4 thoughts on “Modern Tiny House 17.2sqm with Sliding Stairs and Office Loft

  1. Surprised more people don't use sliding / hidden stairs and ladders. It can be integrated in to so many things very nicely while still retaining a functional wall.
    One of the neatest things I saw was integrating a ladder right in to a bunch of bookcases. The middle of them contained space for feet and hands, individual spaces, then a space in the middle for something tall (I think there was an instrument in there).
    It could easily be split up in to smaller compartments to continue the book-case symmetry too, or the lack of if you have an asymmetrical design.
    Of course, a common one is integrating it in to functional spaces which still works well.
    Some designs have used some of the stairs as extra seats for guests
    One I remember in particular had the leftmost side of the stairs cut out since the stairs were up close to the wall, and a little cosy space for reading up next to the window. I really liked the latter one. Took something mostly unused, big bulky stairs, and compacted it while making use of the saved space in such a nice, simple way.

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