Mini-Review | Montecarlo by Gala | An All Composite/No-Wood Interior

Mini-Review | Montecarlo by Gala | An All Composite/No-Wood Interior

Gala RV out of Quebec Canada recently unveiled
an industry first: an RV that completely does away with the use of any wood. The Montecarlo FB21 is being billed as the
world’s first class B rv developed with an all-fiberglass and composite material interior. Traditionally, the cabinets and other framing
within an RV are built from wood. Higher quality but more expensive RVs tend
to use solid wood construction while more economical builds use stick framing and staples. The FB21 uses custom fiberglass molds and
other composite materials to accomplish the same task. This new building technique allows for a more
streamlined, automotive look to the FB21’s interior. This entire bank of upper cabinets is one
piece of fiberglass – as is the shower stall. Gentle curving walls and bull-nosed corners
replace traditional flat surfaces and sharp corners. The entire look is refreshing and modern. As an added benefit the new FB21 is more than
200lbs lighter than its predecessor – which means you have more cargo carrying capacity. So that’s the industry-leading FB21 with its
unique wood-less interior but the Montecarlo line
has two other models the 19′ Montecarlo 1900 and the 21′ Montecarlo 2100LX. The 1900 and the 2100LX both still use wood
but all 3 are built on the RAM Promaster chassis and all have an almost identical layout plan
with a second lounge in the front; your bathroom and galley mid-section and a 4 person lounge/bedroom
in the back. The bedroom on the 2100LX and FB21 feature
two twin beds or one large 74″x75″ bed. On the shorter 1900 model you sleep width-wise
on a 54″x74″ double bed. The lounge seats 4 and there are no seatbelts
of any kind back here so these are strictly 2 person coaches. On all models the table electrically lowers
into place when you want to convert the lounge into your bedroom. I appreciate the attention to detail like
the diamond pattern stitching and white piping on the sofa and the mesh netting for holding
things like your phone. I’ve been inside this coach and I can tell
you that the fit and finish is high and the coach has a quality feel to it. There’s a smartly placed 19′ LCD TV placed
between the galley and the lounge and it is on a swiveling armature so that either the
front or rear lounge can use it. Below the TV is a cedar-walled wardrobe closet. The galley features a 2 burner propane stove
integrated into a sink, a 5 cu.ft. 3-way refrigerator and a large pull-out pantry. These coach’s have a good electrical standard
electrical system: 200w of solar, a 2000w pure sine wave inverter and 2 6V AGM lead
acid batteries. There is no generator or lithium upgrade available. The Montecarlo line has a couple standout
features. First they’ve moved the sink out of the bathroom
giving you more room to shower with the added benefit that a second person can use the vanity
while someone else is showering. And they’ve added enormous holding tanks on
each model including the smaller 19′ model: an incredible 45 gallons for fresh and gray
water – double and capacity of similar vehicles and 18 gallons for the black water tank. So the Montecarlo line is definitely designed
for boondocking. Finally, Montecarlo is the only class B in
North America that has opted for bottled propane versus a fixed propane tank. This door on the outside houses a 20 or 30lbs
propane tank – the same kind that can be picked up at any hardware store or many gas stations. Going this route means that you never have
to bother looking for a propane refilling station and you also get the added convenience
of carrying a second one around with you if you need. That door next to the propane compartment
is a bit of exterior storage – large enough to store your shore power cable and water
hose – another feature rarely found on a class B van. The entry-level price for the 1900 model is
$88k. The 2100LX is $90k and the top of the line
FB21 with its all composite interior is just under $100k. Gala RV doesn’t presently sell in the United
States and plan to come here in 2021 but if you want one before that you can purchase
a Ram Promaster chassis and have it delivered to Gala and for $70k they’ll convert it to
the top of the line FB21 in about 6 weeks. Warranty is 2 years and if you want more information
you can check out their website. Monte Carlo is a perfect coach for 2 people. especially those who crave a clean European
design. It’s not for everyone. If you have kids or prefer a different aesthetic
then this coach may not be for you but I personally love it and I hope they’re successful in bringing
it to the states. Thanks for watching. I hope you liked this video and I’ll see you next time. Take care. Bye bye!

