Mini-Review | Regency RV National Traveler | 7’4″ of Interior Height!

Mini-Review | Regency RV National Traveler | 7’4″ of Interior Height!

Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of Ultramobility
Mini-Review where I give you just the essentials of an RV in a 5 minute review. I’m your host Neil Balthaser and today we’re
taking a look at a brand new class B motorhome which is designed with taller folks in mind. It’s the National Traveler Trek by Regency
RV and its claim to fame is that it is the only Ram ProMaster motorhome in its class
built with a raised roof that provides – get this – a full 7’4″ of interior headroom! Regency’s being a bit modest here saying that
the National Traveler Trek is the only *Ram Promaster* with this interior height as I’m
not aware of *any* other class B motorhome here in North America with this much interior
head room: ProMaster, Sprinter Transit or otherwise. Regency is a relative new-comer to the class
B and B+ segment having introduced their first class B built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis,
the Xalta in 2015. But their heritage goes back to 1995 when
they were doing luxury, high-end car, van and SUV conversions. Today, Regency RV produces just 200 unique,
hand-crafted motorhomes and the National Traveler expands their product lineup by being their
first Ram Promaster offering – and it’s certainly unique in its class. The National Traveler comes in two layouts:
The Tour which has a rear sofa/bed configuration and the Trek which is the one we’re reviewing
today and has two rear facing sofas. Both the National Traveler Trek and Tour models
are built on the Ram Promaster 3500 chassis. That means they’re powered by the same engine
that powers all Promasters: a 3.6L V6 Pentastar gas engine with a 6 speed transmission that’s
capable of delivering up to 280hp and 260 lbs-ft of torque. The 3500 chassis is the longest of the Promaster
chassis clocking in at 20’11” in length. But that length is still about 3 feet shorter
than the longest Sprinter chassis and only 1.5′ longer than the shortest Sprinter chassis
– so it splits the difference between the two giving you an extra 1.5 feet of interior
living space while still keeping the van short enough to be used as a daily driver and to
fit into normal parking spaces. This ideal length of the Promaster 3500 is
being adopted by a whole bunch of RV manufacturers including: the Winnebago Travato, the Hymer
Aktiv 2.0, the Roadtrek Zion, the Pleasure-way Lexor, the Fleetwood IROK and the Midwest
Automotive Designs Legend just to name a few. But, none of these competitors has what the
National Traveler Trek has and that’s a 7’4″ interior standing height! Take a look at all this head room! There’s so much space above that Regency can
afford to put in a second bank of cabinets. Yes, that’s a second bank of white cabinets
on both sides here in the rear lounge and a set in the front as well. Those extra cabinets double the interior storage
capacity. What will you do with all that extra storage? All this extra height is accomplished by fitting
a fiberglass cap onto the top of a normal Promaster and that gives you over an extra
foot of interior height. Pretty clever. So there’s a ton of headroom in this coach
and taller folks are going to appreciate that for sure but what about other accommodations
like the bed and bathroom? The bedroom/lounge on this Trek model is located
at the rear of the van and in the lounge configuration you’ve got two bench seats that face each
other. A good sized pedestal table can be setup between
them and there’s a 24″ LCD TV sensibly placed back here. That TV by the way can be removed and mounted
to the outside of the van. You’ve got speakers mounted under the cabinets
and there are lap belts for traveling. These bench seats are jackknifed so to convert
the lounge into your bedroom just pull them out and voila you have one large 54″x73″ bed. You will be sleeping laterally in this bed
and taller people should take note that the maximum length of this bed is just an inch
over 6′. It’s recommended that the taller person sleep
on the side closest to the front of the van since there’s a bit of extra overflow there
under the cabinet and they can angle their body for extra room. Let’s talk about the other area of the coach
where height is important and that’s the bathroom. This is a 2-piece wet bath. Wet bath meaning the shower and the toilet
share the same area. 2-piece meaning that there is no sink. As far as standing height: If you’re expecting
a full 7’4″ you’re going to be disappointed. The shower stall is the same one that’s used
in the normal height National Traveler Tour and that means the interior height in the
stall is 5’10”. Still, I do love the glass door which by the
way is only found on the Trek DLX edition. You’ve got a front lounge as well with a 2
person jump seat. This jumpseat doesn’t convert to a bed. On the Trek model you can opt for a second
32″ LCD TV which is mounted right over the door – which you can do because there’ so
much extra head room. You can see it in this shot looking into the
van. One thing to note: there is no table that
can be setup in this front lounge. Let’s move on to the galley: It’s an okay
sized galley. When the counter extension is flipped up you’ve
got pretty good prep space. That’s a nice deep sink with a residential
style faucet and look at that: a standard induction cooktop. You’ve got 3 drawers for storage down below,
a pantry to the right with adjustable shelves, another drawer below and then more cabinet
storage across the aisle so all in all plenty of kitchen storage. There’s a 3.1 cu. ft. compressor driven refrigerator
and a non-convection .9 cu. ft. microwave. On the standard height Tour model the refrigerator
is 7 cu. feet and the microwave is a convection oven. There is one other feature about the National
Traveler that may interest some of you and that is: that the fresh and black water tanks
and all associated water lines are inside the coach and the grey water tank is fitted
with a standard heating pad. That means that like the Travato, this coach
is more capable of winter usage. You’ll still have to be aware of below freezing
temperatures since the plumbing lines are not wrapped in heat tape and the sewer lines
can also freeze up but it’s a lot more 4 season than most coaches. Also, this coach can be upgraded to the very
capable Xantrex lithium battery system that’s capable of running the AC for 6-8 without
needing to start your generator. There are some other nice features available
on the National Traveler like the standard Sumo Spring suspension upgrade, a standard
instant hot water system by Gerard and an optional 4 camera exterior viewing system. As for pricing: base model National Traveler
Trek’s can be found in the low $80’s with upgraded models without the lithium upgrade
averaging around $90k. Like all Regency RV’s the National Traveler
comes with a 3 year 36,000 coach warranty. I think the National Traveler Trek is a very
interesting class B coach- it gives you a ton of head room and 4 season capability and
wraps it all up in sub $100k price. The one thing it’s missing to be tall person’s
dream class b is a taller bathroom. If you want me to do a full review of the
National Traveler Trek then you need to vote right now: Head on over to my community tab
and cast your vote for a full review. Coaches that get the most votes get full reviews. I’ll put a link to my Community Tab in the
video description below. Okay that wraps it up. If you enjoyed this mini-review on the National
Traveler then give me a thumbs up, subscribe and hit that little bell to be notified whenever
a new video drops on my channel and thanks for watching Ultramobility Mini-Review where
I cover just the essentials in a 5 minute review. I’ll see you next time everyone!

