Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 26 – Interior Design

Minecraft Survival Lets Play: Ep. 26 – Interior Design

Welcome everybody back to another wonderful Minecraft single player survival video anyways today we’re going to be having some fun by doing some interior design and as we’re casually just flying around we’re going back to the harbor slush docks in Maine that was a little like Spike rate there but regardless we’re going to get started over here and yeah so for the starters we are going to be dealing with the guard tower and two of the buildings over here which it should be these two houses on the further side and we will be leaving this house and the tavern for a nother day one stuff I know and then eventually we get the A to the lighthouse I think and then also the one mill it’s right over there and eventually we will also have to get to the point in time where we do those building or do the barn over there get rid of that spawn House saying I’m flipping out with one of the building or style buildings over here and where it’s kind of looking like it’s still being constructed but it’s not fully constructed that we kind of looks cool and yeah but that’s really it so we’re going to get started right now we’re going to clear the south as we no longer need that material in here and we probably will be moving it to some other place eventually I would imagine and yeah that’s really it let’s see the we need the stone slabs for anything not for my knowledge so will those right there make those real quickly I should be prepared but I’m trying to remember things last second that I need and we’re going to need some logs I know that for sure so we’re going to quickly stack then up and yeah we should begin so if we does walk this all the way to basically a point where we think is it will be sustainable which should be right there I would imagine and we should be able to start right now so let’s get it going so we all right now we’re going to be building a staircase that leads up to the very tip top of flea I end up doing this correctly. I did attempt to do this in a creative version of this world and it did not say for some strange reason which is very odd but all is well in let’s see my met they go up higher let’s see you I want to be able to just walk on to the window relate this or do I not that is the question I’m trying to remember how I did this and it’s really difficult to come up with this idea will come up with the answer to that and we’ll craft some planes real quickly that way we’re able to put those away in cover this little area up and while we’re also thinking about that we can place a nice little chest down here just for storage or whatever we plan on doing with that eventually we do need to make some flower pot some carpet in and whatever else that needs to be placed along with that to you that way it also brings out more color depth to the thing that way it’s just not stone in logs all over the place I feel like that would probably help quite a bit and we’re running low on the stuff we need to start crafting that into other stuff and start smelting the which McAllen. I can’t remember its name starts Milton you know Kraft in the stone and making the cobblestone into stone stone bricks Yeah area so this is what we’ve ended up doing so far I believe I ended up placing an arm or Stan down here that way there’s also something just to look at and kind of in that abrupt prepped end of the little section down here and I think we’re just going to. I’m trying to think OK so I feel like we probably want to go up no no no no we’re not going to go so what we’re going to do is end up placing this if I can place it in the correct spot in think correctly please. It all around like that. And it’s just not really working for me so we’re just going to go down here in place that real quickly in let’s see what we end up placing it up to right there and what we’re going to end up doing is placing some book shows where do we have these bookshelves that I know I just crafted a bunch bookshelves right here. In let’s see what else we have our teens yes we do you end up moving it or staying there that way there is just another spot for people that are on watch here to have a place to put them we should send equally put two fences right there but I do not have any fences to put right now and I believe what I ended up doing was just placing that week’s a nice little look out. And we need to craft some ladders so what I’m going to do real quickly is I’m going to finish off the interior for this building make sure that it’s in it’s tip top shape and once I finish this I will then do that or what then I will take yes and the next three buildings over here so it should be really nice and simple for you guys but anyways be right back we have finished dealing with the tower right now so we’re going to get started on the houses that were here that the villagers rule begin to live in as soon as we are done which will be a great experience for them I think and yeah don’t don’t mind that slab that was there I may have done a Rick I want to take it the recording and it did not turn out the best so that is why he saw that but either way we’re going to begin the get started in while we’re at it we’re going to talk about my little absence from E.T. but I figured you guys are probably wondering Are all the ones that care anyways you guys are probably wondering so why not tell you guys what has happened and that is basically. A lot of things just piled up on the end which was my spring break coming up which era the past I mean but while it’s on spring. I was not home therefore it did not allow for recordings to really happen which is kind of sad but it’s also my own fault didn’t appear record anything for it in I just didn’t feel like it I’m pretty sure things came up to where I didn’t have time and I was also just being lazy when it happened I know I’ve been spending a lot of time playing overwatch with skunk or so I mean that’s not really the greatest thing in the world but that has happened in the yeah so also that happening I’m pretty sure I was doing things to help prepare myself for the end of the nine weeks or quarter or whatever you want to call it in that probably had a little thing to do with that my brother coming home visiting which usually he he stays in my room which is kind of the game room at kind of overtook the room to make it my room and yeah so that’s probably another problem with that too but either way besides all that little crazy stuff we’re back for more recording hopefully everything goes smooth sailing and I imagine everything will so it should be pretty fun in the end I think and I think the idea is to actually have a schedule I’m not too sure for actually going that maintain it but that is the intent anyways to have bunch of live streams happening and a bunch of You Tube videos coming out too so we’re also going to put two more Fergus’s right there and that should be pretty fine and dandy and let’s see what can we do we’re going to break that in place there but yes so the idea is to do more content because I’m pretty sure a lot of things will start the slow down once again eventually once it gets to the summer I think anyways so I want to be prepared for that and I would like to have a bunch of things ending or end up having a bunch of things prerecorded as I’m aware of a few things happening during the summer which. I will probably not discuss at this current moment of time but I gotta get prepared for all the fun stuff in. That rest of the school year I guess or going off to college so yeah sad times ahead I imagine but