OOga Booga Hello everyone this is Mumbo and welcome to Redstone vs. Building with Grian Grian: Hello, it’s about time, it’s happening Yeah, it’s finally happening! We have had this video planned for months now, and we finally got everything together what we guys, are doing is we’re going to be looking at 10 minecraft categories, and we’re going to have a fun and friendly competition. I REPEAT: FUN and FRIENDLY. Down in the comments section I can see the warzone already beginning. It’s fun and friendly, no shots fired. bonus Grian: Just friendly, Friendly competition. Mumbo: Yes exactly, and we’re going to be comparing how we approach each different thing with building, and redstone.So obviously, I’m going to be doing the redstone stuff and Grian is going to be covering all of the building things. Now in my video, we going to be covering five of them and Grian will also have his video where he’s going to be covering the other five. So you can check them out on each channel there and just remember we want to re-clarify this : this is ALL FUN AND GAMES! THIS IS ALL FUN AND GAMES! Before all of you get all militant down in the comments section. We are friends look. We can we can stand really close to one another. See? Like that. You wouldn’t see enemies doing that sort of thing. (Laughter) But remember, I’m definitely going to win. Okay, right, let’s get started so the first one is going to be traps. Now this is interesting. I mean yours looks really really cool. If you’re asking me. Grian: What do you mean? No, it doesn’t look really cool I intentionally made a terrible looking hut, Because the type of traps that I’ve made is a building trick and not a redstone trick. Mumbo: Right well.. I mean, I think it looks really cool. A) I just I love jungle biomes jungle biomes for me are like one of the coolest biomes, but also this still looks cooler then a lot of my builds. Before you start saying things like that Brian: It’s really, really difficult in Minecraft to build at a minuscule scale so this is about as small as you can physically get inside a house like 3×3 is about the bare minimum, so what I’ve made here is an Intentionally like starter house looking house where it is meant to look like someone? Who’s had their first night here Yeah, and it’s basically meant to tempt you inside And I’ll let you I’ll let you explore it and experience the trap for yourself explain. How it works. We’ve got an anvil We’ve got some torches The only other thing that we’ve got is a chest which from my years of playing minecraft seems a bit dubious to me I’m going to open it and yes that was the baby So did you use how did you do that? Did you use my uses under the sand or was it no torches? This is a this is a very I think unknown trick in Minecraft actually okay? I think I’ve actually showed this on on my channel before but I still don’t see people using it now I have actually used a little bit of redstone just to update the blocks That’s totally fine so the idea is to create some floating sand or gravel Yeah, you know for a fact that when you’re like exploring around in the world you see sand And you just have to punch it right you just you have to punch it So what we can do is a little trick where you put two block of tube too high plant? yep, and if you remove the bottom half and not the top it leaves the sand floating you know what’s hilarious I totally thought that had been removed But I was a hundred percent certain that that was gone because do you want to see something interesting here? I’m sure you already know about this one, but for those of you Who are watching if you get string okay? so if we if we quickly I mean We’re gonna have to do a bit string so if you play string on top of a block Can you actually see that string not really you’d have to really be looking for it But that string when you walk over it actually causes updates so you could have string on top of that sand there, and when you walk over it it would drop I Mean obviously when you play say If I place this underneath we’re making yeah, this is cutting edge right here, this is cutting edge minecraft right here Yeah, look so that an Ewok Oh, oh genius, so don’t even need the the trap chest you could just walk in in a tripwire would cause it also Yeah, I mean I didn’t realize that was still in the game I thought that I’ve been removed ages ago, so you’ve actually taught me something new there. That’s very impressive So yeah that is that is the building technique it no redstone needed Just need some tall tall grass or rose bush or whatever. You know it could have been removed, but we are in slightly older version But I don’t think it No