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  2. As a consumer looking to buy a B here are my thoughts:
    1) Ho Hum – another 2 seater sports car RV
    2) No 4-season touring
    3) No Lithium
    4) No dealer network

    For those reasons we are happy to learn about an RV that ignores the US family

    Honestly, they are just wasting their time and stockholders money

    I do like the idea of molded fiberglass components instead of wood cabinetry.
    Fiberglass is easy to mold into just about any shape you can think of and water means nothing to it

    which lends itself to more of an automotive interior than the inside of a hotel.

    and opens the possibility of a 100% customizable RV –
    If you have ever sat down with a kitchen designer and worked with the CAD system they use
    standard components, like a cabinet for plates that has a frosted glass front, can be moved anywhere

    Imagine going online:
    design your RV for your needs
    buy the chassis from one of 3 sources, Ford, Mercedes, Ram, etc
    driving to the factory
    wait 3 weeks for your RV to be built
    and return to drive it away


  3. Innovation is the secret to success in business. Constant quality improvement separates the mediocre from the "best in class." Your striving to improve with each video is your key to success. Not aware of all of the intricacies of maneuvering through the web of youtube statistics, but you seem to have the right attitude. Agree with the others that we come to you for advice as well as facts. In the other videos you adequately displayed the "facts" as an overlayer on the video as you spoke. Your advice constantly rings in my ear as I evaluate RV promotions. I am always looking for "solid wood vs. stick and frame staples" in the cabinetry. It is true that with videos with long intros and outros I tend to skip to the content and stop early. Question…do you feel that the fiberglass construction is a little bit austere?

  4. American class b rv’s are not people friendly and cost close to or over 100k. The majority of them sleeps 2. Not too many comes with awd. Why can’t there be more with a loft like the hymer or some kind of drop down hydraulic bed like some European models. And they all based on the “sprinter style”. The only bathroom I like is on the Coach house arriva where it’s located at the rear.. you get a enclosed standing shower and separate toilet.

  5. I love the top of the line coach….it looks to have an element of refinement and innovation not seen in coaches here. Perhaps other manufacturers will take note and follow suite. Thanks for yet another insightful review.

  6. I don't care for the sink/stove combination. They should be separate. Also, the second sink could be done away with and a closet could be placed there.

  7. Is it four season? Does it have secure locking cabinet doors. Does it have wifi or usb charging ports. Is it gas?

  8. For one, subjectively I prefer the warm natural look of wood. For another, and for this the maker ought to be ashamed these days, is that all the plastics are high-carbon-footprint items, non-biodegradable, and cost a great deal to recycle. Fiberglass is almost entirely useless as a recyclable material. Wood easily biodegrades, is not damaging to the environment (especially if sourced from sustainable forests), and is easily produced without extremely specialized equipment and molds. Not to mention that, subjectively again, I find the plastic look hideous.

  9. Another great review video! I liked the look of the Gala rv's. Plus I'm Canadian 🇨🇦 so I could get one lol

  10. This model reminds me of an Oliver Travel Trailer. I had a chance to look at one last year at a road side rest. The owner really liked it and its molded fiberglass interior. This is a different look for a class b van and somewhat refreshing. A lot of class b's interiors look like a 60' mobile home. Grab your Passport and fly up to Canada to pick her up.

  11. Wonder why Tiffin Wayfare does not use one-piece fiber glass shower stall like all their class As. Doesn’t look good.

  12. 🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🧐❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🚐 🔩 🔧 🛠⚙️⛓ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🚐 RV Journey 🚐 🗺 🌎🌍🌏 One Journey🗺🌎🌍🌏 Let's Make It Count❗️ 🚐 Good morning, Ultramobility. Will this material attract insect or hold odors❓ Love the refrigerator…

  13. My Favorite so fare …. stove sink is very Euro …… Will be in the before I retire …… so will be looking out for this one ……. love that its on a Ram

  14. Wow this one has your name written all over it….perhaps????? Literally! 😀😀😀. Guess will find out soon enough! Seriously I love the fiberglass design, reminds me of VW’s interiors which are obviously very automotive or even airline like. I’ll have to take a look at the 19 foot one. No Lithium is kind of a bummer but as you’ve said before, doing that after the fact is maybe not that difficult? That might make for an interesting video topic….how to upgrade to Lithium?