yeah so right now we can craft some of the paint see new beds which should be neat. See we need one more playing so we’re going to do than make a bed and walla we got the new bed so we can place that or colorful right there and we’re also going to play some little end tables for right they are in right there an old See now we’re going to do our fiends a little crazy stuff with the bookshelves over here and staircases for you guys are probably like your police in the wrong block will know I know what I’m doing sort of an see police the book shelves back right here way it looks pretty cool and to top it off we are going to place a bunch of Carpio old laying on top of it or there if I can place and then we also need to do one other fine detail and that is putting logs all the way across from right there to break they are that way we don’t have the empty space as it’s can obsolete in that kind of makes the room a little bit better and see what other thing arena put in here so I believe this is a librarian house so we won’t really have a whole bunch of things going on in it I imagine an hour. Maybe we kin you a fee too little piston thing for the villagers even though it’s not really going to be used but it’s for looks and we’re going to grab one of the persons which I’m pretty sure we have over here somewhere. I know we have there we go pretty sure that we have a sticky post and yeah right there was that I saw some Pistons in there earlier so there has to be something in there for us and yeah so we’re going to put in a table for it we need to grab a Redstone torch I’m pretty sure there is some in there too maybe no really wow OK we’ll just steal this then and Ward do that come on over here that way we can place it real quickly. And we should have placed that one we need to place a stone brick wine If anything but I’m not too sure as it’s kind of connecting to that which is a little bit of a problem can I just not make you connect to that they’re not possible really. Can’t. OK well I guess one disk you did up tiny bit which is a bit stupid but we’re you know work with what we’ve got and then we can place our piston that goes right there therefore it looks fine there is not any dirt showing so we should be good on that department and let’s see what else do we need to add so we need to end up placing a bunch of carpet on the top here that way it looks a bit more color for not as door with the whole Browning gray going on that we have and we also need to place one more thing. That is a problem. Why can’t we just have simple stuff or it does not do that I mean we I guess we can end up moving it over here so we’ll have it enter just that is rape day or I’m not going the place mine right now because I would like to use it for the rest of the episode at least until we can craft another one in Wall. We will play some carpet around. And that means we need something the Philip that area too so we’ll figure something out for that and let’s see. Trying to think real quickly what what do we want to place so we of course want to place that in we want to do the carpet right now and let’s see so we have a lot of glue going on right there so we’re just going to play some right there. In that scene not make it perfect or identical. And we need the crafts some more they were almost slow on the blue that we have going on so that means we need to find some more flowers or something along those lines to you hopefully prevent that problem from happening in I think Rick good. To see now we’re going until we put something in there and then we also need to put some carpet down here that way it does not look as empty. Crap more that. We should be. And then will place a door here to mark it off as a librarian house it will have to be an iron door that way we can prevent them from leaving and then this house for their storage closet which is just so happening having the door facing the wrong way. See Can I please see the correct way there we go so we can excess the chest or excess one just say yes and that way it will have all the stuff for a librarian villager and then this house will have the cleric that we’re going to be putting in here and it’s houses a bit more crime here in my opinion which is sort of sucky but that’s what we can deal with because we decided to make the house not not really the biggest in the world so that inhibits things from really prospering for them. See so we’re going to place a piece of wood Ray Here in there. And we’re going to want to prevent that from happening let’s see. That. And then that in that So then one of the claws or a here in the I guess the living room area is really small and cramped so that is probably not the greatest for them either but it will still work for us in water and it we need to grab some more logs that we can fill in the empty space over there and Anyways I’m going to quickly do the rest of the house as Soucie as what we have done and yes so seeing. We are officially done with doing the interior for all three buildings as of right now and Mr Zogby Can’t you see him recording So anyways I’m going to showcase what we have done in I will briefly mention things that we need to do so first off are all these are Racine’s we need to fill them up with armor that begin with we do end up having a nice view of things and it is a nicely packed police up here so I think that turned up pretty well and then up here we have to armor scenes too just in case in just to just if the guards are all I guess myself really want to switch tools and bring out the actual heavy guns then we can take care of business and that’s really it now we’re on to other things now over here we have the library the librarian house which it shall be in a bit and it has a decent set up I think it turned up pretty nice we did not actually end up placing any armor stains in these buildings which I think we should and we also have to end up putting it ended just at some point in the houses which I think has turned out pretty good except this house where it’s kind of cramped it it’s kind of all over the place but the sides that I think it turned out pretty fine and yeah so that’s really it hopefully as you enjoy this episode if you enjoy Don’t forget the Tell Me But anyways that is pretty much it for this episode and as always I shall see you guys next time but boy you go.

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy today's video!

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    ►Lack of Uploads Excuses: So my excuses for the lack of uploads this past month has basically been school sort of intruding in my life outside of school, myself not being home for a week on Spring Break meaning no computer, and probably pure laziness. The plan is to step up to the bamboo tree, upload more videos, and stream more on YouTube. AfterLife SMP will be back soon. Survival Island might come back? Solo Survival is here to stay. Plus maybe 2-3 streams per week. Sound good? Great! Sorry for leaving you guys and gals out of the loop. Bad koala panda. I know… <3

  2. Whoo! Looking Nice Jay! The build's exterior look great but now the interior is great. When you take the time to do the interior for builds, it can make the build feel more complete. I love all the little interior tricks you did in this. Looking good and great episode! 😀

  3. It would be my dream if you could say "Shred or Shed?" and build a broken down shed as a "Shredded Shed" 🐼😁😂

  4. Hey ! Nice video ! Ahm can you try using large scale and not normal because its too small ?? I mean in the video ?? You will see that it will be better looking…..

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