I don’t think it has I think I seem to think I think it was removed what I thought it was removed Probably like a year or two ago, so you’ve you’ve caught me by surprise here now I’m actually using a kind of semi similar technique to what you’re doing. I’m actually using Updates to activate the trap– now just before you start I’m just gonna go down to the bottom and activate this thing that is the biggest lag cause on the server And if you won’t mind just roaming around on this area of stone now You can probably tell you can probably tell the block But I kind of want you to stand on but I’ll let you do the honors and ad will sound as if you don’t need to Mic I didn’t expect it just to go from standing on it. Yeah, yeah Yeah, oh, yeah, absolutely so fast as well and there was no reaction time there Was on it. I was down, and I’m going through hell right now. Yeah, but if you don’t quite understand She made this, but this is hell. There is no escape for me. I can’t even make my way in This is the most in your face. I got you trapped in the world if you want me to quickly explain how it works So you see this this redstone dust is doing that that thing there where it’s it’s got the particles around it, and it’s yeah I’m sure I know that when you like touch it it sort of Makes it go off and actually produce a little bit light as well Yes, so that is actually a block update and what we’re doing is We’re detecting that using the piston underneath and then it activates a trap door which opens up, and you just drop straight through well I’ve got to admit I’m gonna concede that point to you because The I really felt ashamed of myself when I fell in that even though I knew it was coming I knew that was a and I still felt embarrassed all right fantastic I will I will take the point so that is one point to me and Zero to you at this point in time, but I can’t help but think Just to I I saw this thing out of my peripheral vision as you were doing the traps This is the entrance category, okay, so Entrances are a big part of Minecraft especially to your base Whether you are a redstone or a builder an entrance is your first impression of what you’ve made And what I have here is the arch degree in yeah, I mean this is when I was building mine I thought it was big I Was like this is a huge redstone build you know it’s massive. It could fit inside one of the legs of this thing Crean This is in the building well this is what we call a mega build it means that the scale of it has been toned up like times 10 essentially and We could make an arch smaller, but the smaller you build in Minecraft the harder It is to pinpoint the shape so what people tend to do is build in this mega build style where you can get really? Flush shapes and lots of arches and lots of these like overhangs you see here You actually got for weight one two three four five blocks Worth of depth of it’s sticking out now if you did that a smaller scale your building would look completely top-heavy you know This this build is more about scale than it is the way it looks Wow, I mean it looks amazing, and it’s definitely got the scale to back it up as well This is little green faces on it. I had noticed those Those are those. Those are well you say little but look you’re standing next to it It’s about seven times the size of you as it as small as you can make a head in Minecraft right okay? Yeah, it is the arch degree and I am very proud of this one It’s definitely the biggest one out of the whole 10 categories. Yeah, well. I mean I’ve tried my best I have also done the biggest thing that I could possibly build But unfortunately I straightaway I can I’ve been out scaled by you, but that means said the Redstone To build big doors gets exponentially harder The bigger you go because obviously when you start getting blocks that are left in the middle here You have to move these blocks out the way and move this block out of the way as well But also just extending the pistons down to pick up these blocks. Are you’re having to power a piston that is here now that is difficult because you a you have to get the piston to there and be you actually have to power it and to Do that we’re doing moving observers and everything like that so if we hit the button you can see the closing the closings actually Amazingly, but I couldn’t save it Amazingly, it didn’t actually Break too much, so there we go. It’s also a robust. It’s a robust door That was that could have gone horribly wrong, but also if we hit this button here This is where the magic happens because if you just watch what has to happen my goodness This is that about as big as it goes is there like if you had to do one more surely It would be almost impossible to power a piston in the middle of this no people people Do it that there are I’m not talented enough, but you get some some crazy people in the minecraft redstone community I don’t actually know what the record is at this current point in time I remember someone built a 30 by 12 piston door that was that was a couple years ago So it must have gotten bigger since then at what point is it overkill? That’s what I want to know at what point is it at this point? it is kind of overkill like can you imagine building this a it’s a bit pointless to build a door like this because To make this