Modern Family – “That’s Why I Hire People From Your Culture”

Modern Family – “That’s Why I Hire People From Your Culture”

La limousine arriva alle 4. Pensavo di andare
al club per tirare qualche palla stamattina. No! E il ventilatore
nella stanza di Manny? Oh, gia’. Chiama un tecnico. No. Devi farlo tu con lui. E’ importante che gli insegniamo
a fare le cose da solo. Nella mia cultura, gli uomini sono
orgogliosi di impegnarsi in lavori manuali. Lo so. Ecco perche’ assumo
gente della tua cultura.

21 thoughts on “Modern Family – “That’s Why I Hire People From Your Culture”

  1. gloria's response was, "You’re too funny. I’m gonna share that one with my next husband when we’re spending all your money."

  2. @voidlam An american guy saying that he usually hire latin ppl for labor, thats a little bit racist. But im not complaining, im latin american and i think is a funny joke

  3. I love the lines that Gloria made as a response to Jay's. It was damn funny. wish the uploader updated that part with it. lol.

  4. So… let me understand this…: people from Latin America has its dignity for work hard meanwhile people for United States are a lazy pigs. Interesting…

  5. It has a lot to do with the tone of the sitcom, that's the kind of humor they manage, even with gay people or even american people (Gloria's comments) I'm a latin american too, not offended either, kind of thinking about how sad and true this comment is don't you think so too?

  6. Gloria replies "You're too funny. I'm gonna share that with my next husband while we're spending all your money".
    The part in the video sounds really racist, but if you hear all of the scene, it's doesn't feel that racist, but maybe it's just me.

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