“Modern people like to think that there is nothing dangerous about sex” Jordan Peterson

“Modern people like to think that there is nothing dangerous about sex” Jordan Peterson

If you track women through their Ovulation cycle and you show them a picture of a man same man, and you do nothing But vary his jaw width when they’re ovulating the guy with the wider jaw is more attractive and when they’re not ovulating and the farthest away from that the guy with the thinner jaw is more attractive and that’s associated with testosterone levels and so women who are fertile like more masculine men and basically if you’re on the pill then you’re never in that Ovulation phase and so one thing that may have happened, and I don’t know this for sure But it’s it’s interesting to consider is that since women have been taking the birth control pill their preference for less Masculine men has become more pronounced and that could easily be one of the things that’s fueling at least some of the tension That’s existed and exists now politically between men and women, but the point is is that you just cannot ignore .. The massive consequences of a biological revolution like that and to make any other factor causal when you’re trying to understand The political movement.. movements especially in the last say 40 years. It’s you’re putting the cart before the horse, now.. It’s reasonable to point out that the pill wouldn’t have been accepted as a technology if certain political changes with regards to the emancipation of women Hadn’t already been in place, right? No one would have even been allowed to do something like investigate contraception So you can’t separate the biological from the political entirely but it’s still it’s still very useful to organize your organizing your thinking to realize just how profound a Revolution that was but now back in the Victorian times There’s another thing about sexuality Modern people like to think that there’s nothing dangerous about sex and that is like the stupidest thing you could possibly ever Hypothesize because everything about it is dangerous. It’s dangerous Emotionally, it’s dangerous socially. It’s dangerous because of the possibility of unwanted pregnancy And it’s dangerous because of the possibility of sickness, and that’s a major one I mean.. so when AIDS emerged in the 1980s that could have easily killed all of us now the fact that it didn’t was Wonderful, but it did kill hundreds of millions of people, so it was no joke it was a big deal and AIDS… mutated to take advantage of promiscuity and so the relation between sexual behavior and the transmission of disease is Actually mediated at the biological level, but anyways back in the 1890s They had the same problem, right? They had the problem with Syphilis and Syphilis is one nasty disease It’s.. it can mimic almost any other disease, and it’s devastating to your nervous system And you can pass it on to your children and so part of the reason that sexuality was heavily repressed in the Victorian period was not only because of the Possibility of unwanted pregnancy the relative poverty of people you know back in 1895 in Europe the average person lived on less than a dollar a day in in modern terms You know it’s almost impossible to understand how poor people were and so Sex in a poverty-stricken place is also a lot more dangerous than it is in a rich place because especially if you were you know given the lack of employment opportunities for women back in the Victorian period if you happen to get pregnant out of wedlock you were… you were in serious trouble And so… the fact that sexuality was repressed is hardly It’s hardly a surprise because it was so difficult to integrate into the full fledged personality You know and as it as it still is.. so… Sexual repression supposedly characteristic feature of the Victorian period was often merely the expression of two facts the lack of diffusion of Contraceptives and the fear of venereal disease. It was all the more dangerous because of the great spread of prostitution and because prostitutes were almost Invariably contaminated and therefore potential sources of infection. We can hardly imagine today How monstrous silithus… syphilis appeared to people of that time… well we can imagine that a little bit better than they could in 1970s? because it hasn’t you know AIDS is still with us, although it’s nowhere near the plague that it was say… 25 years ago.

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  1. According to the WHO, 39 million people have died of AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic. It's a bit of a stretch to call 39 million "hundreds of millions", bucko.

  2. Sadguru says limited body can't be unlimited. All women are not lusty, big , beast, greedy, insensitive. I do not understand that why people started to think that all women are same. It's majority of women are like that but not all

  3. Religious people think “purity pledges/rings” are effective and banning sex education is a good strategy. Sorry, but 99.9 percent of people, likely including yourself, had premarital sex. Snap out of it

  4. There is growing scientific evidence to support the serious, negative consequences of the pill on male-female attractiveness. Crazy stuff.
    Who would have thought Humana Vitae was right?

