Minecraft with SabrinaBrite – How to Make a Fountain & Modern House Design

Minecraft with SabrinaBrite – How to Make a Fountain & Modern House Design

– Welcome back, Brites. I’m Sabrina Brite and
today on TeraBrite Games we’re gonna be playing
some more Minecraft. I will be doing some of your suggestions. Don’t forget, we’ve been
playing a little game where I hide Herobrine
somewhere in the episode. So, let me know if he found him. Today, I’ll have my
assistant DJ playing with me as Terabrite. Don’t forget to smash the
like button with your head. (glass breaking) (birds chirping) First things first, I’m the realist. I’m gonna turn on open the land, allow cheats, start laying world. Now, DJ can join. So, what do we got going here, DJ? – We have the Continuum shaders. – Okay. – Whoa, that makes your armor look weird. – Yeah, it’s glitching. – Has some problems. – Look at it. Look at this wood. – Let’s double check the texture pack. I’m not sure what it is. Yeah, it’s PulcraPurePBR. Pretty cool texture pack. Usually, we use RealisticO. – Alright, so that’s our
texture pack or resource pack. It’s really bright out here, look at this. Look at all these new textures. I am not used to this. In this episode, I’m gonna be
doing some of your suggestions that you’ve given me in the last episode. Actually, I think I got some from the previous episode as well. The first on we’re gonna do is quite easy. Marina said could you please make a garden with a, I think it says,
water fountain and flowers around it. That sounds awesome. Let’s do that. We need to make this house
look more like a house. It looks pretty bad right now. We’re in the transition of
putting wood everywhere. That’s why it looks all random. Let’s go make it. Whoa, look at the sun. We’re gonna go make a garden
with fountains around it. Water fountain around it and
flowers, that’s what I meant. DJ, where should we put the garden? It’s really dark. What the, what is this, jail? Is this jail? Russo did it. What? Russo? Russo was the last person to play with me, and he made this jail. Need to get rid of it. Get rid of it right away. I will not have this. This room is so dark. The heck? Babe! (laughing) I almost didn’t even notice. If you woulda closed it all the way in, I woulda been so confused for a second. That was some major trolling. I’m gonna put a door on that room, because, ya know, we all
deserve some privacy. Alright. There we go. Yay, now we have real rooms. Alright, we need to go build a garden. It needs to be day time out. Could you do your magic? I’m eating all this cake. I want to plant some more
sugarcane real quick. This house is hideous. I think I’m gonna make my garden on my back porch. It’s gonna be right back here. It’s gonna be beautiful. Let’s get to work. Clear this out, replace it
with some dirt and grass. Don’t worry, don’t take those stairs down. I’m putting dirt down here. I’m gonna go grab some more right here. Should you clear out all this grass? No. We’re putting grass down. We need dirt. I just collected 25 blocks of dirt, and I’m gonna fill it all in now, ’cause I didn’t want it to be cobblestone. We’re making a garden. It’s gonna be a beautiful backyard. It’s gonna be a backyard
that’s worth 100,000 dollars. Oh, you need to be more clear
with your intention boss. Oh, my bad. I thought I was clear. (chuckles) So, go collect some dirt
assistant and fill it all in. I might as well take
this wood while I’m here. Let’s clean all this out. Eventually, we’re gonna be able
to have a nice, awesome view of the beach. So, my assistant’s over there,
just collecting some dirt. We’re gonna fill this in, and I need to go get flowers and stuff. I know I have a ton in the house, so lemme go look. Alright. We got some rose bush and what the heck? Oxeye daisy, what the heck is that? Azure bluet, interesting. These are interesting. Lilac, peony, let’s just
grab all the flowers I have. Check in here, we have some more. I got tons of flowers. This is also helping
me empty out my chests, ’cause I don’t really
need flowers in those. I need to organize my house. I have lots of flowers
ready for my epic garden. Let’s do it. How is the fountain gonna be? We need to make the fountain first, then we’ll plant the flowers. I’m gonna need a bucket for that, so lemme just go get one. Where’s my buckets? There they are, I’ve got tons of buckets. Cool. Now, also, assistant. Wait, what are you doing? Oh, you’re clearing this out. If you could make this garden, if you could fix the end
of it to be a big square. Like all symmetrical, that’d be awesome. I need to figure out now, how
we’re gonna do a fountain. I think I’m gonna use cobblestone. Actually, I kinda want… What kinda stuff should I use? Gravel, granite. Granite. Gold, should I make a golden fountain? I don’t have that much gold though. Here, I have tons of granite. We’re gonna make a granite fountain. Why are you closing it off? You’re blocking the view! What are you doing? I think we should have done. You’re going to make a wall? No. We need like a picket fence or something. You’re blocking the beach view, man. I’m gonna make a fountain right here. Now, I’m not sure how to make a fountain, but I’m gonna go for it. Alright, even this out. Make it all symmetrical. Now, we have a big yard. So, now I’m gonna attempt to choose how big I want my fountain. (relaxing music)