87 thoughts on “Mini-Review | Regency RV National Traveler | 7’4″ of Interior Height!

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  2. Seems strange that both the shower and bed weren't altered to match the needs of a taller customer. Also, with so many seat belts, there really needs to be a front [or bunk?!] sleeping area since this Class B can transport so many.

    Also seems weird to have interior piping and not have it well insulated.

    I wonder how the height will affect travelers' and overpasses/tunnels/etc. They'll need to be even more aware of their height, I'm sure!

    Great review! I look forward to a longer one, as I'd like to see more interior shots and wonder what the galley is like, as it seems quite small and the look of it seems a bit cheap.

  3. Good review, sir! I really want more headroom but this seems a bit… overkill. 6'5" would be adequate for most of us tall folks, as long as the bath shares that height and the bed has similar length. IΒ have to wonder what driving through the gusty parts of NM & AZ would do to this higher-profile rig. It probably goes without saying that most parking structures are no-go zones.

  4. The 5' 10" shower spoils the entire package for me. I'm 6'1" tall and was very interested until you mentioned the shower height limitation. That is so disappointing.

  5. Thanks, Neal, another great video!
    It is very disappointing, great headroom, but no bed or shower to accommodate. The bed is most probably a deal breaker for me.
    The quest for a tall person B class continues…

  6. Just a word about Regency. I took a close look at the Ultra Brougham, Class B +. The brochure says that the inverter is 150 watt pure sine. I thought it was a misprint, so I emailed the company. No response.
    I then called their Fort Worth Texas headquarters, and was told that it is in fact not a misprint. According to a Rep, the inverter is only intended to run the television.