  5. As long as people go by Abrahamic religious paradigm unnecessary guilt will only build up. A better understanding of karma related to sensual actions is necessary. That is why no debate on this topic can be complete without people reading the 2016 book Karmasutra The Karma of Sex by Staju Jacob.

  6. Thought that Angelina Jolie background implied some sort of dangerous esoteric or at least psychological factor of sex. Clickbait? Unintentional misuse? The world will never know..

  7. If Jordan is going to talk birth control he should do a more comprehensive research on the linage of birth control through out mankind’s existence.

    For goodness sake birth control was pioneered by the Egyptians in 1500BC with linen wrapped condoms and the use of Male eunuchs by men.

    Then the sheep intestine condom most famously used by Casanova a sexual deviant became the go to product

    The Mr Goodyear himself pioneered the rubber condom

    And it stoped pregnancy!

    This is all before the pill, and don’t forget to throw in ancient backstreet abortion clinics.

    The pill is used for various reasons, not just birth control, it helps with painful crippling heavy period cycles, acne, hormonal balance and so much more.

    You cannot simply lay the issue of birth at women’s feet and proclaim it their issue it’s not.

    Men don’t want children this is evident in their own contraception’s.

    Don’t be a hypocritical turnip.

  8. The money changers are grooming us towards femininity. Masculinity is by its nature a defensive mechanism. Break the defense, destroy and reshape.

    I heard THEY were going to lead us to a Bold New World.

  9. I knew there was a great reason why I feel prostitutes are repulsive even though I really enjoy the fact that they exist.

  10. “Dr Peterson, do you believe in having a favourite sexual position?”

    “I act *AS IF I HAVE a favourite sexual position.”*

  11. Sex haters–ugly people who never get laid and married people who are sick of having sex with the same ole lump of potatoes but cant do anything about it

  12. This might be a little too hoodedooty but I believe we exchange more than hygienic issues with sex, there’s also energetic cords I’ve noticed. Like you can literally take on someone’s trauma from sex at least in my experience. There’s a reason why it should be sacred cuz it’s an energy exchange and you’re basically fucking each other’s subconscious, conscious and physicality its really potent

  13. Men bring finances security and love to the table. Women bring sex, debt and heartache. Not much to chase after anymore. Focus on your self and loving yourself sons of god. The daughters of man are dangerous.

  14. Porn probably grew in popularity because you can't get VD and pregnant from it. Birth control only solved half that problem.

  15. Here's what's dangerous…. make mutually agreed sexy time with lady…. in morning..lady changes her mind, and decides sexy time wasn't mutual…. guy ends up in slammer.

  16. Maybe birth control hormones are causing more weak low testosterone males if they aren’t flushed out before pregnancy ??

  17. I’m a 25 year old virgin (male) who decided to give up attempting relationships because of hookup culture and the inability to connect with prospective partners. I figured my education, career, and financial stability were more important. I’m nowhere near my endgame but I’m pretty glad I decided to focus mostly on my growth. It helped me quite a lot. Now if only I could get my coworkers to stop obsessing over me getting laid and comparing me to Steve Carell in 40 year old virgin. It gets annoying after while.

  18. I miss when women were mysterious & lady like, far more attractive than all these tarts that post half naked photos for anyone to see & only care about their looks. They wonder why people just want to fuck & runaway, they have nothing else to offer. Oh wait men can’t have standards 🙄

  19. Sex with multiple partners is detrimental.
    We are conscious bundles of energy.
    Our emotions drive and govern our energy.
    When we have sex with a person we exchange energy which also means we exchange emotions.
    If a person has negative emotions we end up taking in that energy.
    Keep your energy clean , stick to one happy good person.
    More the sex partners more contaminated is our energy. That's why we should be careful who we have sex with.

  20. My copper IUD had no effect on ovulation cycles or menstrual as it had no hormones. Lasts 10 years or more too. Loved that thing.