look good would almost be impossible because what you have to remember is is that the door in an actual build? Yeah, you’d have to hide it in a gigantic cube Yeah, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be set back this far So your your entrance is gonna be all the way out here But the actual door itself is going to be right the way back here, which Designs that will work with that problem in mind Yeah, yeah, but nonetheless It’s still impressive from a technical aspect Because the amount of redstone and observer blocks and Pistons that are involved in this are crazy well I thank you very much, but you win There’s no way that I am standing next to this gigantic bear moth of a register of a build and not letting you win this one So you’ve definitely won with these with the Arts degree yours is really technically I know what you mean because yours really technically sound and it’s awesome But when you like step back and just compare them, you’re like yeah I think I think it’s quite obvious who the winner is on this one all right we’ve got one point a piece then the storage was a bit of a difficult one to tackle as a builder because You know those of us that use creative. Don’t typically need storage of course. That’s very true I kind of hadn’t thought of that actually I’m used to building loads of storage systems whereas, I’m guessing. Yeah creative builders. It’s all it’s all just inside you which is all about the look of it and That sort of so I basically had to come up with something a little bit a bit more Just creative so we just sort of did a storage section with Chests inside a giant chest and please tell me. It’s yours with just chests everywhere see now I’m deducting points here a little bit because if all of these chests were filled with more chests that would have been oh my goodness I Regret, you’ve you’ve missed out on that Chest full of chest full of chest yeah, I would have been perfect I could have even done shulker boxes full of chests Oh, yeah, you could have gone. You could have gone I Am I am ashamed, but well done for you picking up on that? All right, let’s take a look at mine Um mine mine is I mean for those of you who have seen my YouTube channel before you’ll probably recognize this design Simply because this is the standard storage system, so was it I said this is normal for you Yeah, this is like regular normal. This is this is a Regular storage system that I have in pretty much every single one of my bases So what it does is it automatically source out the items so say for example? I want to have comparators I’ve got comparators in my inventory we placed them. No secret. You can’t leave items in there that aren’t This is a limited size storage system. I thought it was magic My items. It’s maybe in them if no no they’re just kind of loop around for the next five minutes now I’m sorry. I had to that’s all right okay Let’s use items that actually actually in the storage system so for example comparators. You can see although They’ll go up like this as they will make their way into into the hoppers. Have you know seen? Have you never seen one of those item elevators before? Are they are the best is it just full of glass and it’s just being pushed to the top? Yeah, so you basically have a dropper facing upwards down at the bottom And if you can see this what we’ll do some will do some terraforming down at the bottom here So all we have is we’ve got this little dropper, right That you can see and that points straight upwards into the blocks, and then you have this redstone circuit Which looks weird and complicated, but all that’s doing is it’s essentially detecting when blocks are inside the dropper And then it activates a redstone clock, so it automatically fires them out and then it sends them up into the glass and then the rest of it is just water and then it drops in the the Hopper or with a dropper just in the hopper that so much is what item is that is genius Yeah, straight up you win. Not only did you have an idea to improve mine yours is just blowing my mind? I really need to play more Minecraft Survival Yeah, it’s a fun one to play with this is good for you you won’t get this technology on the Evo server for probably another three years, but It’s good for the time being Do you know what in in Evo at the moment the chests aren’t even they don’t even like open? They’re still just a block. Oh yeah, of course. Oh blimey you really are back in the dark ages. Yeah Alright, let’s head over here the next one. What is it? You’re a two points up? You know you’re one point up your two – one two – one okay, right? decoration Decoration now mine might not look like much from the outside, but if we take a look on the inside. Oh my what? What’s it yeah? It doesn’t allow much on the outside, but what we’ve got here Yeah, you probably not seen these before on the green network We’ve got some clever armor stand plug-in that lets you make models within the game using blocks so what