  7. I like the idea of head room and extra storage, but 3 reasons this isn't appropriate for a tall person (I am one :)) 1)bed is too short. I just tried one out and it's a no go even at 6'2". 2)bathroom is short as you noted. This I can deal with as I duck down a bit and I'm not expecting luxurious showers in a class b 3) Promaster. Just can't handle driving a protester with my legs always being in a 90 degree angle. No way to stretch legs more straight in a long drive. I think the biggest advantage here is the increased storage, and maybe a less claustrophobic feel. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Really small frig but I like it a lot. Nice 3yr warranty versus others with 1yr. Love the extra storage. I don't remember you mentioning the generator, though. I'll wait for a longer review as I am sure you will do one on this beauty.

  9. Wow, thanks so much for the mini-review of the Regency National Traveler. I requested you do this yesterday and boom here it is, amazing and so helpful. Of course, I would welcome a full review as this van is one I'm considering since I'm in the DFW area and Regency is based in Ft. Worth. Thanks again Neil!

  10. Lateral sleeping arrangement is a non-starter for us. No desire for either my wife or I to have to climb over each other to get out of the bed.

  11. 🎬 1 πŸ“½ 🎞 πŸ—£ πŸŽ™ 🧐 🚐🌎🌍🌏 🚐 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. πŸ€” πŸ§β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸΏ πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’»πŸš RV Journey ROAD TRIP!

  12. Hi, you made an assumption and turned that into a design flaw. Regency RV clearly state, the added headroom is for increased storage space and an open feel for the interior. The brochure does not state they designed it for taller people. If they had, don't you think they would've addressed the bathroom height and bed length? Cheers, Steve

  13. Here's my problem the Promaster is a unibody so by them chopping off the roof they have structurally weakened the van and changed how it will perform in load capacity and in a wreck.

  14. Ridiculous. What is the point, other than a bit of extra storage space, of offering that additional height inside the van when the sleeping accommodations and the bathroom don't also provide similar height advantage? I would definitely avoid this one.

  15. Why no other RV Mfg thought of this before?! For more room, go up. And consider the market for tall people. I'm 6'6".

  16. Got excited when you said the fresh tank was inside but gt sad when you said water lines have no heating tape on them! f they had all lines protected, definitely would consider this model!

  17. very interesting US Camper-Van Version, even as base for more customizing
    … to bad that the Fiat/Chrysler group do not offer the factory superhightop for usa and canada. Many international Camper Van manuafacture use the superhightop versions for their conversions. You find often electric bed in the rear, that lifts all the way up to the top like in the Winebago Revel. You can store compact motorcycles and bicycles under the bed. Shower high is usually 84 inch. I would prefer the higher roof too. The bed wide is on many ducato/promaster versions 74.80 inch/ 190cm, it depence on the conversion company how they shape the sidewalls.
    Example, European Version with factory super hightop (steel):

  18. Neil, I would like to see a video (or at least a Q&A segment) on Class B campervan *LENGTH*, talking about all the different lengths of Class Bs (presumably 18 to 24 feet?) and most importantly the specific pros and cons of each length. For example, I know that anything longer than a 19' is not able to fit into a standard parking space, right? I happened to see that some forest land in Oregon has a length limit of 27' on RVs in campsites. Someone else said that anything over, I think, 25' is required to park in a separate area with tour buses. I saw where some towns consider anything over 22 feet to be "oversized" and cannot park longer than 24 hours. (They also consider any height over 9 feet to be "oversized", which would restrict even some shorter Class Bs.) I think it would be interesting and useful to people considering a Class B to learn about specific restrictions by length! It would sure be useful to me, that's for sure! What's more, I don't see anyone else covering this topic! Thank you!

  19. Std height bath and length bed. Seems the only real advantage of the height is the storage. And having to sleep cross-wise would be a pain for this couple. They seem to do a lot with the space since there is that front lounge. Not clear what the bathroom width / depth is compared to other brands. And that cabinet quality looks sub-standard to me given what I see in the video. Wonder how is drives / sways with those top cabinets full. Look forward to the more detailed video.