  21. Look at the hippocracy, I mean unemployment is not a problem but the need for food or sex is a problem of Victorian England (Explain the politics )

  22. Sex can be very dangerous.
    no fornication under carnal knowledge.
    Your souls, ATTACH.
    ANAL SEX. is even more dangerous

  23. Bruh when Europe had. Colonial empires people were living on less than a dollar a day. living as if their in developing countries wow

  24. Go Mgtow gentlemen the only thing women bring to your life is drama and stress and the more women you have in your life (IE: partners) the more drama and stress you’ll have. Besides I hear it’s been said that women can have it Wall without men and we’re not needed by them at all. If you ever feel lonely men just check your bank balances and smile as you continue on your own way 🤣🤣🤣#Mgtoworbroke

  25. What causes sexual diseases exactly? Cuz it's certainly not sex, because if it was, then we wouldn't call it "sexually transmitted", we'd call it "sexually caused"!

  26. Now you can screw yourself masturbating to porn. Another big problem that humans have to face. And the fact that some doctors say watching pornography is good is another problem. The same story happened in 30-50 with cigs when doctors said "Don't be foolish, take your doctor's advice: Smoke a fresh cigarette. "

  27. I’ve got to say my teens and early 20s didn’t have any one night stands whatsoever! I’ve never slept around and never done anything meaningless at all and I would never there needs to be something between me and a woman on a deeper level and have trust loyalty and a meaningful connection I am 36 male and I’m still the same now no one night stands whatsoever

  28. Wow! No wonder I've been single since 1950: My jaw isn't wide enough, never made much money, AIDS scared me snotless, the Reagan Revolution kicked me in the teeth. Hopefully, Jeff Zuckermusk will soon invent the mother of all dating apps to help guys like me!

  29. I’m sorry. But I don’t find anything he is saying groundbreaking. Didn’t you know that the pill had a huge influence in our modern life? Or that unprotected sex was dangerous due to sexually transmitted diseases? I don’t really see the point of this video to be honest. What is new here? Also, AIDS did not kill hundreds of millions of people. It is estimated to have killed 32 million since the epidemic.

  30. Just pump the brakes and stop esteeming sex like it's the be all and end all. Don't live for that reason alone, it's a bad long term strategy.

  31. Why am I not surprised that birth control causes women to be less attracted to the more masculine men? I may sound a little paranoid but it sounds like a complete setup to erode away at masculinity throughout the world. You can’t tell me that those who created birth control didn’t know exactly what they were doing.

  32. I’m 22 years old and have had sex only twice lol with the same person, after the second time he left me , we were together since I was 16 and he was 19. I thought he was the one but he cheated on so many times and that’s why he left. After that I was devastated. And I don’t like to have sex just for fun I’m more of a spiritual person not religious but spiritual, yeah my friends think I’m weird. But maybe one day I will find a good person and will marry him . I don’t know I’m just focus on me by now. Not interested in casual sex or anything.

  33. Sex is dangerous because you can get sued of the woman wants to and destroy your life. They gave power to a part of the population that is most likely to make decisions based on emotions.

  34. Bitly shut down your Lecture about 3/4's of the way through for alleged malicious content! Oh' fragility has infected those that cannot debate!
    On the Pill's health effects, I suspect the use of the Neurotoxin Carbon Disulfide in the early years may have been causation for autism!

  35. Well that depends on what you mean by favorite. And that also depends on what's you mean by sexual. This is a very difficult question. One must acknowledge the underlying verisimilitude that is irrevocably nested within a multi-layered metaphysical substrate that people fundamentally conflate upon their ideological presuppositions with no uncertain irregularity, and not dissimilar to Jung's extrapolation of the archetypal and axiomatic juxtaposition of Raskolnikov's
    Neo-marxist existential nihilism.

  36. The jaw isn’t entirely linked with testosterone though. Women’s jaws vary the same way. Look up mewing but you’ll have to go straight to the source and ignore all the pseudo science that emerged from it. My face was wide as fuck as a child yet it’s narrowed in comparison and lengthened slightly which makes no sense if it’s about testosterone.
    Once you get your head around how our tongue and diet influence the growth of our faces you’ll start seeing the patterns in everyone it’s pretty eye opening. Thing is I don’t think ‘mewing’ does much if anything for adults.