we’ve got here is a bunch of little models that really just enhance the decoration of a building this is bonkers I Straightaway my eyes went straight up to these weird chandeliers easy chandeliers, yeah I didn’t even know how to describe it That’s insane, and then you’ve got plenty of the vanilla vanilla ones as well, so we’ve got cabinets bookcases Sat you know side yeah shelves whatever we got This is a custom head on top of an end rod and that makes a pretty cool lamp wow that is Whoever’s rocking the skin that has this head. I know right? Come through here, this is one of my favourite build techniques ever is if you mirror a room on the other side you can make Oh wow that looks amazing? Whoa? Well. There is no reflection because we’re vampires of course no of course of course It’s identical That’s really smart. That’s what like a really That’s a really really smart way of doing it and that looks are they spot-on Also point out this this is a very very minor thing, but I absolutely love using anvils and Item frames to make them look like drawers like probably drawers with handles on them and stuff so this little chest of drawers here is I don’t know. It’s just a really neat little decoration tip using doors trap doors. They’ve item frames and signs It’s just something you perhaps wouldn’t consider, but it went really well, and I love that the open drawer as well That’s such a nice touch. Just having that that drawer open there It really sells it as a as a thing as opposed to just a piece of decoration. It’s all. That’s what that’s Chester drawers I’ve one thing that I’ve learned from from watching. You is that if you can instantly recognize what it is? Then you’ve done a good job Probably not not probably not great Just like a normal room, but there’s a few cool little tips here. This is this is a good one This is like a little footrest, but it’s obviously two halves of the same bit of bed yep They just put back-to-back obviously some of these things aren’t vanilla But in this day and age we have the tools to help us decorate things of course in particular So I did want to include some things that you perhaps wouldn’t have seen before yeah. Oh absolutely. I mean for sure There’s tons of stuff that that I personally haven’t seen like for example I’ve never seen this technique. I’ve never really seen to be honest in terms of vanilla stuff the the mirror genius That’s absolutely ingenious. I can already tell you’ve won Just because of that and also because of the cabinet as well that those sorts of things is just smart techniques For making things look cool that I personally There’s one last thing to really top it all off if you come up here young here And then look up Wow all that looks amazing. It’s like a planetarium in your house all my worth Alright, I’m seriously interested. Let’s see what you’ve done now look. Okay. I think it should go without saying right okay? Redstone isn’t a decorative thing okay? You don’t use redstone decorating so I really did have my work cut out for me. I’m even a bit embarrassed to turn around Show them show them what you’ve made because even I am like yeah, this is a little you just gave up at this point I don’t know. I don’t know what to do! I mean, so what we’ve got, if we, and the worst part is that I didn’t even make an attempt to really compact the redstone. so we’ve got a massive redstone contraption in reality like it’s not huge, but is it’s big for what it does and It just cycles the blocks around. Do you reckon, you could use this like d’ya reckon if you – Grian: No.- Mumbo:had a house you can have those somewhere no No, I will never let my sheets in this Friendly competition Grian only competition this is yes a very very good very fun. I definitely win the point I’m sorry how about this how about if I if I do this? *Twerkin’* Doo-doo-do-do-doo-do, doo-do-doo-do-doooo. Definitely sells it it comes with a dancing mumbo okay, brilliant alright. Well. We’ll still say that you win the point despite my best Is the final one this is the final one out of our five to the man Category now I when we came up with categories we wanted to cover everything that minecraft has or problems that you have to overcome and Lighting is a big wise one that you might not think of the lighting is quite a big category Yes, look at mine so what I’ve got for you is a medieval haul This looks really impressive, but this is I’d like I would like to have dinner here That’s all I’m thinking is that I would like to be sat at the head of this table with all these lovely lights in front of me and These crazy chandeliers. I mean these are these are detailed. There’s lots of stuff going on here So well with lighting the main problem to tackle is a large room so Specifically I made a huge hall That would be dark in the middle and on the walls or whatever and I’ve used every technique I know to try and light it up What’s beautiful about this? Is there’s lights that you didn’t know were there? And it