, and wood that speaks of the
mid-century look, but it’s also super functional. Bring faux leather into
your room with a pillow, or use it to cover a bland wall. Metallic accents, like
chrome elevate the aesthetic to a classier place. A modern chrome
mirrored bar cart paired with an early-’60s
set of tumblers is perfect for this era. Leather cord holders
keep technology organized and sticks with our theme. For those of us who can’t afford
a mid-century house or chaise, you can find replicas
of the original for a more affordable price. Adding creative
lighting can make it the focal point of your space. Joel loves vintage
movie posters, but those are almost as much
as the mid-century modern home. So to keep the budget down,
we found an independent artist who makes minimalist
movie posters in the color palette we need. I found this photo of
Joel and his best friend on his social media and
created a minimalist paper portrait of the pair. The last piece of the
mid-century puzzle is a very special item. I’m gonna go get Joel
and do the reveal. I can’t wait to
see what he thinks. One, two, three, open them. Oh my gosh. That– wow. Whoa. [laughs] You got
my dog in there. Yup. That is my favorite photo. The movie posters,
and my headphone, this is– I’m taken aback. And the fact that
there’s an Eames replica. I guess now I have to
have whisky over here? Yup.
Yup. We have a little–
-This is– –bar cart waiting
for you there. Oh my gosh, and the chair. That is an actual– This– –Eames management chair. Are you kidding? No, I’m dead serious. I’m blown away. This is, like, better than
anything I could have imagined. Well, you feel free to sit
down in your special chair. Yeah. I’m gonna go ahead
and give it a– Yeah. –test drive here. You take it in. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Right? This chair is amazing. Right? I love it. No longer is my
desk a wasteland.

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  1. I just moved into a new workplace and I've been watching this series for some inspiration for my own cube. What a fun and great show!

  2. How fun! The Knoll Life chair was nice, but when you can get an Eames chair…YES!! Love the lighting & the art incorporating his best friend.

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