Modern High-End Tiny House with XL Kitchen & Rooftop Deck

Modern High-End Tiny House with XL Kitchen & Rooftop Deck

>>DANIELLE: Hey everyone in this video, we’re checking out a tiny house with a really interesting feature we haven’t seen anywhere else. This is a 24 foot long tiny house on wheels with a rooftop deck that’s built right into the roofline which is a great way to create an outdoor space that moves with the house, especially for someone who doesn’t have room to build a deck where they’re going to be parked. It also has a kitchen with loads of counter space, a loft with extra headroom, a dishwasher, and a hidden combo washer/dryer. We think you’ll love this modern and functional design and we’re going to meet up with Daniel, the builder, to get a full tour. Let’s go check it out. This video is sponsored by Audible. We’ll give you more information about them at the end. Plus the details, you need to get a free audiobook and more. [Music Playing]>>DANIEL: In the living room here, one of the things that make spaces feel bigger, are big windows. So we have put as much window in as possible including up at the top, maybe a celestial window, if you will. If someone was gonna live here permanently, I would probably put some cabinets up top as extra storage. We don’t have a lot of seating in here, but you could easily rearrange this in different ways and get extra seating in here. But it’s really comfortable and it feels really big and where it’s parked right now, we’ve got some awesome views out there. [Music Playing] We have 11-foot ceilings up in here so that also creates a lot of open space. And so if we had open ceilings everywhere, that would have been awesome. We still maintained eight-foot regular ceilings in the kitchen, even though we have a rooftop patio on top which we’ll see later. So I’ve designed hundreds of kitchens in my design career. And so that’s a big thing for me in getting a functional kitchen and making it actually work properly. One of the big things is having countertop on both sides of things. So we’ve got countertop on both sides of the sink. We’ve got countertop on both sides of the stove and it just makes prep and cleaning that much easier. We’ve actually put Quartz countertops in here, really nice and easily cleanable. It obviously weighs a bit. So that was kind of a concern but it just gives that really nice, pristine, high-end look that we’re going for. So because we built this to showcase how off-grid could work, we did as much propane stuff as possible. So in the utility room, the water heater is propane and we also went with a propane cooktop. The oven is a speed oven because everything’s got to have double use. This is a microwave and an oven. So that works out really nicely. We just put a single bowl sink in. We have the dishwasher in here. It works really well. Now, we have a full fridge. It’s stepped forward a bit because of the wheel well again; and if I were gonna build the same one again, I would actually keep it against the wall and build it higher with a drawer underneath just like the rest of the cabinets. All this is custom cabinetry and most the drawers are this deep. All the bottom drawers though are half depth because of the wheel wells. So this side as well is half depth and then even under the stove is half depth. That’s why we put the cabinet’s on both sides here so that we could hide the wheel wells. [Music Playing] This was originally supposed to be the dresser because you’re not gonna stand in a loft and get dressed! You’re gonna come down the stairs anyways. So we said, okay, we’ll put the dresser right at the bottom of stairs. And then we’re standing here during framing one day and saying, you know, the only thing we haven’t gotten in here yet is a washer/dryer and I sat and I stared at this spot and I went wow, this is perfect. So we have the washer and dryer in here and then we hide it from the front door. One of the big things about a lot of the lofts that we see is how hard it is to get up some of those stairs. So we decided to make a stair ladder here to be as comfortable as possible. So we got a pretty good lean on this and as big of a tread as possible. And then because the dresser didn’t end up here. We tell people who stay in here that this is the dresser in these drawers on this side and there’s plenty of storage in the rest of the kitchen to make that work. When we go into the bathroom, so we’ve got a composting toilet over on this side and then we have a really nice shower that we built over here. So we wanted everything to feel as spacious as possible. So one of the biggest premises here and we’ll see this when we go up to the loft for sure but is ceiling heights. So in here, we’ve got a lot of height in the ceiling and that was accomplished by making the four by fours, the joists and then this is actually the subfloor upstairs. So behind the shower here, we have the mechanical room which when we first started building this, we didn’t anticipate putting all of this in here and then we thought let’s use this as a model and show people how they could do off-grid living. So we only have two batteries in here. If you really want to live off-grid, you need eight. So that’s why we need the 26′ not the 24′ because ideally, I would have a whole 2’x8′ wide of a utility closet to fit stuff in here properly. So we’re able to stack two 30-gallon water tanks, so one is freshwater, one is greywater. Whereas if you were actually gonna live off-grid, you’d want more like 120-gallon tanks. We got the inverter. We’ve got a separate electrical panel here to switch from solar to regular. Because like we said, we’ve got enough batteries to show people how it works and I could flip the solar now and everything will work but it’s only gonna last a day and then it shuts off. It doesn’t have enough solar panels on the roof to actually charge everything. And then we got the water heater in here as well. So the floor is Shou Sugi Ban which is an ancient Japanese art of burning wood to preserve it. So it gets rid of all the moisture. The cool thing about that from a tiny home perspective is that it’s about half the weight when there’s no