(blocks crunching) I don’t even know what I’m doing guys. I’m just winging it right now. I’ve never made a fountain or looked up a tutorial on a fountain, so let’s hope this comes together okay. I should have made this
bigger, shouldn’t I? Why can’t I collect my stuff? There we go. Oh my gosh! Chicken, what are you doing? Oh my gosh. That looks like it hurts. I’m making it out of granite. You can find granite in my chests, but yeah making this bigger now. (blocks crunching) No! Geeze. That scared me. (blocks crunching) Alright, gonna fill this in. You know what, I think I
can get away with doing something like this. Wait, no. I need to grab water real quick. Hold on, I’ll be right back. Oh, look at all this sugarcane. Whoa, dude! Okay, this is a very dumb water fountain, but I did something. So, now I know I’m on the right track. I wanna make it look even more epic. It actually looks pretty modern though. Doesn’t it? It’s kind of cool. Where you going in there? Oh my gosh. Cool. Alright, so there’s my
little tiny fountain. Now, we’re gonna plant some plants. I’m not exactly great at gardening. I will do my best. A rosebush over here, too. Some of that and some of this. Oh, beautiful. I have a lot of these. Are you running, wait,
where’d my rose over here go? Did you get rid of it? Oh no. Whoa, what’s that, gold? Whoa. That’s sick looking. Alright, I like where this is going. Yeah, you little cheater,
switching to creative to do this. I can’t see anything. Make the day time come back. Oh my gosh, that looks sick! We should make my house gold, too. Oh man, that’s awesome. We’re living like royalty over here. Look at all these plants. We’re just mixing it up. We’re just using every single one. Just ’cause it’s beautiful. We need some on the back. I know it looks so good. We need to leave a path for
walking out to the beach. We need to make golden
stairs down to the beach. We’re living like royalty over here. Oh my gosh, this is awesome. Love it. Beautiful. It’s so beautiful. I’m just putting plants everywhere. Oh man. These are my privacy plants. Alright, we’ll put some here too, just to make this whole thing beautiful. This is like no evenness between this. We’re just putting them everywhere. Flowers everywhere. I’m gonna go use the rest of the flowers for the front of the house. Wow, the front of the house is so ugly, there’s no curb appeal to this. This house is so terrible. We’re just gonna do this. Little flower bed right
in front of the house. There. We used all of our flowers. Living off of cake. What the heck is this? Dude, whoa, what are you doing here? Whoa. Do you think you can make
the water fall from higher? Dude, look at our freaking garden! I’d say this was a success. We just need to work on the house now. Should I just say screw it
and go into creative mode, and make my house with
actual awesome looking stuff? I think we should. It looks so good. It’s so modern. It’s beautiful. I love the reflection off the water, and then you can get
up and walk around it. I just kinda wish water would fall, like you could see more water. Wish I made it bigger. I wanna look at it from my balcony. It’s definitely a very strange thing. Wow. Alright, so now I just really wanna work on making this house better. Whoa! He got rid of the dirt! Alright. I really need to like fix this house. It’s really killing me. So, as you can see, my
house is looking terrible. It’s hideous. So, what I’m gonna do, since
I kinda have been having fun switching back and forth
between survival and creative, this episode’s gonna be
a lot of creative mode. I really wanna give my house a makeover. I want it to be modern. That is my style, and that
would just take so long to find all the resources
to make my house modern. I’m just gonna go ahead and
switch to creative right now. I’m gonna go to slash gamemode. Why’s it all caps? No, I don’t want all caps. Is it one? Yup, I’m now in creative. So, what I kinda wanna
make my house out of is, I don’t really wanna brick house. I kinda wanna quartz house, ’cause quartz is really modern looking. It’s white. Block of quartz. So, I’m gonna get that. I’m gonna get quartz stairs. Actually, I kind of what the
stairs to be a different color. We’ll do, trying to find something cool. Dark oak wood stairs, we’ll do that. Looks good with this color of a house. Well, I kind of wanted wooden floors. I just want the walls to
be that, but whatever. You can keep going. I’m doing block of quartz for the walls. What the heck? What is this? What is that? – [DJ] Red stained glass. – Red stained glass. That’s sick. – [DJ] That was the walls. – Well, we should make that
the wall in one of the rooms. We’ll do like color schemes for each room. You can do that in your room, red walls. Why did you close this in? There’s supposed to be doors here. I don’t know. Right now, I’m just trying
to make my enchantment room. What the heck is that? There’s like a weird line around the roof. (tranquil music) What’s that? You want glow stone instead? Think that should be like
this is my headboard. What are you doing? Hold on. Now where’s my bed? What? Is it against it? There, it’s a big bed. I don’t want that there. Dude. What are you doing, those are ugly. I don’t like that either. Trying to make it look