  37. You take , Love, honor and Obay out of the marriage vow, you destoryed marriage.
    You tell girls, well your going to do it anyway so heres , " The Pill ".
    and always use a rubber.
    So sex isnt anything but a fun thing to do and is the rubber breaks and you havent taken your pill theres aways abortion.
    Wife, family? Home and husband? Dont be silly your suppose to have a career after all your a mans equal.
    Virgin , thats something knights rescued from Towers in the Middle Ages, they are really women they are a fairytale fantasy like Mother Goose. Church? Dont make me laugh , thats as out dated as thinking the world is flat, whos christian anymore, i kind of like some eastern philosophies and a bit of new age, but Gandhi is what really makes sence to me.
    Well , i can see why it not a very good marriage market , she's all
    Liberated a non-Christian, and not fit to be anybodys wife or mother.

  38. When i let the Lord into my heart, i quit trying to get attention from the opposite sex for validation and stopped being open to sharing my body with anyone who gave me attention. Im perfectly fine dying a virgin now, as long as I've got a friend in Jesus im good to go. No person can come before my relationship with God. I encourage us all to do this as well

  39. As a teenager I used to love sex. But as i matured i realized quickly what sex really was or at least what it was supposed to be..As i matured yet again in this current time i absolutely hate sex due to the contrast of what it has become v.s. what it was meant to be. Nothing more than a mindless act between simple minded pleasure seekers. Women are not the sole victims. All i witness over and over are women using sex as a manipulation tool to control or gain trust. But i am not soo ignorant as to think that it is only women behaving this way either.

  40. Traditional "masculinity" does not equal strength. Not remotely. Yelling louder than anyone else, and hitting and name calling to make your point is what 2 year olds (like trump) do.

  41. Pain, regardless if it is emotional or physical, is subjective. When men are being stoic and pragmatic and compartmentalizing those types of, it assists them to be stronger and better able to challenge the chaos of reality, so to bring order to chaos. Most men realize, it is a fact that you have feelings, but feelings are Not facts.

  42. 30 seconds into the video and my mind is blown. I never realized that women on the pill literally don’t desire masculinity as much as they normally would/should. Fascinating. It explains so much.

  43. Unfortunately alot of women who grow up surrounded by abusive men, or neglective and violent fathers, can end up using sex with strangers as a means of pacifying their rage and grief because they are not taught about the healing modalities available to clean repressed and toxic emotions out of the system. Nor are they educated on how sexual energy can be transformed into something productive to fuel their creativity or whatever they aspire to achieve. After all, sexual energy IS creative energy so if used consciously, we can create wonders with it. But we are not provided with the tools on how to alchamise our pain and thus, when young and unconscious we instinctively turn to sex in order to express things that we are unaware of how to express in a form that is healthy and safe. It all comes down to education, and this sort of education, the one that will transform societies and help elevate human consciousness, can only be found outside of the traditional education system… And many of those more advanced forms of tuition have yet to be created.

  44. was a virgin when I met my fiancé, he cheated, didn’t use condoms and thought it was perfectly normal……. man I’m going to start dating 70 year olds at this point.

  45. Watch school days the anime… or even welcome to the nhk. Itll be easier to understand the devastation for both genders after sleeping around. Bitterness can be expressed in a variety of different ways and yet to me it all looks the same

  46. This comment section is hilarious. Jordan could've prevent this if he went into any detail; instead we have a bunch of jackasses spouting purified opinion.

  47. Oh, so sex is a taboo because out ancestors were poor and the idea of procreating was ironically scary to them, and not because the idea of they were getting inside a hole with their penises was 'disgusting' or 'wrong' per se.
    Huh. Never think it that way, interesting. And quite enlightening.

  48. Sorry Sir but people also mostly had this thing called a healthy fear of God's judgement, respect for marriage and other humans

  49. More women taking birth control are seeking less masculine men which has started this feminist masculinity war. NUCLEAR TRUTH BOMB!!! WOW. Never thought of that.

  50. Hasn't Peterson been saying that it's a myth or a lie, that women have been opressed in the past? Yet here he's saying that "the pill wouldn't have been accepted as a technology if certain political changes with regards to the emancipation of women hadn't already been in place". Isn't he contradicting himself on this issue?

  51. 3:44 Jordan means to say syphilis but says celaphais, this invariably means that he is linked to the great city of celaphais which exists in the other realms dreamlands. Jordan is a dreamer, confirmed.

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