  15. Edit – Crossbars added by customer.

    Crossbars directly across the solar panel…. This company sure can fiberglass but they don't have a clue with solar.

  16. Very nice class B as are so many made outside the U.S. Sounds like Erwin Hymer North America will be sold in April. There is a chance another company will purchase with intent of making the Van again. I could imagine Thor buying it at a deep discount. Just my dream…

  17. I don’t know about boondocking. I’ve never heard anyone say, gee I need another sink on the other side of the van?! I’ve heard lots say I need a bigger sink.

  18. Nice, very nice. The only downside I can see to this would be owner modifications changing the integrity of the fiberglass interior.

  19. nice,!,,Roamer truck campers outta FLA,were built the same way(outta biz),,fiberglass inside and out,,Cassita and oliver trailers too,,sweet

  20. Wow Neil you're making it hard to decide. I fear I'll never pull the lever lol. Information is power though. Thanks for powering me up. Another awesome review

  21. Hi Neil,,,WOW,, Now these European designs are fabulous. Very sharp, clean & ultra modern interior's & FP's.,,, Remind me of EU "Chaussan" Coaches.
    Now,, if we can get EU "Knaus", UK "Marquis Motorhomes", and AU "Sunlinner" designs here,, we will all be rolling in style.
    2021 you say? I'm ready for these beauties now!! hahahaha

  22. Great review, as usual. No additional seatbelts and no lithium batteries is perplexing and quite disappointing in what otherwise appears to be a well appointed Class B.

  23. Thanks Neil for reviewing this new class b manufacturer. I like all of their models and they are all priced right! Now, we just need to get them to US dealers. I’m in no rush and continue to save for a large down payment and learn from you and others. Keep up the great work.

  24. Wow, an awesome interior with a stand up shower and plush interior build. All in a 19 foot version that is easy to drive around town. I think this gives the Ascent a run for its money!

  25. I’m curious about the insulation properties behind that beautifully done fiberglass? Right now, the company that is doing/using the most innovative insulation is Coachmen. They’re using Rockwall and that reflective/gel material (name?) which is an incredible combination!

  26. I love it! the new composite interior is brilliant idea and I love the look and amenities My only gripe is the lack of lithium ion batteries. All three models seem very well appointed and are priced very well. Great video Neil!

  27. Bigger holding tanks and moveable propane tanks, yea. Second sink to keep grossness out of the kitchen. Good size fridge and price is better than most. More seatbelts, please. Thanks for the review.

  28. Finally! Obviously, wood is unmatched and beautiful in so many applications, but rarely do I like the way it is used in the RV industry…my humble opinion. I'm glad I found your channel. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Why not just get rid of that silly small sink in the front (I wish they did that on ALL RV's!) and put a table for a front lounge?
    Also… no generator?? No lithium??
    Is there a second alternator or something to charge those AGM batteries?

  30. A composite interior seems like a logical move… I wonder how much structural integrity there is and whether it creaks a lot on the road?

  31. Any thoughts on Hymer vans now at a deep discount. Do you think it can be worked on by the average repair shop if something goes wrong.

  32. Can one make fiberglass look like high gloss burled wood? Fiberglass is softer than wood, right? What is the composite material?

  33. GalaRV is in Quebec province and they schedule factory tours. Would love to have an online factory tour, like Pleasure Way does.
    Do you think there would be less chance of mold issues using the fiberglass instead of wood? How do they deal with the condensation issue of so many RVs?

  34. I hope they offer the FB21 in an overland 4×4 model when they come to the US. I know, it's a long shot.

  35. I like the 19' chassis, I would like to see them do away with the propane cook top, I think it would be to easy to catch something on fire with the compact cooking area, more solar power please. The price is getting better

  36. I'm pretty sure the Earth Cruiser already did the all composite RV .It's not a class b or cheap but it's all composite and it's pretty sweet.

  37. I would make a suggestion for a runaway best selling RV: Combine the aspects of all composite/no wood interior with all-weather capabilities and the added interior height of the Regency National Traveler, and offer the RVs with color options for the exterior, as a car is.

  38. Awesome! add all the modern features AWD, lithium battery, solar, propane fuel cell "generator", grey water recyling, water vapor capture, and maybe one day if it works the new black tank incinerating system (have to see how this pans out). Canadian so I assume all season?