moisture left. But they burn it, scrape it, wash it, and then put some paint on top, and then Verathane it in place; and it creates a cool floor. But because it’s been preserved, even when it gets wet in the bathroom, it’ll be fine. [Music Playing] So our big premise in everything that we did, starting from how the trailer was custom-designed with a drop axle system to gain a few inches was to ensure that we didn’t have to crawl in our loft. So as I show you this, we can actually walk in our loft and you’re not upright but at least you’re not crawling on your hands and knees. And so this works awesome for us. In addition to that, we wanted to make sure that you could actually sit up in your bed and read a book or you know watch a movie on your iPad at night and I think we achieved what we were looking for. It works out really nice. So if you notice, we have a lot of big windows in this place which is another thing that we really wanted to showcase because as I said earlier the bigger the windows, the more feeling of open space because we’re now kind of living outside. So our average window size is 2’x5′. They’re all casement so we can have them open in pouring rain and still have a cross breeze in here and it works really well. It’s actually kind of warm out today and we have yet to turn the air conditioning on and it’s nice and cool in here with all the spray foam insulation and the cross breeze that we have going between the windows. If you’re in a tiny home that’s traveling around a lot, you don’t have time to build a deck at a new location you’re going to be at for two days. So we thought why not put a rooftop patio on. It was incredibly difficult on how to waterproof that and structure it, but we did it and it’s awesome! [Music Playing] So welcome to our rooftop patio. We’ve got a little bistro set up here for guests to stay in. This is about a hundred square feet, well more like 85, but just a nice place to hang out and take in nature. Our railings, just like inside, are glass, just leaves a lot of openness. We can also see here our solar panels and we put a wind turbine in just to collect some more energy when the sun’s not shining. This is only 500 watts of power. It’s not enough to run this house off of but there’s lots of roof space left to put more on if we wanted to upgrade. So one of the hardest things about creating this rooftop patio was making it waterproof. If we just had a flat deck it would be easy, but we’ve got this hole to get into the door. And so this whole thing had to be waterproof, even when the door is closed. So I used to not like this product. But we were working on a really high-end house in Oakville and it had Duradek on the deck and it was 30 years old and it needed a little bit of cleaning but once it was cleaned, it looked like the day it was put in. And I thought, you know what, if it’s still working, I can use it. And so it’s worked out awesome here and it’s perfectly waterproof and it looks pretty cool. So the whole outside, we also did initially Shou Sugi Ban just like the bathroom floor. So this is all burnt siding. You can see all the black there. We didn’t have to re-stain that one. As an added benefit, like I was saying before, it’s a lot lighter. The roof, we just did in a what would be called barn steel. It’s nice and cost-effective and it’s very reflective which also helps because all the sunlight gets reflected out instead of absorbing into the house. [Music Playing] So this is a really exciting time because of how fast everything is changing. There already is a housing crisis. There’s more demand than there are houses which makes the house prices even higher again. So we need to come up with alternatives and I’m talking about single detached houses. I really believe that tiny houses is one of those alternatives. One of those ways that we can create a higher density in different spots. We see tiny houses as transitional living. So whether the millennial is transitioning out of their parents’ house before they go buy a bigger house that is on a property or whether it’s retirement people transitioning out of their two-story home, but before they necessarily need to go to assisted living. So this is really an answer for transitional living in between all of the other forms. So originally when we built this one, we thought we would sell it and then build another one and then sell it and build another one, but we decided that we’re only going to build on demand when people order one. But we’ve kept this one as a model for people to come see because they need to stand in something before they decide that yes, I can do this and they need to stay in it. So we have this one up on Airbnb so that people can stay in it and see if they can actually live like this. [Music Playing]>>DANIELLE: If you like this tiny house design, you should definitely check out @truenorthtinyhomes on Instagram because they have a lot of really interesting tiny house projects coming up. We also want to thank Audible again for sponsoring this video. We think audiobooks are a great way to reduce physical clutter in your living space. If you’re interested in downsizing or living in small spaces, you should check out The Big Tiny by Dee Williams. She’s a pioneer of the tiny house movement and this audiobook is a memoir of her experience building and living in her first tiny house. Audible also has Audible originals which are custom audiobooks that you can’t get anywhere else. You can get your first audiobook for free plus two Audible originals when you sign up to try Audible for 30 days. Go to to start your free trial or if you’re in the US you can text exploringalternatives to 500 500. We love listening to audiobooks when we’re on the road. It really helps pass the time on long drives. So if you’re interested in checking them out, again you can get a free audiobook and two free Audible originals when you try Audible for 30 days. To get the free trial, go to exploringalternatives or if you’re in the US, you can text exploringalternatives to 500 500. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see in the next video.

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