helps light up the whole thing so the chandeliers are meant to be there even these little Candles down here are meant to be there. They’re like you know table lights Yeah, the fireplace is also one that you might recognize But it’s another light source that people forget about is you can have ring fire? However under the carpets? There is glow stone of course. Yeah, are they hiding behind the pillars From away from the visible part is see lanterns And that actually helps light it up and the other thing that people do forget about is just windows plenty of natural light It does help of course of course yet loads of light coming in This is a really cool room as I say I would love to eat my dinner here this would be this would be a good Spot you might notice actually that I didn’t light up this wall because I actually got kind of bored making this and then I made a face on the other side I Did see that I was wondering if that was a conscious decision to make it was absolutely was I was like I’m not gonna make normal windows here. This this chimney looks like a nose in a mouth. I’m definitely just gonna be Horrified that looks like imagine if you woke up, and that was at the end of your bed just by your face So I can sit at the head of the table and people can look at me in fear. Yeah absolutely well That’s this is cool. This is really cool. I’ve really got my work cut out for me on this one This is gonna be a difficult one to top but I have to say originally what I did is I created a system that I call chandelier lighting so what it does is it will drop I’ll give you a quick example say it will drop a piece of glowstone or something like that down like this you’ll have a sticky piston here, and then you’ll have glowstone on the front of it and That will extend downwards almost like it’s a chandelier. I mean obviously in a redstone Sense it will drop down like that and then you can flick a lever And it will retract it back up inside the room in Italy it looks really cool And it’s quite cool to have in like I guess a hallway you can walk in and drop down all the lights Yeah, so what we’ll do is it will actually track this completely away, and then it’ll be hidden away like that So you wouldn’t know the lights are there, and then they suddenly pop out It is a cool one, but I mean I’ve done that a couple times in the past And I’ve built it on the hermit craft server a bunch of times whereas I haven’t built something like this so what it does hideous by the way It’s meant to be like a horrible like almost as if you’re an evil evil Person you have this at the top of your bill. It looks like a hive from hell Yeah, that’s kind of what I was going for so you can activate it You get all of the the fires turning on it around the outside you also get the lava dropping down So it’s like a horrendous horrible light, and then when you want to turn it off you just fit this Eva and all of the pistons will extend it will turn off all the lamps and Also, all of the lava gets removed as well. It causes massive like pretty cool. It’s really cool. It’s just absolutely bizarre design Figures I built here out of iron and and all the Wolves stuff that you’ve seen earlier on and I was like It doesn’t really sell the evil look I was trying to go for an evil look with the lighting You don’t have you don’t have a giant fire chandelier in like a lovely nice house you have a horrible home three three trees So I had to go all nether ii and and and ugly that was my idea Intentionally ugly, yeah kind of looks like it it looks like an apple from hell. That’s yes. Yeah for sure I know you could definitely use something like this maybe with a slightly better shell around it Yeah in the nether if you had a gigantic never build you could create something like this, and you have it light up. Maybe potentially Maybe but I think I think for you. I think just just looking at the pair of them I think you’re you’re the winner on this one. I don’t think there’s any doubt in my mind who wins this one? Oh, so that’s three points to me Yes, unfortunately. I’ve just conceded a loss because my apple from hell just doesn’t compete with your It’s not over yet, though. Yeah. Well you have to remember is it it’s not over yet Because we still have another five left to go that is going to be going on your YouTube channel So we still don’t know who’s won you may have won. This one Grian but in your video I could get 5 and you could get 0 and you can just tell me the loser. I doubt it friendly competition remember a friendly competition So I would highly suggest checking that one out There’ll be a link to that one down in the description if you do want to take a look I really do hope that you enjoyed all of these redstone and also general builds as well It’s been a lot of fun. So thank you ever so much for joining me and also Thank you for producing these wonderful wonderful things that you’ve made for this video

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