Modern Ceiling Lights (how to install) — by Home Repair Tutor

Modern Ceiling Lights (how to install) — by Home Repair Tutor

Modern ceiling lights—we all want them,
right? Hi there. I’m Jeff with Home Repair Tutor.
And in this video I’m going to share with you how to install a modern ceiling light
and replace the ugly light fixture that you have above.
So let’s get to it. I’ve got a lot of awesome tips for you. Before you know it, you’re going
to have a new and modern look. So let’s get started.
Always start every single electrical project by turning the power off at the circuit breaker
or your fuse box. Double check that the power is off by flipping the switch on and checking
that the light doesn’t turn on. Carefully remove the old shade. In this case,
the shade is just attached to the fixture with these tabs. So I’m just going to remove
the glass shade and—yuck! There’s some nasty bugs inside there.
One little step that I like to take is two-fold: take the light bulbs out ’cause they’re made
out of glass and they will shatter if you break them—yes, I found this out the hard
way; the other extra tip is to use blue tape to hold the old fixture to the ceiling while
you lower it down. I like there to be slack in the tape so that I can lower the lampshade
down about 4-6 inches. The fixture is held to the junction box with
2 screws. And in this case, these screws actually have nuts on them. So all you have to do is
loosen the nuts or the screws, whichever one you have, to lower the fixture down from the
junction box. With the 2 nuts removed, I can now lower the
light fixture from the junction box carefully. All right.
As you can see, the 3 pieces of blue tape are holding the weight of the light fixture
for me. So now I can just fish out the wiring from the junction box.
Now you can fish out the old wirings. So I’ve got neutral wires here. All the white wires
are pigtailed together. So in this case, all the hotwires are wired
together, too. This light is on a 3-way switch. So I just wanted to let you know about that
in case you’re wondering about this red wire here. There were also black wires that were
shoved up into the junction box. And then finally you have your ground wires that are
all pigtailed together. And I highly recommend taking a picture of
the wiring so that you know how to wire the new light together.
With all the wires exposed, now you can undo the pigtails and remove the light fixture
from the junction box. I personally like to unwire the hotwires first—so
all the black wires go first. Then I like to unwire the neutrals next. And then finally,
unwire the ground wires last. Now I can take the fixture off the ceiling
and remove all the blue tape. Oops! Almost. There’s one ground wire connecting the lamp
to the bracket here. So I just need to take that off or cut it off, whichever.
Remove the old mounting bracket using a flathead screwdriver or Philips head screwdriver, whichever
you have or whatever screw you have that’s holding this bracket to the junction box.
Hey, you know what one extra step that I forgot to tell you about? When you lower the light
down, you can actually stick a voltage detector in between the light and touch the wires and
see if they’re alive. So this is just one extra precautionary step to ensure that you
don’t get electrocuted. So sure enough—even though I’ve been handling these wires for
a few minutes—they’re not live. But I wanted to tell you about using a voltage detector.
Now it’s time to take the mounting bracket for the new light. Have the green ground screw
facing you, and take the longer mounting screws and place them into the inside holes—so
this hole here and this hole here—because you’re going to use these mounting screws
to mount the light to the bracket. So turn them maybe like 3 or 4 revolutions. So put
them in, turn them clockwise 3 or 4 times. Very good. Now you have your mounting bracket
ready to go and be mounted onto the junction box.
Now you can add the mounting bracket to the junction box using the shorter screws. Just
slide the screw through the slot and get it started in the junction box. And you can use
your screwdriver to tighten the screws that mount the mounting bracket to the junction
box. Here’s the top of the ceiling fixture. So
you have one bare copper ground wire. And then each light socket has a hotwire and a
white, neutral wire. So there’s one light socket there. And then here’s the other light
socket. So again, it has a black hotwire and a neutral white wire.
So the first thing that we’re going to do is wrap the bare copper ground wire around
this green screw. So I’m going to wrap it around this green screw. And then tie it into
the ground wires that are coming from the junction box. So again, we’re just going to
wrap this copper ground wire around the ground screw right here. And we’re going to tighten
that down. And then we’re going to pigtail the ground wire that we just wrapped around
the green ground screw with the ground wires that are coming from the junction box.
So when you’re done with the ground wires, you can push them up into the junction box.
The next step is to wire the neutrals together. So what I like to do is twist the wires coming
from the light. So I’m going to twist the white wires from the light together. And then
I’m going to join them to the neutral wires coming out of the junction box.
I’m going to put a wire nut over all these wires. Okay. So there are all the neutral
wires. They’re wired together. The next step is to wire all the hotwires
together. In this case, I’m going to wire the black wires from the light together. And
the hotwire that we’re going to be using is the red hotwire. So I’m just going to be just
wiring the red hotwire with the black wires from the light ’cause that’s what fits the
configuration of my set up. Yours could be different so make sure you follow the directions
that come with your light. Try to wrap the wires from the light to the wires in the junction
box by about 1-2 revolutions, then twist on the wire nut again. And then finally, we don’t
use the black wires that are up in the junction box. They’re pigtailed to make the electrical
connection. But they don’t really touch the wires that are coming from the light fixture.
So again, we’ve got all the ground wires wired together; all the hotwires—from the light
wire to the red wire coming from the junction box—and then all the white wires from the
light connected to the white wires in the junction box; and all the black wires in the
junction box just pigtailed together. Push all the wires up into the junction box.
Now it’s time to mount the new modern fixture onto the mounting screws here. Push the fixture
up such that the mounting screws come through. And then you can turn the fixture so that
the screws are in the smaller portion of the keyhole.
Now you can use your screwdriver to tighten the modern light fixture up to the junction
box. Now you take the threaded nipple and screw
it into the light fixture. There’s a locking nut on this nipple, and what you need to do
is screw that up to the top like so so that the nipple doesn’t come loose.
Now you take your light bulbs and screw them into the fixture like so. Just make sure that
they’re appropriately rated for the new light. In this case, I’m using 60W light bulbs. Carefully
take your shade, slide it up over the nipple. Usually these lights come with a decorative
piece like this one. And then you just screw on the end piece here like so. Not too tight
’cause you could break the glass lamp shade. All right. And there you go. Now you can turn
the power back on at the circuit breaker. Well there you have it. That’s how you install
modern ceiling lights. Not too bad, right? Tons of different tips that I want you to
follow like: taping the old light fixture to the ceiling; and checking the voltage with
the voltage detector to make sure you don’t get electrocuted; and as always, turn off
the circuit breaker or take the fuse out when you’re working with electricity.
So I hoped you like this video. Please let me know in the comments section what your
thoughts are or if you have any thoughts on your own because I don’t have all the answers.
I’m sure you’ve got a lot of wonderful ideas that you’d like to add.
Remember, if you haven’t already done so, you can click the subscribe button—I never
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So, until the next video, thanks so much for joining me. I really appreciate it.
Have a great day, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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