Montana Made: Shelter Designs Yurts

Montana Made: Shelter Designs Yurts

an era of skyrocketing home prices and the lack of housing some people are getting creative when it comes to buying and building a place to live in this week’s Montana made MTN’s Justine Stewart shows us how a Missoula company is offering them something different in the form of yurts you may have seen them at ski resorts or while planning that glamping vacation at some exotic location but yurts have been around for centuries essentially it’s a portable round tent traditionally used as dwellings in Central Asia now with some modern upgrades your living is catching on across the globe and right here in Montana the owners of shelter designs in Missoula Vince Godby and Hayes Daniel are in the thick of this growing sustainable and affordable living trend we’ve definitely seen yurts go from being kind of like a fringe misunderstood maybe you sell out a ski area but you’re not really sure about it to really move in more towards the mainstream and being accepted Daniel and Dodd be started building yurts ten years ago out of necessity they simply needed a place to live then they started building them for friends and it just grew from there we have them as far away as up above the Arctic Circle in Norway for a kayaking camp we have Tasmania Alaska all over North America Europe shelter designs produces up to 80 yurts a year half of those are for full-time residences it’s not as easy as it was to get $300,000 for a house you know and so people can really instead of getting into a mortgage for 20 or 30 years they can just pay for it and be done and be comfortable the other half are for commercial businesses or maybe resorts looking to create that unique experience for guests they are hot they get rented all the time and they cost a fraction of what building cabins would so I mean people look at a cab they go to a resort and they look at a cabin they live in a house they’re like well and I know what that is but what is that and then there and they want to rent the earth whatever the use shelter designs can accommodate the year can be come whatever you want but it’s very common for people once the yurt is up to frame interior walls to make bedrooms and kitchens and bathrooms and wire and plumb everything like you would a traditional home almost all of the products used to create the yurts are from the Intermountain Northwest and right here in Montana a unique thing about the Eco your model is that when you do use small-diameter lodgepole pine rafters that are sourced right around the Missoula area here once the yurts are made they are shipped off to clients in the form of a kit with detailed instructions on how to put it together it is a project nobody even the smallest yard I mean it’s it’s it’s not quite like pitching a tent but it seems to be something most customers and their neighbors are embracing one thing that they year to do that used to be kind of common in our culture that maybe isn’t anymore is the idea of a barn raising like where everybody in the community can come together and you don’t have to be a good carpenter necessarily or a plumber or an electrician or you don’t have to know the trades if you can lend a hand you’re useful so it’s all the strongest shapes in nature so they’re they’re they’re pretty cool structures like that in Missoula Justine Stewart MTN news

4 thoughts on “Montana Made: Shelter Designs Yurts

  1. So cool. I'm trying to get my son to build a 40" yurt BEFORE he builds a home. I want him to live in it with his young family till the house is built then turn it over to me to retire into. Another option is to have extra space when family visits, and to potentially use is as an airB&B for extra income. With the economy uncertain it seems wise to economize this way and not risk losing a house if the economy should crash like it did a decade ago.

  2. Use of the word sustainable is way off. Yurts are intended for mobile structures. There thin walled fabric, really bad for sound & lack good insulation. For a temp structure while building a home, hunting or fishing use…a used camper is cheaper.

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