  20. On the regencyrv web site, it say it can sleep 4. Is that possible?

  21. Hi Neil, good review. So that kitchen is horrible and fuggley; the bed looks very uncomfortable. Why couldn't they have a tall bathroom?
    Eh, not a contender…but I'll watch the full review when you do one😁

  22. You don't stand when showering in a class b, so the shower is not as much of a miss as the bed being 6'1". They really need to work on that one issue in all class B's so taller people can sleep more comfortably. I would have expected a larger refrigerator, 3.1 cubic feet is pretty small. No table for the front lounge is also a miss. There are a lot of good things about this van but it's the glaring misses that keep my focus. Hopefully they will address them for the next year. Awesome mini review Neil! Live your videos.

  23. Why go through the trouble of making SOME of the interior have an incredible extra height and then make both the bathroom and bed for short people… unbelievable! Fail!

  24. They should use this extra headroom in the same way the California Grand 600 does for a bed above the side entrance.

  25. Hi Neil!

    Thank you for another great review! I am a 50-something female mostly scoping out the new Carado Axion Studio popup, and I read a comment from a woman who seemed to look down upon popups, what with issues of mildew, etc. I do know from camping on my own that the condensation inside a tent makes it feel cold and clammy. Do the popups somehow account for this issue? Thanks in advance and I will keep watching!

  26. Nice summary Neil! What a nice addition to the class B lineup! I would vote YES to do a complete review if you have a chance! Cheers!

  27. You custom make a van that most basketball players can stand in comfortably and lthen give a bed that even most guards cannot sleep in and a shower that would have them doubled over. People who fit comfortably in that shower will need a ladder to get to those upper cabinets.

    The price does not matter with this much stupidity. What a waste.

  28. I have a friend who's 6'5" or maybe an inch more. My Carado Axion is built on the high roof Promaster and he couldn't even fit in the driver's seat–the top of the windshield came up to his nose. So I thought this would fit him, but not only is the bathroom too low and the best too short, but I don't think he could fit in the driver's seat either and still be able to see out. So does anyone make an class B RV whose cab, cabin, bathroom and bed would all accommodate him?

  29. Neil, I just love your reviews. I feel like I am learning so much about Class B vans. I keep making up my mind of which one I want, and then I watch another one of your videos and I have to decide all over again!

  30. Thanks NEIL, appreciate the honest review of our product. Our objective was to utilize as much space as possible. The TREK model was designed as our adventure coach- tremendous storage and split beds for loading of bikes and other adventure items. For those who want a larger kitchen and a larger bed, we offer the TOUR model, which is designed for those consumers.

    Two issues are mentioned several times on this review- bed size and shower. First, I'm 6'5" and tall accommodations are attractive. With this model, in order to make the bed longer we would lose 11 inches from galley, making it unusable and 30" on the driver side, eliminating the front jump seat, storage and viewing area. Floor plans are about trade offs- which is why we offer several lay outs and allow people to choose what is more important to them.

    As to the bathroom, we looked at the opportunity to add a taller shower. Due to the upper cap construction and structure, their isn't any room to increase the shower height. We did carve out storage above the shower along the inside.

    As a taller person, we make accommodations constantly in life. Chairs, air plane seats, driving all are different when you are not a normal size human. I can sleep in a TREK. I can shower in TREK. With the headroom , I can be very comfortable in the TREK when it matters most- when I'm actually using it.

    Thanks again Neil.

  31. I think they missed the mark on this one. But the extra height has potential:
    1. Build it with a layout similar to the Axion or Travato 59k. This will allow for a full height bathroom, since it's in the rear.
    2. Use the extra height for a retractable bed. There are several variations of this theme executed on European vans. When not in use, the bed stores out of the way in a fashion that could still allow for above average headroom. And when in use, the bed is long enough to accommodate tall folks.

    This design would also appeal to folks who aren't height challenged. With two sleeping areas, it would appeal to folks who need to sleep 3+ people. The design would also appeal to those who want the living area separate from the sleeping area.

  32. Another great review but really, isn't this the same floorplan as a Winnebago Era with a fiberglass roof cap put on? When I saw the extended roof I was so ready to see a US builder put a drop down bed to take advantage of the space above the cab area, but no, we continue to get more of the same, this time with even more cabinets. There is a lot of room for creative floorplan design to take advantage of this added space, just look at manufacturers from Europe called "La Strada".

  33. So, assuming I can fall asleep on a hard, uneven surface with seat belts stabbing me I still have to climb over my partner to pee in the middle of the night. Hope I remember to remove the tp before I shower! Explain again why this is better than a hotel?

