Minecraft Tutorial: Interior Design and Decoration #2

Minecraft Tutorial: Interior Design and Decoration #2

hey guys how’s it going hope you’re good!
Today we’re gonna be doing another interior design video for this video I’m
gonna be using my large modern house number three if you haven’t built this
house you could click on the top right corner or you could just look at some of
these ideas and use them on your own houses so we’re gonna take a look inside
to see what we’re gonna be building pretty crisp clean design with the
kitchen and living room but this moves right into the hidden chest room which
is probably my favorite part because you get lots of storage and you don’t even
really notice it so coming out of the chest room are gonna take a look at to
the backyard where we have this really awesome deck and again I said the
Chesire most my favorite part but I also really like this you have this massive
pool with these lounge chairs and as well as like this bar area with this
barbecue and sink so now going upstairs we’re gonna look
at the bedrooms this house features two bedrooms both of which are very well
equipped and also both have these nice big balconies which i think is really
awesome now moving down the hallway to bedroom
number two we have this nice big hallway light that the Sun shines straight
through and this is I guess you could consider the master bedroom because it
looks out into the backyard instead of onto the road and again has a really
nice sitting area overlooking the pool so here’s where I would normally do a
materialist but honestly for this video there’s going to be way too many so I
would just follow closely and then see how it goes so given that you fold the
tutorial correctly this is what you should have just double checking to make
sure that yours matches what I have and from here we’re gonna have to make some
minor structural changes starting with by building a wall for the chest room
knocking up these two slabs and off this corner we’re gonna place dark oak planks then we’re gonna leave a one block gap
from this glowstone for the doorway and then we’re gonna place dark oak slabs on
the top then we’re gonna have to relocate the
staircase and basically just flip it around facing the other way starting at
the top of the dark oak wall and then making your way down using stone slabs
now we’re gonna fill in this wall with white concrete and make a window for
what will soon be the kitchen knocking out these two blocks and filling it with
black stained glass panes and over here we’re gonna knock out four blocks and
make a window lastly we have to do the most annoying part and this is
completely my fault when I built the house I didn’t realize that having a
dark oak ceiling would make the room feel really dark I know I’m an idiot so
I replaced all the dark oak with quartz slabs and this of course will make the
ceiling white which makes the room feel a lot brighter you’ll also have to
replace these dark oak doors now with that out all the way we could see what a
big difference it makes in terms of making the room feel brighter so the
start off with furniture we’re gonna place three quartz stairs three quartz
slabs and then three more quartz tears now this creates a nice sitting area
then moving over to the kitchen working a place of furnace two blocks of white
concrete a cauldron with a tripwire hook on top this looks like a sink and faucet
two blocks of iron with an iron door on front if you want some extra added light
you can also put a sea lantern or a piece of glowstone underneath the
cauldron as it will let light pass through and we’re gonna place two
torches beside the door a painting and then one more torch beside that now
moving over to this dark oak wall we’re gonna place a crafting table underneath
the stairs to quartz slabs and then a painting on top with torches on either
side now we’re gonna move on to doing the
chess room this is a pretty repetitive design just make a column of dark oak
planks every two blocks and then we’ll put double chests in between over here
you don’t have enough space to make a two-block gap so just fill in the wall
now we’re gonna place torches on all the columns except the ones at the end and
then as I said before place double chests in between you can also put
glowstone or sea lanterns underneath here so now with this chess room it’s hidden
and out of the way and you don’t need to clutter the rest of the house with chess so now we’re gonna move outside to do
the deck or pool area starting by placing two torches around the door or
beside the door and then two furnaces right in front of the window with a
corpse slab to the left and two court slabs to the right connecting the court
slabs to the stone pillar and then we’re going to place a cauldron in between and
then we’re gonna continue the bar with court slabs placing four and then
basically two at the end or a block which will complete the bar also if you
want you could put a torch on the stone pillar I chose not to now we’re gonna go
over to the left side and make the two lounge chairs going one block away from
each wall we’ll place a block of quartz with two court slabs in front go over
one space and then make the same lounge chair and then now we’re gonna place
random banners on the walls and then this just looks like hung up towels
which really helps the pool theme and then in front of the door we’re just
gonna play some math using blue carpet so now there’s just one more thing to do
for the backyard we’re gonna go over to the stone wall and using wooden
trapdoors we’re gonna outline a flowerbed fill it with dirt and then put
in whatever saplings or flowers you want this just fills in that empty space so
now we’re gonna head inside and go upstairs where we’ll start building the
walls to make the bedrooms so there’s really only two walls we have to build so using white concrete going one block
over from this window we’re gonna drag this all the way out and then connect to
that wall to the left of the square window now you can raise this up to the
ceiling and this will enclose bedroom number one knock out two blocks for your entry now
starting here at the corner of this wall we’re gonna build out two blocks again
using my concrete and then connect it to the other side of this square window and
this will be the wall for bedroom number two knock out a doorway and then we
could start decorating so beginning by placing two black beds then we’ll place
dark oak planks on either side and then to add something extra to this wall I
put upside down dark oak stairs on the roof then with flowerpots and flowers on
top of these dark oak planks and that knocked out this block here
place glowstone with a painting on the front now the painting will light up
will also place another painting here with a chest in the corner and then I
made a single block painting here and then outside we’re gonna make the
sitting area using oak stairs really you could make this couch as big as you want
I just filled up most of the space but if you want a smaller one of course you
can do that and then for the ottoman I just use oak slabs normally I prefer
open-ended stairs on the end of these couches but because this one’s so big I
just did the closed-ended stairs so now we’re done with the first bedroom we’re
gonna move into the hallway and just add this little styling feature placing two
columns of grey concrete with dark oak planks in the middle two flower pots on
top and then whatever flower you want to put in and now we you’ll see we have the
glowstone on this side where we can place a painting on top you can put it
on the left or right side it doesn’t really matter so now moving into bedroom number two we’re gonna fill in this little corner
piece with white concrete and then using dark oak slabs we’re gonna build up to
the ceiling build across down out two blocks on either side then we’ll place
gray concrete in the back with a painting in the middle and then one dark
oak slab over here on the right for a shelf which will put a flower pot and a
flower on top and then a chest in the corner and two black beds now we’re gonna go outside to do the
sitting area placing oak stairs until we hit the
stone column and then continuing yet for this one I did open-ended stairs the
couch is a bit smaller than the one on the first bedroom then again use oak
slabs and then we’re gonna do the light up painting again knocking out a block
replace glowstone and then put a painting on top put a torch beside the
door and then we just have one more step to do to complete the upstairs and what
we need to do is cover the whole of the upstairs with white carpet this hides
all the weird wall patterns from the floor below so now we’re gonna look at some before
and after shots just to see what a big difference with me
you can see all the furniture and that nice ceiling change really helped a lot
and on the outside looks completely different then moving upstairs we have this big
open space not really being news now we have these two really nice bedrooms
which uses the space often this will be a lot better but that’s really gonna be it for this
video I just want to say now that this house has an interior it’s definitely a
contender for my favorite house yet and of course if you liked the video please
leave a like and also subscribe so that you could get all my new videos but
thanks for watching and I’ll catch you guys in the next video

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  1. Ive built the house and it looks sooo good and i did it in normal texture and it still looks good that creativecraft i subbed

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