Modern Home Office Tips and Ideas – Renovation Inspiration Episode 3

Modern Home Office Tips and Ideas – Renovation Inspiration Episode 3

(Lori speaking) Both of my clients are successful entrepreneurs who each needed their own private home office. So we needed to
carve out two separate spaces for them. For him we found an underutilized breakfast area. And at first he was a bit skeptical, but
now he really loves the space. And for her we also found an underutilized space,
the master sitting area off the master bedroom, which is now her
perfect home office and her haven. (Lisa speaking) I spend a lot of time in my office when the kids are out of the house. That’s where I go to get my work done, to
read a book, catch up on my magazines. (Lori) Here we are in the lady of the house’s home office. One of the things about a home office that’s so important is it has to be a place where you want to be. (Lisa) I love that the room makes me feel very calm. I feel very productive and it’s very
peaceful. (Lori) We’ve got fabulous wood tones a really comfortable seat, natural light
coming in and fantastic views. Some of the things you want to have in a home
office or a quiet secluded space so that you can get work done, but it’s also nice
to be able to look out and know you’re not missing anything. But I think perhaps
my favorite piece of this room is the chandelier. It’s got such great style and
it comes in at a really reasonable price! In the husband’s home office, which used
to be the underutilized breakfast room, we have a lot of natural lighting. But he
likes to work at night and the two things that he really wanted in this
space were comfortable seating and a centerpiece chandelier. I really love the
rustic wood on the ceiling and we decided to keep it, but contrast it with
stark white walls. You’ll never believe this, but this room used to have floral
wall cover. The complementary circles of the chandelier and the ceiling worked so
well together. The chandelier illuminates the space
well into the evening and he just loves it. (music)

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