modern, and it’s not working. What are you doing, this is my room. What are you trying to do? Why is this so high? Whoa, nice light switch. I put the button too high, but cool. It’s a very weird spot for it. No, no, no. No, this is gonna be fine, watch. Oops. We just need one on the other side now. It’ll look even if you
put one on the other side. (tranquil music) (blocks tapping) I made another room. I didn’t touch your stuff, but
I put stuff in front of it. I moved your room. I give myself a walk in closet. Well, come look at your new room. Come look at the house so far. This is what I’ve done. Over here, wait, come this way. Over here, down this hallway, is now your room. You can decorate it however you’d like. Down this way. Yeah, down this way we’ve got, I don’t know what’s going on. Some shelving. Come look at the enchantment room. That’s the enchantment room. Then, over here, this is the staircase with a big window view. Oh crap, I messed up. Can’t go down. No! I’m stupid. (growls) Alright, hold on. I was having a lot of
trouble with these stairs. Where are you at? Where are you? Wanna come downstairs? Something’s still weird with the stairs, but whatever. So far, look over there,
I’ve got cabinetry. You like my chests? Should probably extend this. He said yes. This is actually really
hard work doing this. You have lights in your room now too, look at you red stone master! Wow. Your room’s gonna be manly. Screwed up the portal though. I just gotta light it again. It’s in a weird place. I call this the cloud house, almost. I had to move my portal
because it was right in front of my back porch door. Still looks a little
awkward, but whatever. We’ll make do with that. I don’t know what he’s doing over there. Our freaking gold fountain
still looks amazing. Here’s what we’ve got going so far. There’s still a lot of stuff
that’s not quite right, because this is very time consuming. Hold on, let me just. Alright, so down here is
going to be my basement door to creeper land down in the caves. Need to fix this wall. Then, over here, we have
cabinetry with all of our stuff. It’s not organized yet,
but it’s pretty cool. We have these nice wooden floors. Nice dark oak doors. I got some glow stone up
there to give us some light at night. I could also have some torches. Actually, it bugs me that
I’m missing one right there. I’ll fix that later. Then we have our crafting
table, and some counter tops, and our furnace. Over here we have our stairs
which are a little bit wonky right now, but we’re working on it. A big window, book shelf. Then, over here, I don’t
know why there’s no doors, but let’s add that. That’s not what I wanted. There we go. Double doors. Some shelving with
nothing on it right now. I just like having crafting
tables on both floors. Then here is our lovely enchantment room, enchanting room. Got some glow stone there, and then just books everywhere. Oh, I’m missing one! I gotta fix that. Fix that real quick. Cool. So, that’s this room. Then over here, what the
heck that looks weird. Over here, we have the
hallway to the bedrooms. My bedroom is right here. As you can see, it’s
starting to come together. I even have a light switch
that my assistant TeraBrite, aka DJ, built for me. That’s awesome. Then, I have a little closet over here. I’d love to make like an armor
stand or something somewhere. That would be cool. Fix this. There we go. So, there’s my closet, and then let’s turn my lights off. Down this hallway we have
a nice view of the beach. This is DJ’s room, and he has lights. That’s awesome. They both work, awesome. The house is looking a little bit empty, but we will do that slowly as we go. Here’s our lovely balcony with a view of our awesome fountain
and flowers, our garden, and it’s amazing. I thought we got this. Alright. The house isn’t perfect. It’s taken a lot of work
to get to this point. You will not believe how
long we’ve been playing. What do you suggest I do
to the rest of the house? Give me suggestions. I’d love to take your
suggestions and design the house based on what you guys
think it should look like. Maybe I should make this obsidian room. I mean this, not obsidian room. This portal room separate. ‘Cause it’s just really weird. We’ve got like a mansion
going on and I call it the cloud house because if you look up, it just looks like clouds. It’s pretty awesome. Cleaned what up? What’d you clean up? It looks less like a messy cloud. Oh. Let’s look at it. Alright. Looking, man that looks modern. That’s awesome. This is my portal room. It’s pretty epic. This house is looking great. I need to light that now. There’s a freaking chicken over here. How did that happen? Herobrine is watching. Get me out of here. Alright guys, I’ve been
playing this forever. I hope you like what I’ve done. There’s a lot more to be done. I love, love, love playing in creative. If you guys wanna see me do more of this, I would love to do that, too. Just let me know what I
should do to my house, and I will do it. I will use your suggestions. Don’t forget to find the hidden Herobrine. I hid it somewhere in this episode. It would really mean a lot
if you gave this video a like and subscribe if you’re new. Thank you so much assistant
for all of your help. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for watching, bye. (energetic music) Oh no, oh no. (screams) (tv static)

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