  39. Hi Neil: I am excited to purchase a Class B at some point and have become an avid watcher of your vids..Thank You! On this rig you mentioned no generator and no path for lithium upgrade. is it generally true that you have to have a generator going to use the AC in almost all Class B? I do remember you saying that 99% you do not need either the ac running or a generator running for your purposes. If living possibly full time in a class b it appears the Pure 3 system may be helpful but only runs for 6 hours. Am I making a bigger deal about AC than I should? Thanks for any thoughts.

  40. As a Canadian, I’m very excited to see this! Please do a full review. I’d also be interested in a review of the other Quebec-based Canadian alternative, Panoramic. I’m planning to live in my van full-time and would appreciate a segment on things that people who are thinking of going this route should keep in mind. For example, I know that having to fold up my bed daily would drive me nuts. It’s okay for a week, but not indefinitely. Therefore, a front lounge floor plan is essential for me. What else is a consideration for long-term life on the road? Many thanks for your thorough, thoughtful reviews and practical advice!!!

  41. I really enjoy your channel. Great job. We are a family of 4 so would really enjoy a video comparing the few vans that sleep 4.

  42. Have you ever reviewed the Coach House Platinum II in Florida? They seem like a very nice option for us in a Class B+.

  43. Hi thanks for your videos I’m having trouble finding a good option for my family we need a minimum of six seatbelts we live in Canada we would like it to be a Mercedes Fourseason class B diesel with four-wheel-drive. My son is allergic to a lot of things so it’s very helpful for us even our short trips to the cities to have the kitchen we would also need it to be able to fit in our garage which we have three doors that are 10 x 10 and we do have 30 foot Langth we really like about the one you’ve reviewed in Canada does not have any wood in it and we like the pro master but the lack of four-wheel-drive is an issue and we like the luxury of the Mercedes if you know of something that would be good for us and where we should purchase it and if there is a used option because we would like it to be close to $100,000 thank you and sorry for the long-winded sentences

  44. Fantastic review as usual. Would love to see a comparison between the Midwest passage 144 lounge and the Ascent

  45. 1- How important is vehicle ground clearance when traveling in California? Question #2- Is diesel fuel for the Mercedez Benz diesel easily available and reasonably priced?

  46. Well once again my friend you did a very good job showing me the ends and the outs of this vehicle. I like it but is it cold weather ready? As always stay thirsty my friend.

  47. I have wondered why Class B vans never came in a fiberglass version. One would think it would make the vehicle lighter (just like with sailboats) and get better mileage. Thank you for the preview.

    In past reviews (I am a new subscriber and still catching up on videos) you said that there are few choices for true 4 Season class b vans. Would you mind doing a comparison of them all? In the southeast part of the country we need camper vans that will suffice in hot/humid climate and in below freezing temps; we need to stay warm AND cool. Thank you 🙂

  48. Here is an idea for a video. Custom builds on Sprinter vans like "Freedom Vans" in Washington state. What do you think?

  49. I recognize the images from the Montreal RV show (taken from the manufacturer's YouTube channel). I was fortunate enough to attend this year's Montreal show and witness this very same RV in person. Lots of features I love. I wish they had the option for Lithium batteries and bigger inverter. For example: there is a 3-way switch underneath the microwave that directs all of the inverter's output either to the microwave or to the rest of the van's 120V outlets. This way, you never blow trip the breaker for starting the microwave while other appliances are running. But it shows how small the inverter is, compared to some other RVs, as you can't run the microwave and other appliances simultaneously.

  50. Just found this review: quick comment on the building material. Why aren’t manufacturers using aircraft cabin material. It’s very strong and lightweight and easy to work with. I’m sure the cost for such material is probably the hold back. Your thoughts on this?

  51. Thank you for the most practical approach to reviews! Spent last evening looking at your "Tips," and these are terrific! Your eye for style also matches mine.
    You really have me thinking that shorter is better, especially if you need to use the RV as a second vehicle – not just a camper. Since I'm 6'4" the ProMaster won't work with the too short driver's position. Are there other RV's under 20' on the MB or Ford chassis that you think are worth checking out?

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