  34. I'm looking forward to the full review once you have a chance to see it for yourself. I went through it yesterday at the Alameda RV Show in Pleasanton and spoke with Larry. He said you mentioned all the buzz on this one… I'll compare my thoughts once I see yours. Thanks again!

  35. Hi Neil, first off thank you for creating this channel and creating some very good and professional videos…the best I have ever seen on youtube. Here's my question. I want to Live and work fulltime in a Class B van. I have watched tons of your videos to a point where I cannot remember which van had which feature hahaha. Also, I have also noticed that North American vans are so far behind then the European market. The Europeans seem to have much better features in my opinion. So I would like a van that has 2 lounges, Prefer an up front lounge that can hold tables where I can put three laptops on, a large refrig 5.0 or greater, good holding tanks and able to boondock for at least a week. I thought about the IROK with it's power bed, because during the day I could make that an office (under the bed of course)…install 3 tables and a boat captain's chair that is fixed but spins and can fold up when not in use. The tables also would be fixed and able to be broken down when not in use. Just some thoughts I am throwing around. But then I would need a front lounge so that during the day I can cook and eat in the front lounge. The only problem with the IROK is the refrig…it is so small. Also, it would have been nice if they made the IROK basement not a basement, could have been a lounge when not using it as a bedroom. Can you or any of your listening viewers recommend a coach that maybe can fit this tall order. Thanks again!!!

  36. I would love to see the National Traveler head to head with the PW Lexor. I’m in the market and considering both.

  37. Hi Neil. I have a request. Thank you for considering it.

    I only sleep well in very dark rooms. It would be nice to have a darkness demo or a darkness rating (using only window covers which are standard features) for each of the Class Bs you review.

  38. For all the trouble they go into to make extra headroom and storage, they can't make a bathroom big enough and comfortable enough to shower in.

  39. So is 6 ft 5 guy can stand up in it. He just can't sleep or take a shower or go to the bathroom??? But that's an awful lot of storage

  40. I’m not sure why this rv isn’t getting any attention. From the two vids I could find on it, it looks like the interior has superior quality to everything else on the market. Everything inside of a Regency is handcrafted. Don’t discredit this vehicle.

  41. As always, a great review! Please do a full review when you can.

    It seems to me that there should be a way to increase height in the bathroom, if not to the full 7β€˜4β€œ at least much higher than 5β€˜10β€œ. I also would lose the love seat in the front and use that space instead to allow for sleeping lengthwise instead of crosswise. That should allow for more length to accommodate taller people (including me at 6’1”).

    It’s apparent from the video that the extra height inside makes the van feel much more spacious. And the extra storage space is obviously a big plus. However, I agree with the comments that this could very easily make the vehicle too top-heavy. Additionally, I would be concerned that the higher roof adds a lot of weight, thus allowing a very limited OCCC.

    Issues and concerns aside, I give Regency credit for innovative thinking. In this case, I think they have a clever design that could be improved with a few modifications.

  42. Thank you sooo much! I'm ur new subbie! I am in the process of buying a new class b and totally confused!! I know one thing, I want a pro ram. I keep missing the rv shows!! I'm in Santa Cruz, Ca and I think I am going to have to fly out to Texas for the next rv show??

  43. Thanks for a most interesting mini-review! You have a much more wide ranging selection, along with your unique take, especially in the longer reviews, which include an eye for both style and quality. One thing to also remember for tall folks – it doesn’t matter how tall the roof is if we can’t drive it! This Pro-Master doesn’t have enough leg room.
    A question: now that you’ve seen so many, would you choose something else than your PleasureWay?

  44. My question is can class B RV can be built with 12` feet exterior height with19 feet length. I am reading about height weight balance theories. But still not sure? Could you please clarify on it.

  45. Thanks for the review. Well, I like it but 5'10" headroom in the shower? They had me, but then they lost me. What's in the space above the shower?

  46. I was very interested in the hymer aktiv 2.0 sofa before the bankruptcy. Is there another model/brand that fills that niche? Looking for seat belts for 7, sleeping for 4-5.

  47. Add a micro sink in the bathroom. That is unsanitary to use the kitchen sink to wash your hands after #2. You're touching the bath door and then the kitchen sink, two surfaces that have just been contaminated.

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