Mirror TV | HGTV Divine Design | Seura

Mirror TV | HGTV Divine Design | Seura

Above that bench seat, bit of a focal point
here…I’m thinking either a mirror or a tv or maybe both.
In the living room, I’d love a big, beautiful mirror to expand the space as well as a flat-screen
TV. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it
You got it? Perfect
And we have a TV that is so high-tech and cool it really reflects what this whole space
is about…literally. A sofa-sized mirror is a great way of expanding
a narrow space like this but when that mirror is actually a state-of-the-art two-way mirror
that conceals a forty-six inch flat-screen TV?
You owe me five bucks, I told you it was a TV.
It’s pretty sweet. Do you like your mirror?
Oh my god! And it’s behind a mirror?
It’s behind the mirror. That’s incredible.
Steven and Allen needed help fixing up their fixer-upper.
So we cleared out all traces of the suburban to make way for a total urban makeover. Upscale
stainless steel appliances, a high tech sink and faucet, new lighting, beautiful modern
upholstered furniture with steel accents, a sleek stainless gas fireplace and an ultra
cool mirror TV all work together to create a hip place with
a downtown vibe for them to come home to.

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